Fish Food

Hi Hi! It’s been a pretty good week.
Mandag tog vi til Gladsaxe for kammerat udvekslinger! Splits with Søster Wright and Søster Ripa! But before I go into that, Monday evening we were at the church uploading some pics to dropbox right before we had to go catch our train. We finished up and ran outside and on the way to my bike, I biffed it hardcore (or that’s how it felt. I’m a weenie.). I scraped up my knees, my left hand, and my elbow. So I was laying there and we really had to catch our train, so Søster Floyd went into major momma mode, said a prayer that God would help us bike down to the station to catch our train and that I wouldn’t have pain, and we sped down. I made it down to the station with a bloody knee, but no pain. We’d missed our train, but it gave Søs Floyd time enough to patch me up a bit. She felt so awesome, she ripped my nylons from the knee down, cleaned up the wounds, pressed a kleenex against it and tied it with the ripped off nylon. She’s gonna be a great mom. She was singing hymns to calm me down because it really hurt. I love that lady. It was funny because when we called the Gladsaxe sisters to let them know we were gonna be late and why, an ambulance sped by and scared Sister Ripa to death, because it was right after Sister Floyd had told her that I’d had an accident. No worries! My knees just look like rainbows. It was funny, yesterday at church someone asked me if I’d been praying too much, lol. I hope this leaves some scars.

Splits! I was with Sos Wright again! I love her so much! She’s adorable and so helpful. She and Sos Ripa have been comps and sister training leaders for 3 transfers now and I think it’s because they’re so good at what they do. It was so neat, the whole time we were on splits Danish just came SO easily! It made me so happy! Miracles always happen on splits. I missed my beautiful Søster Floyd though.
I accidentally left my planner in Gladsaxe and I won’t get it back until tomrrow when we have zone conference. It’s been so debilitating. I’ve been using a little notepad instead and I feel like a cripple. Så spent at få det tilbage.

What else…

Sister Floyd and I got stoned, just like the prophets of old! So we were eating our lunch on a playground the other day, having it real nice, you know, when some little kids jumped up on the playground platform above us and a bunch of little rocks fell down and pelted us! They thought it was really funny so they jumped down and grabbed a bunch of rocks and just dropped them on us! The little…. children of God… we thought it was pretty funny. Check that off my bucket list.

We did some awesome garden work the other day for some members! Sister Floyd and I pulled up 2 trees with our raw søster missionær muscle (and a saw and a shovel) and dug a billion rocks out of the garden! It was so fun! Sister Floyd is a rock-carting wheelbarrow beast! I wanted to get every snigle rock out of that garden, but we’d already been there a while and had to go.

Okay, I’ve got to tell you a story now. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, and usually if the Spirit wants me to go up, I’ll feel really warm and good. Well yesterday, nothing was happening so I thought, ok, maybe I just need to let other people have the opportunity to share theirs. So the meeting went on, the meeting went on, and right before it ended, I feel a poke on my shoulder from Torvald, the Ward mission leader who shows me a text from my companion, who was clear across the room, telling me that I needed to go up. Right as I saw the text, the warm feeling flooded me and I got up. I ended up being the last testimony. Apparently I did need to let others bear their testimonies, but God let me squeeze mine in as well. And Søster Floyd told me that my Danish was perfect! God blesses those who do what He tells them to.

So this is the first time that we’ve done something on a P-day before emailing. The elders and we søsters went and had our feet eaten by fish! >))))> It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever done. It tickled so much! Elder Call was laughing so hard he was crying because it tickled so much. My feet feel super fresh now! Check that off my bucket list also.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Many much kærlighilsens,

Søs Fergie




Patching up my knee

Patching up my knee

Gummy teeth seriously are my favorite thing on this earth.

Gummy teeth seriously are my favorite thing on this earth.

Fish food

Fish food


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