Santa, the Muslim Priest

What a week! Last week of the transfer. Last week to figure out last minute prep for the Christmas Concert, so that added some extra stress. In addition to the stress, I’m running out of time to type all this up.

We didn’t have a ton of success as far as finding goes, but we’ve been really trying to build up the members in our ward, so that’s been going good.

On Wednesday the STLs (Sister Training Leaders) came and helped us cram for the Christmas Concert, plus we had appts with a few people we haven’t been able to get ahold of, but they invited us over because Sister Mandla was in town.

THURSDAY. The day of days. The feast of feasts. In every possible way! We were lucky enough to have Thanksgiving on the same day as our Zone Conference! We had an incredible training on gratitude by President and Sister O’Bryant. We all stood up and went around saying something we were grateful for. There was so much spirit. Then we had a short family history training by Sister Lyman and Sister Reed, then the assistants gave a training and started out by sharing a slideshow of pictures of Christ while playing Savior, Redeemer of my Soul. It was especially emotional for me because I’d just found all those same pictures of Christ the day before when we were cramming. And our spiritual thought at dinner the night before was about the peace that Christ brings. For their training they read from Elder Uchtdorf’s talk, “Lift Where You Stand”, and we watched a clip from “Facing the Giants” (A football movie) where he does the death crawl. We then discussed how that scene was like us with Christ; about how sometimes our best is better than what we think it is. So. Good. So many people crying. I was.

We had one of the best talent shows on earth (If you want the link to the videos and recordings, just ask me). Sister Van Orden and I, funnily enough, sang Savior, Redeemer of my Soul.

Then we all changed clothes and headed out to the field for our turkey bowl!!!!! WOO FOOTBALL!!!! Guess who didn’t play 🙂 No, I actually cannot play football. Maybe if someone sat me down and explained everything to me, but the last time I tried I got trampled and I was super confused about everything because the elders would just shout random things like “Hail Mary! Alligator Snow shovel! 45 36 22! Go go go!!!” Plus they didn’t even put my name on the team roster, so… I was the cheerleader with Sister O’Bryant! I actually dubbed myself “bearer of the tag and the watch”. I wish someone had taken a picture of me because I had probably 7 watches on my arms and 10 nametags on my shirt. Woo! I also took the opportunity to look cute in my jeans. Man, I wish I’d brought my camera! Any opportunity to look cute while not wearing a skirt, which is like, every opportunity. Sometimes you wear the worst skirts just to add variety to your wardrobe. I’m slowly starting to look Amish.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the spirit of Elijah is real! We went over to the bishop’s house last night and talked with him and his family about family history, and they pulled up FamilySearch on their big screen tv and we all had the greatest time trying to find their cousins (I think of Elder McDougall every time). It was actually pretty funny. We had just recently discovered the memories tab and they had such a fun time joking that all the random people they saw were their family. Like “Boys, this is your mother and me about 20 years ago.” with a picture of a couple from the 50’s. Their oldest boy is about 17 and told us he wasn’t very interested in it, BUT he started playing around with FamilySearch and trying to find pictures of his grandfather! THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH IS REAL!

In other news, last night we had what we called ‘Hurricane’ Gorm. Bishop’s wife drove us and our bikes home because the wind almost blew the car over. When we were out contacting later, we almost got knocked over. It was really funny actually.

Anyway, life is getting better! Today is the start of a new transfer! Sister Van Orden and I won’t be together for almost 3 weeks because she’ll be oot and aboot around Denmark singing for people. I get to party and have the extra weeks we didn’t get with Sister Sørensen!!! We’ll be splitting Esbjerg and Horsens between the 2.5 weeks we have together, plus I’m going on splits in Odense on Friday and Copenhagen the next week! Then on the 21st Sister Van Orden will come back and be with me in Esbjerg. I’m so excited for this transfer. So many good things! Christmas and New Year’s and my year mark!… wait… my year mark? HOLY CRAP!

Søster Fergie

Me: “I’m wearing too many tights to have to go to the bathroom this often!”

“I’ve got influenza in my shoulder”

Søs Van Orden: “In Danish it says ‘Praktiske, behagelig, og comfortable’ So I can wear crocs?”

“I see skies of gray
It’s raining too
Every day
On me and you
And I think to myself….

“The door opener is different from the greeter and the program-passer-outer”

Victoria: “I’m vertically correct”

*I walk out of the bathroom to Søs VO lying on her bed*
SVO: “I feel so peacful…”

We’re wondering if Danes are having this competition to see who can say Nej the most when the Mormon missionaries knock on their door. It’s like “NejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNej”

Michael’s answering machine: “Jeg ringe tilbage når jeg høre dit besked… eller jeg lytter bar til dit besked…” (“I’ll call you back when I hear your message… or I’ll just listen to your message…”)

Æ Higby: “Eat turkey. Throw up. Play football.”

Bunch of good looking elders (and Sister O'Bryant)

Bunch of good looking elders (and Sister O’Bryant)

​Real mashed potatoes. Homemade crescent rolls. Life could be dream.

​Real mashed potatoes. Homemade crescent rolls. Life could be dream.

These guys. (Æ Gudmundson og Æ Brady) I miss that district

These guys. (Æ Gudmundson og Æ Brady) I miss that district

​Sister Sølberg. She's my friend. :)

​Sister Sølberg. She’s my friend. 🙂


He’s Søren! Flyin’! There’s not a star in heaven that he can’t reach…!

Hey, friends,

Last P-day we took a district activity to Fanø, the island right next to Esbjerg. We took the ferry over and walked from one end of the Island to the other. I mean, Fanø is small, but not that small. My legs were dying. Plus it got dark super-fast so we had to come back. It was still fun. Our elders are great! They’re different from most of the other districts I’ve been in because all of them, except Elder Jensen, are new. Sister Van Orden and I are the oldest members of our district.

I’ve seriously become almost a professional bike mechanic because of all the fixes I’ve done on my bike. Elder Allred couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his bike the other day and I was just like “Oh, this and this, and this is how you fix it, let me show you.” Beep Bap Boop, Fixed. #BikeBoss

Elder Gerber helped me figure out one problem I was having, and I had him realign my wheel (again) because I, apparently, wasn’t doing it right, but sadly, the wheel got off-kilter again yesterday so I’m going to either have to just keep fixing it myself or take it into someone who actually knows what he’s doing. Bah, yesterday, coming home from church, my wheel started going off on its own way again, then I noticed that my front tire was low on air, and my chain fell off. There is seriously a curse here in Esbjerg. I haven’t had so many bike problems in all of my mission. I just don’t want to deal with it as it gets colder.

We were kidnapped by Kirsten Søe, one of our less-actives because our plans were to go out to this one side of town after we were done visiting her and she was just like “No. I won’t allow it. It’s sketchy over there and it’s dark. You are going to stay here with me until it’s time for you to go home.” Dang woman, but she made us soup and we did talk to her about Family history. Got her going on Family Search. Woot!

We had an adorable lesson with a super-cute family the other day where we told them how we celebrate Thanksgiving in America, and we helped them make turkey hands and write one thing they were thankful for on each finger. We’ve also been going out and asking people on the street what they’re grateful for. I love this time of year! It’s weird though, especially with Sister Van Orden focusing so much on this Christmas concert, we’ve kind of starting thinking a lot about Christmas, like towards the beginning of November. I’m so excited for Christmas! I’m excited for what’s going to happen!

Have a wonderful week! I’m super-excited for Thanksgiving!

Søster Fergie

“He looks like he could be a totem pole”

Søs Van Orden: “♫It’s that time of year when the mold grows all over the house because we don’t open the windows because it’s freezing outside. Merry Christmas… May your New Years’ dreams come truuuuuue! ♫”

We were talking about ridiculous Utah Mormon names and how we loved the name and both wanted to name our firstborn Shalizabeth. Then we were dying trying to think of every time in Pirates of the Caribbean when someone says Elizabeth, to replace it with Shalizabeth. “Shalizabeth? SHALIZABEEEEEETH!!!”

“On a scale of Don to Dane, how bad is your American accent?”

Søs Williams: “We should just get t-shirts with each other’s faces on them. I’m sure I would look so much prettier with your face on my shirt.”

RS Teacher: “Vi kan ikke gå på vandet. Vi har ikke nok tro” (“We can’t walk on water. We don’t have enough faith”), talking about how they need to run and catch their ferry to Fanø, where they live – how they couldn’t miss it.

“That looks like a whale threw up in the shape of a cheerio.”

And sorry I don’t have a lot of pictures. We literally only took pictures on Monday.

District activity to Fanø! (me, Søs Van Orden, Æ Gerber, Æ Weese, Æ Jensen, and Æ Allred)

District activity to Fanø! (me, Søs Van Orden, Æ Gerber, Æ Weese, Æ Jensen, and Æ Allred)

Beach? In November? Are we crazy?

Beach? In November? Are we crazy?

It snowed yesterday! A little bit. #Winter #Hyggeligt #BikingStinksInTheCold

It snowed yesterday! A little bit. #Winter #Hyggeligt #BikingStinksInTheCold

She doesn't want to go home.

She doesn’t want to go home.

Passive Steve

Stille og Rolig (it means chill). That is pretty much the epitome of Esbjerg right now, which, if you’re a missionary, is nice to a point, but you just want the work to get rolling again. So we actually prayed about what we could do to help our work move forward and we got a few ideas, lots of things that are how we can improve personally, like being better at exercising and keeping our apt clean. They don’t really have anything to do with the work, but we have faith that if we do them, God will bless our work.

Lots of random things, besides the lack of things going on:

We’ve been collecting soda can tabs to give to our friend Sofie for Christmas because she sends them to this place that uses the metal to make parts for prosthetic legs. It’s turned us into scavengers. Of course, I feel like I’ve been a scavenger from the beginning. I am a sea glass-spotting expert; most of the gloves I have have been picked up off the side of the road and washed. Lots of random black gloves that don’t match each other. It’s like socks –  as long as they’re both black, it doesn’t really matter, right? Sister Sorensen and I dumpster dove and got a lamp that is still in the Slagelse apt. I feel a little bad though because I’m turning Sister Van Orden into a scavenger as well. She found a perfectly nice hat on the sidewalk the other day and brought it home. Mama be so proud.

Our friend Genesis had her baby! She was 11 days overdue and we were all wondering when she was going to pop. But we went to see her in the hospital a few days after she had her baby. Her little baby Leo is adorable! He’s got so much hair! Everyone is having babies. It’s killing me that I can’t hold them! Though, I think I’ve learned more about giving birth in the last few weeks than I have in my entire life. Seriously, we have 3 people we visit now with brand new babies. Is it too early to be baby hungry? There’s actually a word for baby hungry in Danish: Skruk. It means the feeling a hen has when she can’t have babies, and all the other hens around her are. Haha, we were joking that with all these new babies, we could totally get a ton of member-present lessons if we just visit these moms a lot! Their babies aren’t members!

We’ve realized that we as missionaries are just like a clingy girlfriend. We’re just like “Man, it’s been 2 days since he’s texted us. I wonder if everything’s all right. Let’s wait one more day and then try again.” “She’s avoiding us; she didn’t answer our call. What did we do wrong?” It gets funnier and funnier the more you think about all the different aspects.

We had an EXCELLENT zone training on family history work! It’s a new initiative that everyone, including me, is going crazy about! I am SO excited. We got new little pass-along cards and I’ve got this fire! We actually were saying that normally, it’s really hard to get ANY success when you knock on houses. You get a little more success knocking apartment buildings, because the people who live there are a little more humble, but nothing with houses, BUT THIS IS THE TOOL TO GET INTO HOUSES!!!! We’ve already gotten a few potentials with appointments to come by again next week! I’m so excited! I just want to help everyone find their cousins. I was trained once, when I was in Slagelse, by the family history consultant there, but she kind of was a little too excited and taught me everything she knows in one afternoon. I don’t remember anything, desværre. Excited to re-learn! We’ll learn more at Zone Conference in a week and a half.

I have had 4 flat tires. My rear tire has 6 patches on it and my front has 2. I bought a new tube the other day, but it was too skinny for my tire, so we’re going to swap it today. I’m so tired of fixing my bike. I feel like we’re cursed or something.

I love y’all!

Med Kærlighed,
Søster Fergie

Quotes & Random Stuff:
*Sister O’Bryant is talking about a kind of medicine*
President: “Immogas? I think it should be called Immo-ikke-gas”

Me: “I love her double chin!… NO! Not double chin, CLEFT chin!”
Søs Van Orden: “Do you love MY double chin?” *Pulls a face*

Søs Van Orden: “You’re like the leftovers people are excited to eat!”

“We’re gonna lower our expectations so that everything is a success!”

“Pain is your friend! Ignore your friend!”

Kaj: “En gang imellem det er sund at være helt tom” (“Every once in a while it’s healthy to be completely empty”, talking about his brain).

That moment when someone’s opening prayer is longer than the talks you used to give when you were in Young Womens. (Lucy’s dad used to call those “disappointed speakers.”)

We have this snowman stuffed animal with long limbs that we stuck up in our chandelier. We named him Steve and he just sits up there like, “No, no, don’t worry about me. I’m sure you’re too busy doing your thing to open the blinds to let me look out, but it’s okay; I’m fine staring at the wall.” Sister Van Orden does a really good Steve voice. It’s hilarious! I’ll record it sometime.

We found a bomb shelter! It was so scary - like a scene from a horror movie!

We found a bomb shelter! It was so scary – like a scene from a horror movie!

We've decided to start our own bike repair shop in our apt.

We’ve decided to start our own bike repair shop in our apt.

I've decided I don't want to start a bike shop anymore... #SoDoneWithThisCrap

I’ve decided I don’t want to start a bike shop anymore… #SoDoneWithThisCrap


Hva’ Be’ Ha’?


Oh what a beautiful mooorning! Oh what a gloomy day…
But seriously, it’ll be clear and sunny during studies, but when we actually have to go outside, the clouds come. Luckily, that little bit of sunshine gives me energy nok to keep calm and carry on (not that there’s need to keep calm. Life is good.)

Life. What is life? Don’t even know.

Hmm, what was I going to talk about. I lugged my big fat journal to the library just so I could remember what happened this week. The weeks go by faster and faster.

Last Monday:
I emailed my family and friends. That was a big plus. It’s actually my favorite part of P-day. They’re setting up an ice skating rink in the city square! We made snowflakes… not much else.

We didn’t have as many lessons as we’d planned for because plans fell through, BUT we had an excellent lesson with Nana (that girl I talked about before, that we’d knocked into). We made a loose plan to talk about the plan of salvation, but we pretty much just let her ask any questions she wanted. We talked about everything under the sun! Well, not everything, but so many things! She was so curious and interested! She was glad that we don’t support abortions and very much support adoption. SUCH A great lesson. I love her.

District meeting. It’s the best! I love it. It was Elder Weese’s birthday, so Sister Van Orden and I wrote him a poem about everything we admired about him. Sadly, it was super short because we know literally nothing about him since we only see him once a week. But we thought it was great! We were going to make it into a song, but we didn’t have time. And I got ANOTHER flat tire. Luckily, Elder Gerber is a pro. I am apparently not. Just like baking. I can’t bake.

“I do not like rain. I do not like it, Sam I Am. In the summer it’s glorious, but Spring/Fall it’s cold and miserable, especially because the only jacket I have that’s waterproof isn’t warm enough. I would rather it snow than rain.

Haha, earlier I was unlocking my bike and a bird dropped a nasty brown treasure on my handlebars. The spot where we park our bikes is kind of a dropping ground. They sit on the roof with their rear ends sticking over the edge and just poop. We were trying to fix my bike the other day and we had to duck and cover because it was bombs away! I hate birds.”

We went to Ribe! My Grandma Fergie sent me a bunch of stories and such about my ancestors in Denmark, and I have an ancestor who was the bishop of the Ribe domkirke! It was the first place I’ve been in in Denmark so far that I come from! All the rest of my ancestors come from Hjørring (elders’ area) and Bornholm (elders’ area). We tried to go in the domkirke, but it was closed. GOING BACK. I need to go in that place. I took pictures of the outside though!

Weekly planning. Super exciting.
I discovered the books of Chronicles in the bible. Lots of baby names ideas.
Visited some cute people and their cute kids, ate dinner with a cute member and her friend (who’s also a member) who looks like Bernie, Dash Parr’s school teacher from the Incredibles. Like no joke, it’s Bernie. We had such a good time and had an excellent lesson on Happiness! 🙂

THEN vi fik fat i Michael! We had our first lesson with him in two weeks after he and his girlfriend broke up and he still wants to continue with the lessons, but he doesn’t want a baptismal date yet. This is such good news! We’ve been praying our little hearts out. He even prayed and read the Book of Mormon in those 2 weeks! Let’s go!

Sister O’Bryant called to chat which brightened up my day, along with the sunshine, which sadly didn’t last very long, like I told you before. In fact, it poured. I brought out my rain jacket and found out that it’s only rain resistant. Enough rain and it’s useless. We were so wet. I felt like we were breaking the white handbook because we were swimming. So wet. We did get a new investigator for our efforts though! Super excited. She’s from Vietnam. We’ll see how this goes.

We biked over to our dinner appt and it was still coming down in buckets. She let us borrow some shirts while ours dried (but they actually didn’t because she forgot to actually turn the radiator on, desværre). Putting those back on afterward and going back out was not fun. We were so cold. I think they’re still drying. My bag, at least, is. It smells so bad. Wet leather is not a party to deal with. Luckily I’d made scripture cases for my scriptures out of cornflakes boxes and it held! So happy!

One of the bishopric called in the morning as we were getting ready for church and told us that a lady who was supposed to give a talk called and said she couldn’t come…. Guess what that means?!! We had 30 mins to prepare our talks because we had to leave early to get to choir practice. I basically just whipped out my training I gave in district meeting a few weeks ago on Faith and gave that. It was one of the best talks I have ever given! I didn’t have time to freak out and I barely looked at my paper! It was great! Sister Van Orden gave a great talk on Prayer. Simple and sweet. Good stuff!

We went with the elders to dedicate a less active’s house, then had lunch out on our little picnic table outside our apt. It cracks me up because we’ll be eating there with the elders (because they can’t come into our apt) and someone’ll walk by. We’ll just smile and wave. We’re such weirdos. Eating outside in November.

Okay. That was my week.

I would just like everyone to know that I’ve picked up a talent of recognizing where people are from and the language they’re speaking. Like I can look at a person and know that they’re German and not Danish. I know how to spot a Greenlander and how to look at a Book of Mormon and know that it’s Albanian and know that in Iran they speak Persian, while in Afghanistan they speak Arabic. What is this multi-cultural/multi-racial thing? Denmark is just as diverse as America.

OH my gosh. I had a great study in Jesus the Christ about feeding the 5000. Haha, so Jesus makes the food and such and then the people start crying “Jesus! Our King!” and Jesus sends the apostles away because of the materialism of the people in wanting Him to be their king. Jesus then is like “Disperse!” and the people leave and He goes up to the mountain to pray. The apostles, however, are out on the sea in their boat, and this is where Jesus walks on water towards them and the incredible miracle with Peter happens. The next morning the people are like “Huh? Where’d Jesus go?!” and they Brrrrrhhhhh race over to the docks on the other side of the sea to see the boat Jesus and His apostles are in. They’re like “THERE he is!! We found Him!” Jesus is such a patient man. I admire Him so much. I’m sure He got tired of teaching sometimes and just wanted to take a nap, but the people swarmed Him 24/7.
They’re just like “Jesus, what’s for lunch?” Jesus sees all the people and reads their hearts and sees that they only are following Him because He’d just shown that He could produce food out of thin air and they were hungry. He tells them that instead of seeking for physical nourishment, they should seek for the spiritual nourishment that only the Father can give. He lost a lot of followers that day.
Anyway, good stuff.

I’ll talk to you later!

Søster Fergie

Bishop: “On my mission we used to sing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” when we were talking about baptisms in December.”

Æ Jensen: “I CANNOT express how much I want you all to be happy. Don’t do it for you, do it for me.”

Søs Van Orden: “I’ve never met anyone who sounds so literally like a caveman.”

“People need songs like this when they’re 13 with acne and braces. All my friends have boyfriends and I don’t even have a cell phone!”

“No one has ever told me I’m beautiful except my mom and God.”

“…and cider with alcohol in it is still against the word of wisdom, even if it tastes good. I Jesu Kristi navn, amen.”

Lady in the ward: “I don’t know, ask God!”

...they smelled like a horse.

…they smelled like a horse.

​That's my ancestor! #Ribe #PederHegelund

​That’s my ancestor! #Ribe #PederHegelund





Tangent Queen

Hey, my people! Life is good.

Back when I thought I was going to be staying in Vejle, we planned a fun pumpkin carving activity with a member, and then I left and they did it without me. SO we did a little party ourselves here with the elders. We had to do it outside because they couldn’t come into our apt, but luckily there’s this little picnic table outside of our apt so, despite the cold, we carved. Well they did. I painted mine, as is my tradition. Last year I painted Elsa and Anna. This year it was the Salt Lake Temple. It actually turned out a lot more awesome than I thought it was going to be. #satisfied

Our buddy Michael has had a rough week. On Monday we had a member present lesson at Bishop’s house that was just supposed to be on tithing, but Bishop is very zealous in his testimony and talked about everything under the sun. It might’ve been too much for our poor friend Michael. Then his girlfriend, one of our friends, broke up with him. Luckily we’ve gotten hold of him and have an appt set for Thursday. We’re hoping he wants to get baptized for himself and not for his girlfriend’s sake.

We met a girl knocking named Nana and she was wonderful! She was radiating light. She told us she believed in God as an energy, but she really wanted to know why we believed in Him as a person. I’m so excited to talk further with her!

We were on splits this week! With Sister Mandla and Sister Sorensen! Sister Mandla and Sister Van Orden took on tackling things with this Christmas concert thing Sister Van Orden is in charge of, and I went out to find choice children of God with my wonderful Sister Sorensen! I’ve missed teaching with her. I’m so happy she’s my sister training leader! The night before, I got a random flat tire and Elder Gerber and Elder Brady came over and helped fix it. Actually Elder Gerber did. Elder Brady says that he doesn’t fix bikes. I love Elder Brady. And calm down, he’s just one of my best friends. Gosh. No, but coming back from being out all day, my BACK tire went flat! What the crap! So we walked all the way home. It was a long walk. I actually didn’t get it fixed until Thursday because I’m not very good at finding holes in my tubes. I have to run it through water like 3 times before I find the hole.

We had a great district meeting about being happy! Elder Jensen is the happiest person I have ever met! He’s always just like “Are you guys happy? Because it’s gonna make me sad if you’re not”

There’s a man who lives above us named Rommel; he was a member but got excommunicated shortly after he was baptized, and because it was so soon after his baptism, he didn’t really understand why it happened. He thought people judged him and he wasn’t welcome in the church, but we had a great lesson with him the other day and testified of repentance and forgiveness and we sang “I am a Child of God” and then invited him to church. He said he would come if we went with him, so we all biked to church yesterday morning! He came for the first time in 7 years! We were praying so hard for him, because he told us that if he started to feel uncomfortable, he would leave. We had fast and testimony meeting and so many people came up and said hi. After church he texted and thanked us for the day. We asked if anything had changed, and if he had a good time. He texted back saying that it was one of the best days he’d ever had!! I think we had a mini party! I love helping people see how wonderful the church is!

Halloween was lame. Lamest holiday as a missionary besides Valentine’s Day. All we did was eat apple cinnamon pancakes with the elders at the church. I also officially fail at cooking bacon.

But ya. I think that’s it. I think my favorite thing about my companion is that she gets EVERY SINGLE REFERENCE that comes out of my mouth. She’s seen every musical, seen every movie. I don’t even need to ask if she’s seen it, I just quote the line and she follows up with the next line. It’s great! Woot!

Other random stuff, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people walking their cats before.

And only happy people whistle.

Have a great week. And just so you all know, I’m way happy. WAY happy. Life is great! I lvoe being a missionary. Best decision of my life, better than Russia.

Søster Fergie

Quotes (This week was a GOOD one):
Søs Van Orden: “We’re gonna heal the sick! I mean, they are, but we’re gonna provide the faith!”

“Satan has power over rubber”

“The problem with Indian men is that they’re hairy and bald and there’s always a slight smell of curry”

Æ Jensen: “It was so boring. All it was was words. Black words.”
Æ Reber: “If it makes you feel any better I tried to make the bullet points into ice cream cones.”

Æ Jensen: “I’m not surprised, I’m happy!”
Søs Van Orden: “Are you… smiling?”
Æ Jensen: “Yes. I am.”

Æ Jensen: “That is the absolute worst case scenario, unless something really bad happens.”

*We’re biking through some mud*
The Terminator (Sis Van O’s bike): “YUS! This is my natural habitat!”
Rosemary (Lucy’s bike): “ewewewewewewewewewewew”

RS teacher: “Og så vil jeg gerne giver tiden over til mig selv” (“And now I would like to turn the time over to myself.”)

Fun P-day activity with the elders (Søs Van Orden, Æ Allred, Æ Gerber, og mig)

Fun P-day activity with the elders (Søs Van Orden, Æ Allred, Æ Gerber, og mig)

Question mark

Splits with my girl Søster Sørensen! Just like old times!

Splits with my girl Søster Sørensen! Just like old times!

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