Tjek Tapperne

Let me just cram my life into one blog post 😛
SO! End of the month. At the beginning of the month we splurged on groceries, and we are so paying for it now (or not paying for it, as the situation may be). We’re actually waiting until Thursday to buy groceries cause that’s when our cards are restocked. For now we’re surviving on green jello, gummy teeth, strawberry ice cream, oatmeal, and these health bars given to us by a member. I wish we had a food storage.

Many exciting Things this week!

I hit my 6 month mark tomorrow! Sister Floyd treated my by buying me some new jeans 🙂 I love that lady!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful America!
Things I love about America:
Country music
Stars and stripes
Fast Food

President Sederholm leaves. I am so broken. I love that man so much! On Thursday before district meeting, he came to drop some stuff off on his way to Esbjerg, but only the elders were there because we were walking (Long story. No, not really; my pedal just came off my bike) and we got to the church right as President pulled out of the parking lot. We ran up the road and waved our Little Hearts out! He waved just as hard back and drove away. Last time seeing him in this life… jk Mission reunions are gonna be so great! President and Sister O’Bryant get here tomorrow and we get to meet them on Thursday!

We found out that we’re moving apts at the beginning of August! I’m very stoked. Sister Floyd is so annoyed with how stoked I am with this. I just like change, ok?

On Wednesday, we had a cute little surprise party for some cute little twin girls, the only thing was that they were turning 4 years old, and when 5 adults jump out and start singing to them, they pretty much wet their pants with fright. Stakkles piger. It all turned out fine in the end. We made pancakes and bacon and eggs, and Tina brought a cake and had so many presents waiting for them (it was like Christmas I tell you. I want Tina as my godmother) This is the second time I’ve seen Elder Hawkes in a party hat.

So this past weekend Sister Floyd has been sick so we’ve been stuck inside – trying to make the best of it though. We’ve worked on a lot of stuff and we even contacted out our window last night rocking out to EFY music and blowing bubbles. #newpotential Yesterday we didn’t go to church, but we had the elders bring us the sacrament and give Søs Flóyd a blessing. It was really interesting for me. They laid out a white tablecloth, set two glasses with a little water in them on it and a plate with a cracker (We’re out of bread. #hardknocklife) and my brain was like “This is the weirdest Little ritual. It doesn’t seem as strange when you’re sitting in the chapel” but then they said the prayers (which were in Danish), and the Holy Ghost testified to me that even though it seemed weird, it was true and right. It was such a neat experience, and then the feeling afterward was so cleansing. I love taking the sacrament. When I was in Russia and there were weeks when we couldn’t go to church because we were traveling eller noget, I could really tell the difference in my week. So, I love our elders. So Much. They left a pastry on our stairs. Because they love us. Favorite elders ever.

Investigators are going good! We didn’t really meet with a lot of people this week because Sister Floyd was sick, but nothing negative is happening!

Anyway, Have a wonderful week! Lots of Things this week.
#KeepinItReal #BumshueSisters #SøstreFHaveItGoodInTheHood

Sister Ferguson
p.s. No pics this week, sorry folks 😛 My SD Card reader isn’t working

So we were listening to the beginning of last october conference on my ipod and it said “Speakers selected by…” Søs Floyd totally thought it said “Streakers selected by…”

Søs Fl: “Be still my soul, be still my Heart rate is more like it! You SCARED me!”


Freaking June!

Happy Father’s Day in the US! Father’s Day in Denmark was the 5th of June, so yesterday was just for our dads 🙂 Also, Happy Happy Birthday to my Brother Ian WHO GET’S HOME FROM HIS MISH TOMORROW!!! Love you so much.

Min bror har fødselsdag, og det har han jo, og det er i dag!
Min bror har fødselsdag, og det har han jo i dag!
Og høre nu her hvordan vi alle råbe vil,
Og høre nu her hvordan vi råbe vil!
Hoorah hoorah hoorah hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah  hoorah!

Last Sunday our investigator, the one who was supposed to get baptized on Saturday, Marianne, dropped us for private reasons that I won’t share. We had kind of a break-down on Tuesday. We were trying to decide what to do. We were going to call off the baptism and Sister Floyd asked me who we should call first. I told her that we should call the zone leaders. We called them and Elder Hawkes asked if we’d prayed about our decision. We told him no and that we’d call him right back. We got down on our knees and prayed – we actually ended up saying two prayers – and we felt that we should cancel it and also that we shouldn’t call her or text her or go over to her house until she calls or texts us or until God lets us know that it’s alright. It felt like a giant burden had been lifted. It’s one of the few times in my life that I’ve actually felt something like that. We both felt so peaceful and calm. So we called everyone that we’d set up appts with or dåb logistics and told them it’s been cancelled.

I’ve got some happy things to tell you, though! So last Monday, after I was done emailing, I was chilling on a couch at the library, writing a letter, when a man walks up to me and asks if I speak English and if I could help him. I told him I did and he led me over to a computer and then asked me what the difference is between humidity and moisture. I had never thought about this before, but I explained it (humidity is in the air and moisture is like condensation) and then got talking about why I’m in Denmark. He’s from Kosovo and he invited us over to talk more with him and his wife! So on Wednesday we went over (he lives just down the street from the church, coincidentally enough) and we had a really great discussion! I’m so excited about him and his wife! They’re way nice. Their names are Besnik and Valentina. Woo! I love when God gives us people. Didn’t even do anything, I was just chilling in the library.

We had 4 people in church yesterday! Bettina Ronnenberg got reactivated because she came! Also Christa came and if she comes one more time she’ll also be reactivated! She hadn’t been to church in 6 years and now she loves coming! She couldn’t come last week because she was sick and she thought we hated her because she missed church. We set her right and told her how much we love her and how proud we are of her. She told us the other day that she wants to go to the temple. We are so excited to help her reach that goal. Salma (the bus/running adventure story a few weeks ago) came also! We are so very excited to start working with her! She lives clear up in Havnsø, but we’re willing to make the sacrifices to bring her to this wonderful fold.

Haha, so I hooked my little brother up with a pen pal here, the bishop’s son Samuel. They’ve been emailing back and forth and such, but yesterday Vibeke, the bishop’s wife, came up and asked me what Spencer (my brother) was talking about with swimming and such. I then had to attempt to explain boy scouts. I never thought I’d have to do that in my life. It was so hard. She was like “ya we tried putting it into Google translate and it just didn’t make sense” and I was just like “one does not simply explain boy scouts…” I thought it was funny.

OUR NEW DISTRICT IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! Elder Hawkes and Elder Lester are like the male equivalent of Sister Floyd and I because they’re best friends. And then ELDER GUDMUNDSON!! My big Brother. I am so very excited to be with him. I am so happy. Happy Happy. Elder Hawkes: “Ya, it’s like Sister Ferguson’s dream district.” yup yup.

Yesterday we sang “Savior, Redeemer of my Soul” in Danish in church! We’d been practicing all week and we got Johannes, an Austrian man in our Ward who is a piano prodigy, to play for us. It sounded so good! So many old ladies bawling their cute little eyes out! Heck, I would’ve been crying if I wasn’t singing. I also didn’t realize how many people had never heard the song before. I made my own alto part because it was a solo song, and it sounded SO good. Maybe my mom’ll put the recording on youtube or something so y’all can hear it. We listened to it maybe 20 times in a row yesterday. The headache was worth it.

Ok, I’ve got a funny story for you. So Friday night, around 3 am, I was sleeping you know, and I wake up to Søs Floyd climbing into my bed! We laid there for about 10 mins and I said “This is nice, Sister Floyd, but can you get into your own bed?” (Don’t want to be breaking any rules or anything) So she climbed back up and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning and asked her why that happened, she told me she had no recollection of this event except when I woke her up and told her to go back to her own bed. She totally sleepwalked down her ladder and into my bed! And if it was anyone else I would’ve freaked out, but I love Sister Floyd. We’ve been laughing about it so much.

Have a wonderful week!

Søster Fergie

“So, about the 5 stomachs you were blessed with when you became a missionary…”

“We’re in the Ward but not of the Ward”

Me: “I just want to be short to somebody!”
Søs Floyd: “God thinks you’re short”

Søs Floyd: “I’m not planning on dating Hotak, unless he gets baptized, and then its JO tak ;)”

Up in Kalundborg last week

Up in Kalundborg last week

So after Marianne dropped us, the elders bought us our favorite candy to cheer us up. #BestEldersOmVerden

So after Marianne dropped us, the elders bought us our favorite candy to cheer us up. #BestEldersOmVerden

Søster Floyd: Investing in the people

Søster Floyd: Investing in the people


“You Had ONE Job!”

Last P-day we went with our district to an old Viking Castle ruins; it was pretty much a big bowl covered in grass, nothing super exciting, but we herded sheep! Or tried to. Everyone else did a good job, but I… let the sheep out… Slap my hand. SO sorry. But it was fun 🙂 Check that off my bucket list
Also, the great Elder Hawkes requested a shoutout because he was jealous I talked about Elder Call last post and not him. #NeedyElders #WeStillLoveThemTho

Random Things:

1) I would like to shout into the world that I like beets. Beets are my favorite food. We buy a giant jar of beets every time we go shopping. I didn’t eat beets until I got to Russia and I loved them there, Then I came to Denmark and BEETS! Just yes.

2) So as I’ve said, Sister Floyd and I har det rigtig sjov sammen. We have it good. And just like if we’d looked through the door peephole to see Bror Williamson dancing before we pray, we start laughing right before prayers ALL THE TIME. We have to apologize so much to Heavenly Father. It reminds me of at home when someone’d be saying the prayer and Dad just starts laughing and whoever is praying says “…and please help Dad to be reverent during the prayer…” lige sådan.

3) There’s a man here at the library with the most luscious, long grey hair I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking back to that Dove men’s shampoo Commercial “Ah ahhhh ah ah!” He even flipped his hair. I want to cry.

One thing to be aware of is that Præsident and Søster Sederholm have reached their time. They’re going home at the end of this month. I am so very sad. I love them so much. They’ve been my parents away from home. I’m sure Præsident and Søster O’Bryant are excellent, but I just love the Sederholms.

So as you may have calculated, this week is transfers! We were so skeptical of them because Sister Floyd and I wanted to stay together but it was a 75% chance she’d move. So calls. Wednesday morning. Judgment day. The phone rings. It’s Elder Hooper. He says “Sister Floyd, you’ve been in Slagelse a long time….

….But you’re gonna stay a little while longer.” I think we blew out Elder Hooper’s eardrums! Also my buddy Elder Lester is coming to be a zone leader with Elder Hawkes, and my Big Brother Elder Gudmundson is coming to Nykøbing to be with Elder Bradshaw! I AM SO VERY VERY HAPPY! It’s the dream transfer! We think it’s because Præsident is leaving and it was his last transfer to assign so he just stuck everyone with their favorite people.
The Floyd stays.

A couple of funny stories:
We have some really positive new investigators, one from Afrika, one from Syria, and the last from Afghanistan. All Christians, all bible-believers, and I just don’t know how to teach people who already believe in God, to be honest. We tend to spend most of our time with Atheists. So we’ll see how this goes. Hahaha

The lesson with them was kind of hilarious however. So the man we teach from Syria, Ali, he adores us, and likes the Book of Mormon, but his one friend from Afghanistan just needs to leave. During the lesson he focuses on such ridiculous things, questions that don’t make sense, and we all just look at him like, ”Who invited that kid?” and then Ali looks at us with a look that says, ”awks, i’m sorry bout this”
Best part is, now Ali brought one more friend, (that’s the one from Afrika) and he’s SO POSITIVE!!!! Ahahahahhaa, during the lesson we would teach a principle, he would ask an amazing question, we would answer it, and then the man from Afghanistan would interrupt with something that wouldn’t make sense, and then Robert, our Afrikan friend, would just pipe in Again with one more awesome question. So we basically just wanted to drop kick that one guy out the door, and kidnap Robert. We love Robert.
That was a great day. Not to mention when the lesson was over and our bus was coming in 2 minutes; we didn’t know where the stop was, and Robert just points and yells, ”BUS!” and we start running. It was so funny. They all 3 just watched Søs Floyd and I book it to the bus stop down the street, and the bus driver was so kind and waited for us. We get on and he says, ”I couldn’t leave, not when you were running so fast!” hahahahha SOOOO GOOD!

On Saturday we were helping our lovely friend Tina out in her garden, pulling a heck-ton of weeds. It’s a good time, good service, but halfway through I’m sneezing my soul out (Almost literally because if you sneeze more than twice, you’re soul belongs to the devil because the Blessing isn’t doing anything) and I’m getting hives all over my arm! I’m apparently allergic to some sort of weed we were pulling. I’m sorry, Mom, I’m allergic to pulling weeds. 😉 hehe

Ok, some very good news:
One of our less-actives, Christiana from Brazil, we’ve been teaching her daughter Nicoline and she’s gonna be baptized! She’s 8 so she wouldn’t Count as a convert baptizm, but she’s still our baptism 🙂

Also, this news made me start bawling. Britt, my investigator in Roskilde, is getting baptized in August! I am so very very happy! I’ve prayed so hard and so long for that woman!

Have a great week!

Sister Fergie

Trust Faaaall!

Trust Faaaall!

Last district meeting before Elder Call, Elder Taylor, and Præsident go home

Last district meeting before Elder Call, Elder Taylor, and Præsident go home

Elder Call's going away party (took my glasses off because of the glare. Sister Floyd dies because I'm cross-eyed)

Elder Call’s going away party (took my glasses off because of the glare. Sister Floyd dies because I’m cross-eyed)

Decorating my journal. This kills me #PropsToTheFriendMagazine

Decorating my journal. This kills me #PropsToTheFriendMagazine


Spring has finally sprung! We are out of the winter months! No, but actually, it’s been really warm; it was 25 degrees (celcius) the other day! It’d be warmer if it wasn’t windy, but it’s always windy.

This week has been one to remember. We had zone conference on Tuesday, the last one with Præsident og Søster Sederholm actually 😦 It hurts me, I love them so much. There’s always lots of tears and spirit that leaves me exhausted afterwards. I’ve only been to 2, but I’ve cried both times.

Thursday we went down to the Næstved police station to take care of my biometrics. That took up most of the day. While we were wating for our turn, we were just sitting outside, and a guy comes up and asks us if we’re from Denmark. We tell him we’re from the US and he grabs his friend and says, “He likes America,” and then they both sat and talked to us. The one guy who liked America could only speak English, Swedish, and whatever language they speak in Afghanistan (that’s where they were from), and his buddy could only speak Danish, and whatever language they speak in Afghanistan. Of course the English guy, who looked harmless, talked to Søs Floyd the whole time, and I got stuck with the Danish guy, who was hitting on me the whole time. It was actually pretty funny. He told me that he’d had a girlfriend who looked just like me but I shouldn’t worry because they’re not together anymore. lol. And while I was in doing my biometrics, Søs Floyd told me that he’d told her, “You’re friend doesn’t talk a lot, but she doesn’t have to. 😉 ” When I came out, he asked what I did in there. I told him they took a picture and scanned my fingerprints. He said, “You shouldn’t worry if the picture was bad because you look really good.” (all this in Danish: “Du se rigtig godt ud. 😉 “) I was so uncomfortable. Søs Floyd was just laughing at me, but she did get the other guy’s address and email as a referral for the missionaries in Sweden! So I guess it wasn’t all bad. I just thought it was funny.

We had a BBQ this week! I love that. J Elder Call needs to work on his BBQ skills though. 😉

On Saturday I left the comforts of my home on Sjælland (shay-lan) and ventured to the beautiful island of Fyn (foon)! Søster Floyd had a baptism over there in Odense (Odensa)! One of the investigators she taught over there got baptized! We got there and she showed me around downtown Odense. I got a new watch (my old one died) and a Kærlighed tshirt! We’d been looking in every Tiger (teer) store (the danish dollar store) for them and we finally found some!

There were so many missionaries at the baptism! So many I’d never met before because I’d only served on Sjælland. But my good buddy Elder Howland was there! It was SO good to see him! We only served in the same district for one transfer, but we got to be really good friends. I have decided that I would love to serve in Odense. My mom, Søs Noorda, was born there, as was Søs Floyd.

Yesterday we had a special conference for all of Europe! Elder Holland broadcasted from Scotland! We were really annoyed though, because the Danish translator is an excellent and talented man, but he just doesn’t do Elder Holland justice. We wanted to listen to it in English (because everyone understands English anyway) but I could barely get it because it was in Danish. 😦 We had 3 less-actives and 1 investigator (Marianne!! She’s now been to church 3 times and will make her baptismal date on the 20th!) Christa came because she loves Elder Holland, but she wanted to hear him in English. We could see him pounding the stand and speaking with such power, but all we heard was the monotone translator. Oh well. I can’t find it recorded online anywhere.

Anyway, have a great week! Also if any of you would like to send me emails, I would not be opposed 😉 I love you all


Æ Lawless: “My mom calls me beefy”

Me about müsli: “That’s a big honkin’ mama clump” #MüsliItUp

Me: “Vi er taknemlig for hans ansigts… NO! I meant indsats!”
(“We are grateful for his face… NO! I meant efforts!”)

“You know that’s littering. Litterers go to hell”

Me: “..and that’s how I got a boyfriend.”
Søs Fl: “What, you showed him your knees?”


We match!

We match!

Danish BBQ

Danish BBQ

There could be so many reasons why I was out in a field...

There could be so many reasons why I was out in a field…



Fish Food

Hi Hi! It’s been a pretty good week.
Mandag tog vi til Gladsaxe for kammerat udvekslinger! Splits with Søster Wright and Søster Ripa! But before I go into that, Monday evening we were at the church uploading some pics to dropbox right before we had to go catch our train. We finished up and ran outside and on the way to my bike, I biffed it hardcore (or that’s how it felt. I’m a weenie.). I scraped up my knees, my left hand, and my elbow. So I was laying there and we really had to catch our train, so Søster Floyd went into major momma mode, said a prayer that God would help us bike down to the station to catch our train and that I wouldn’t have pain, and we sped down. I made it down to the station with a bloody knee, but no pain. We’d missed our train, but it gave Søs Floyd time enough to patch me up a bit. She felt so awesome, she ripped my nylons from the knee down, cleaned up the wounds, pressed a kleenex against it and tied it with the ripped off nylon. She’s gonna be a great mom. She was singing hymns to calm me down because it really hurt. I love that lady. It was funny because when we called the Gladsaxe sisters to let them know we were gonna be late and why, an ambulance sped by and scared Sister Ripa to death, because it was right after Sister Floyd had told her that I’d had an accident. No worries! My knees just look like rainbows. It was funny, yesterday at church someone asked me if I’d been praying too much, lol. I hope this leaves some scars.

Splits! I was with Sos Wright again! I love her so much! She’s adorable and so helpful. She and Sos Ripa have been comps and sister training leaders for 3 transfers now and I think it’s because they’re so good at what they do. It was so neat, the whole time we were on splits Danish just came SO easily! It made me so happy! Miracles always happen on splits. I missed my beautiful Søster Floyd though.
I accidentally left my planner in Gladsaxe and I won’t get it back until tomrrow when we have zone conference. It’s been so debilitating. I’ve been using a little notepad instead and I feel like a cripple. Så spent at få det tilbage.

What else…

Sister Floyd and I got stoned, just like the prophets of old! So we were eating our lunch on a playground the other day, having it real nice, you know, when some little kids jumped up on the playground platform above us and a bunch of little rocks fell down and pelted us! They thought it was really funny so they jumped down and grabbed a bunch of rocks and just dropped them on us! The little…. children of God… we thought it was pretty funny. Check that off my bucket list.

We did some awesome garden work the other day for some members! Sister Floyd and I pulled up 2 trees with our raw søster missionær muscle (and a saw and a shovel) and dug a billion rocks out of the garden! It was so fun! Sister Floyd is a rock-carting wheelbarrow beast! I wanted to get every snigle rock out of that garden, but we’d already been there a while and had to go.

Okay, I’ve got to tell you a story now. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, and usually if the Spirit wants me to go up, I’ll feel really warm and good. Well yesterday, nothing was happening so I thought, ok, maybe I just need to let other people have the opportunity to share theirs. So the meeting went on, the meeting went on, and right before it ended, I feel a poke on my shoulder from Torvald, the Ward mission leader who shows me a text from my companion, who was clear across the room, telling me that I needed to go up. Right as I saw the text, the warm feeling flooded me and I got up. I ended up being the last testimony. Apparently I did need to let others bear their testimonies, but God let me squeeze mine in as well. And Søster Floyd told me that my Danish was perfect! God blesses those who do what He tells them to.

So this is the first time that we’ve done something on a P-day before emailing. The elders and we søsters went and had our feet eaten by fish! >))))> It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever done. It tickled so much! Elder Call was laughing so hard he was crying because it tickled so much. My feet feel super fresh now! Check that off my bucket list also.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Many much kærlighilsens,

Søs Fergie




Patching up my knee

Patching up my knee

Gummy teeth seriously are my favorite thing on this earth.

Gummy teeth seriously are my favorite thing on this earth.

Fish food

Fish food