First Gear! Let’s Go!

Hey, friends.
Good week.


Nah, just kidding, But hey! How’s it going! I love P days.

Things this week:

We did so much service! We helped a less active clean her house! It was so great! Cleaning is so satisfying and makes you feel so good! We also helped a member vacuum because she broke her wrist, and we helped another member juice apples! I felt so very homesick because I know that’s what my mom is doing this time of year as well. (That’s true, actually.) I just need to say how grateful I am to my mom for teaching me how to do so many things like cleaning efficiently and doing apples and washing the dishes by hand (I never realized, but I am a PRO!) Thanks for starting me young doing those kinds of things. I still need to build up a love of cooking. It’s taking a while.

But, no, juicing apples! We chopped them up and ground them, and the man of the house pressed them because he’s buff. It tasted so good! Homemade things always taste the best.

Wednesday night Sister Thompson and I had a CrossFit night with the Young Women! She’s an exercise beast! The other girls and I were lying on the floor sweating our brains out while our cheerleader is just like, “Come on! You can do it! Use your big girl muscles!” She kills me sometimes. Everyone always asks me if I work out as much as Sister Thompson does…. No. I.. I don’t. I need you to feel my bicep and then feel hers. I can’t do one pushup. BUT! I can bike up mega monster hills :))) I’m super impressed with myself! I know there’s gotta be some buff angel pushing my bike sometimes because my leg muscles are not THAT strong. I was so sore after the activity. We’d biked all around Fredericia that day too. Let me just fish flop onto my bike and find some strength left to get us to the train. But no, we actually had 11 mins until our train when we left the church. We got to the station and thought we’d missed it, but looked down the track to a tiny train that was supposed to have left 2 mins previous, but the train lady was just standing there, we don’t know why. She hadn’t blown her whistle yet. We hopped on the train and she blew it. I think she was sent from God. Seriously, there are angels in this world!

The other day we biked up Uhrhøj, a steep, but short hill, and Sister Thompson suggested we stop by a potential she’d found. We did, and the lady was pretty interested! Then we saw that her neighbor’s apple tree was full and we knocked on her door to see if we could help her pick them. She said that she didn’t want any of them but we could take some if we wanted! So we did. Nice green granny smiths, and we made the elders a pie for district meeting. It was a pie cake; we didn’t have a pie tin.

Saturday and Sunday, we had Aarhus Stake Conference! We slept overnight with the Aarhus sisters, Sister Woster and Sister Orr! Aalborg came down too. It was a party. SO many people I didn’t know. When you’ve served on Sjælland your whole life, the circles of people you know gets smaller, with missionaries too. But it was such a good conference. I felt the spirit so strong, stronger than I have in a long time. I love Denmark and Danish and these people. Good things happen in this wonderful place!

We met a woman, yesterday, who was in our former investigators book, who was the most entertainment I’ve had for the longest time. She pretty much acted out the garden of eden for us. She almost became a snake in front of our eyes. She reminded me of a mix between Mrs. Richardson, my choir teacher, and Bror Williamson. Good mix. She wasn’t interested, but I SO don’t regret stopping by. I love people!

Work isn’t going very fast. We don’t have any investigators. Vejle is a place waiting to be discovered, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Do I have the patience to keep searching? We keep telling ourselves that it’s ok if we’re just the seed-planters.

Whale, I’d better tie this up. Y’all are excellent! I love you.

Sister Fergie

Me: “A chair for you, and a chair for you! I’m Oprah!”
Søs T: “Everyone has a chair under their chair!”

Æ Howland: “I don’t know why, but sisters just lick things”

The World famous, Kemerey Thompson, ladies and gentlemen!

The World famous, Kemerey Thompson, ladies and gentlemen!

What is that

Apple Juice

Apple Juice

​Danish sunsets are the best!

​Danish sunsets are the best!


Camo Gammel Flannel Mammal

Gooood morning! What a week. It’s been a freaking roller coaster. We got 7 new investigators this week, but 3 of them dropped us. But hey! Stories to come. Hold on.

Once upon a time Sister Ferguson and Sister Thompson went to the friendly town of Kolding to visit their friend Rigmor. To their horror and dismay, they found their loyal steed, Daisy, had been bike-napped! Those rotten bike-nappers took the better bike and left Bruce, who wasn’t even locked. After a few tears were shed (and maybe a chuckle), the sisters had no other choice than to walk. On their walk they had no time to say “Hello, Goodbye” so they created something called Silent Contacting: giving the passing person a card as they passed. It was brilliant! The sisters had faith that their not very effective method of contacting would in fact be effective and they’d get 5 calls later that day! On their walk they were passed by a man whose name was Spong (or as was foretold by the back of his shirt) and then by a group of family bikers and a little boy with bigger calves than mine! They were bigger than his head! They were bigger than his mom’s head! They were bigger than Spong’s head!

As they continued along they were passed by, and attempted to snag a picture with, a Ferguson tractor (partially unsuccessful) and they met a large frog. They dubbed it Spong after their friend on the bike. Sister Thompson, being the braver of the two tried to scoop him up, but alas… Spong sprang.

As they approached their destination, they were puzzled to hear a whistling sound. They looked around to see who it was. The last time someone had whistled to them it had been the elders, but, looking up, they realized it was their dear friend Rigmor.
The End

Zone training! It’s weird to be in a different zone. I’ve been in the Vest Sjælland zone my whole mission, plus half the elders I didn’t know because they’re from Jylland, and half because they’re newbies. I can’t believe I’m so old! I reach my halfway mark at the end of this month! But there were a bunch of people I know and love like Sister Ripa, my momma Sister Noorda, Sis Van Orden, Sis Sølberg, Elder Amos, Elder Dickson, and Elder Gifford! So much spirit in that training! We have some seriously stellar missionaries in this mission. Afterwards we fit our whole zone in a kebab restaurant. That happened.

We did a huge project for this man, his name is Christophe, and he’s a deacon for his church, but he’s super interested to learn more about our church. And even if he doesn’t convert, he’s been telling a ton of people what great people we are, and that alone is fantastic.

I made Sister Thompson cave and buy herself a pastry (the second one of her mission). I’m a little afraid because I might be converting her to crap food. All the time she’ll be like “Man, I’m craving a fransk hotdog or a pastry.” Is it a good thing or a bad thing? We definitely work it all off immediately.

Taught a bunch of people who would be so interested, but they refuse to believe a part of what we teach. Like it’s so hard to teach muslims because they believe in Jesus only as a prophet rather than the Savior. Just have to trust the Holy Ghost to step in, which has been happening more and more. I’m learning how to recognize the voice of the Spirit and follow its promptings.

We went back to Slagelse! I love that place with my whole heart! So many friends. Vibeke, Bishop’s wife, came up and was just like, “Welcome home, Sister Ferguson!” But no, my little friend Nicoline got baptized! I’m super proud of her. I got to give the talk on baptism. Such a good excuse to go back!

Yesterday was so good. We had 4 investigators in church and 3 less actives! 2 of them we didn’t expect to come! A few weeks ago we met a man on the street from Kirgisistan who said he’d come to church! When he didn’t show up last week we called him and asked why and he said that he had come but the doors were locked and no one was there! Turns out he’d come at 10:30 pm instead of am. So this week he came and brought two buddies! It was such an interesting Sunday because we were constantly switching between English and Danish. In RS, I translated for this cute Japanese girl named Me Ho from Danish to English, and in Guesteklass, I translated for one of Hanif’s (the dude we met on the street) buddies from English to Danish, which is actually a lot easier, or maybe God just helped me out a ton, then I translated for Me Ho again in sacrament meeting. My brain was so confused.

We had lunch with a family in the Ward. She’s sisters with a woman in Roskilde, and their mom works with Grandma Fergie in the Family History Library downtown Salt Lake! Apparently we’re family. Small World.

After we got back to Vejle, we knocked in an area we’d pre-decided. We found a huge Arabic family that couldn’t understand us, but we happened to have an Arabic Plan of Salvation pamphlet in our bag and called a member who spoke Arabic to translate. It was so interesting. Muslims are so nice. After we left, we got a call from Hanif, the dude who came to church, who told us that he could see us walking! Apparently, he lives right by the Arabian family! Who would’ve thought? We ran home super fast (as fast as we could – We were knocking up by the top of our street and we had to walk down and back up. Our street is literally a 40 degree angle) to grab 2 Arabic Book of Mormons for him and his friend. I swear we need to just carry one of those around with us wherever we go.

So this one time I was biking down a really steep hill, and I was trying to use my brakes to slow down my speed, but they were squeaking so loud! So my brain had the brilliant idea that since my brakes weren’t working, I could just hop off and use my feet! I startled myself. This one dude was laughing at me. I’m okay, no worries.

We were walking up to the Fredericia train station yesterday, and I saw Bishop Hansen from Slagelse! It was a little tender mercy from God. I love that man. He’s one of the people I trust most in this world. It was so nice to see him.

Anyway, I hope y’all have an excellent week! Love ya!

Also my life goal is to make it to at least one of my friend’s weddings.

Sister Fergusen… freaking office… spelled my name wrong on my new nametags. I now am officially Danish (-en spelling).  😛  #ScottishPride  #TooProudToPutTheWrongOneOn #FergusOnForLife

Søs Thomp: “Before your mission did you ever think you’d be doing weekly planning in the dark in an art therapy clinic?”

“It’s a dream of mine to be picked up by a giant and burped”

“Some people read tea leaves; I read tea bags.”

Me: “I think it’d be interesting to be blind.”
Søs Thomp: “Could we take a picture with them? They wouldn’t know.”

Bishop:” How’s your leg?”

Søs Thomp: “It goes up and down”
Bishop: “Good! That’s what it’s supposed to do!”

Christophe: “In my culture I would say I would buy a cow for you.”

Nicoline's dåb

Nicoline’s dåb

Zone Training Lunch

Zone Training Lunch



Haunting nightmares near you

Haunting nightmares near you

Længe Leve Dronningen

This week. Vejle is a party and a half. That’s half true and half sarcasm. You can decide which part is true and which part is sarcasm.

Things about Vejle:

There’s a piano in our Apartment.
There are more hills than a freaking rollercoaster
The ward is all the way in Fredericia

I’m trying to hold onto my Sjællandsk accent, despite the pressing forces around me to switch to Jysk. Sjælland is my motherland. And for those who don’t know, Denmark is made up of Jylland, the big part connected to Germany, Sjælland, the island where Copenhagen is located, and Fyn, the little island in between Sjælland and Jylland. And a bunch of other random Little islands, including Bornholm, which is closer to Sweden than Denmark but still belongs to us. Little Danish geography lesson for ya.

Things that have happened since I moved to Vejle:

Sister Thompson has had pain in her leg, so we’ve gone to 2 different members who have offered to help, and they’ve both given her zone therapy massages (reflexology). Man, I want one too.

It isn’t summer anymore. It’s rained every day this week. Poured. And we haven’t had anything else to do but be out in it. I’m not the biggest fan of it. It’s too wet. It’s hard to contact people when they’re all running for cover inside their houses. “We just have a message about Living Water! Come back!”

HEY RECLAIMER. I really do like Vejle; do not get the wrong idea. It’s growing on me as much as I’m growing on it. These leg muscles are gonna be beefy.

So a few transfers ago the city Kolding got closed because we didn’t have enough elders, so for now we Work Kolding as well. It’s way funny though because we have 2 bikes out there that are a pair of misfits. We’ve dubbed them Daisy and Bruce (“Hello Bruce”). Daisy is a borderline little girl’s bike that is stuck in 1st gear, so your legs are pinwheels, and Bruce is a blue man’s bike that’s stuck in 3rd gear. I feel like a beast riding that thing, working super hard, and then Sister Thompson is pinwheeling beside me. We needed some intense music playing in the background to make it REALLY epic!

Our new district is pretty great! We’ve got Elder Joseph Gudmundson (Elder Shawn Gudmundson’s cousin) and his baby Elder Bennett, Elder Brady, who just moved from Gladsaxe, and my good buddy Elder Howland! It’s a good group.

Saturday we were doing weekly planning and we found a record for a less active who apparently is Gitte Ronnenberg’s sister (Gitte lives in Slagelse)! So we called her up and she said we could come over that night and she’d make us dinner! Woo! So we took a train out to where she lives and had a great visit! Her husband isn’t a member, but we’re working on that. On the way to their house we passed a bakery, and Sister Thompson had been foretold by Elder Brindley that they had raided a bakery dumpster and found a bunch of goods! We followed their great example and found so much bread! We were so sad we were on the way to a dinner appt., but BEST BREAD EVER! Check that off the bucket list.

There’s a dude here that we contacted Monday night who looks like Bob Marley and was on something. He was talking/rapping at us in what sounded like English but not. I don’t even know what happened. There was also a man on the train platform last night that we tried contacting and was just super unresponsive and then he sat on the blue point where you check in with your travel Card and dinged himself in. We died. Lol

The other day we saw a long train of fancy cars with Danish flags all over them. We asked a dude what was going on and he said that the queen was in town touring Denmark! We were going to give her a card and baptize her, but she drove away. Can you imagine if the queen got baptized, how many people would consider our religion?

It’s been a pretty good week. Vejle is definitely growing on me.

Sister Fergie

Quotes next week. I forgot my calendar. 😛

Once upon a time, we raided the bakery garbage bin and found some bread that was totally still soft and fine. The end.

Once upon a time, we raided the bakery garbage bin and found some bread that was totally still soft and fine. The end.

Modern Art

Modern Art

Just missing the P

Just missing the P

Sometimes it rains the Whole week and you're reduced to wearing a poncho in public. Zero regrets.

Sometimes it rains the Whole week and you’re reduced to wearing a poncho in public. Zero regrets.

Map of Denmark

Map of Denmark

That’s All I Want, Chad!

Hello, Hello, my dear people. Today is a day to be remembered. Today is the day I set foot on Jylland! Transfers came and I got called to Vejle! (Vai-luh. It’s all good if you just wanna call it Vej-luh) I’m here with the lovely and stupendous Sister Thompson, who I already pretty much know intimately thanks to Sister Floyd. We’re pretty stoked to be together! I think she’s heard as much about me from Sister Floyd as I’ve heard about her. Slagelse was SO hard to leave. The demon Ward sang “God Be With You til We Meet Again” in sacrament meeting yesterday, and I was bawling. Natasha Mølholt was nicely rubbing my arm, and Bishop came up to me afterwards and asked if I knew how to stop the tears. Dang man, I love him so much! What is it with bishoprics witnessing me break down? I’ve cried in front of too many bishopric members from too many wards.

I said a lot of hard goodbyes: Solveig and Christa and Tina and Vibeke and Anny and Leo and…. neverending list. I came to Slagelse to Sister Floyd in the summertime. It was beautiful and sunny and so very happy, and then got Sister Sorensen and we haven’t had a bad day! I actually told the ward, yesterday when I bore my testimony, that I haven’t had one bad day the entire 4 months of my stay there. Happiness is loving members who love the missionaries and missionary Work, and sunshine, so many sunsets, no hills, inside jokes, two of the best companions and some fantastic elders. My time in Slagelse was steller and priceless. I’m going to seriously miss that place!

And I’ve come to mørk Jylland (or how it was in my head, because all I’ve known in Sjælland. Mørk means dark, btw. Sorry, sometimes I forget the Whole World doesn’t speak Danish) and Vejle with lots of hills and Sister Thompson who’s a beast. It’s gonna be a good time. My legs are already feeling the burn.

Today I got on the train with Sister Soelberg and she got off in Odense, and I kept going all by my lonesome self (weirdest thing ever, but it was okay because I had some invisible person with me. Most awesome feeling ever, btw) to Vejle. Vejle is way pretty but it’s got some CRAAAZY hills. We live on one actually.

Anyway, not a lot has happened here in Vejle so I’m gonna tell you about my past week.

K, story time. So back at the end of my last transfer with SIster Floyd we knocked on the door of a really nice lady. She let us in and we found out she was muslim and she was from Bosnia. It was the end of Ramadan, the muslim fasting month, so she had a ton of treats she gave us! She didn’t have a paper plate so she let us take food home on one of hers! Way nice of her! We made an appt to come back and did, but she wasn’t home. So with Sister Sorensen, we’d tried to drop by with the plate numerous times, but she was never home. On Tuesday we thought we’d try again. She wasn’t home and I was just like “Well, let’s just leave a note and the plate.” While I was writing a note, a man comes up the stairs with two other people and unlocks the door, and the apartment is completely empty! Apparently she’d moved a few weeks ago! So we thought, “I guess we’ll just keep the stinking plate.” Later that day we were out visiting a member, had a good time, then left and I remembered that I’d seen the same last name of the lady on an apartment close to this member’s house. We had to catch our bus, but we thought we’d stop by and see. We knocked and IT WAS HER!!!! The very day we found out she’d moved, we found her! She told us that she’s been staying in her mom’s house and she’s actually moving into her new apt on Monday! So if we hadn’t’ve knocked that day, we would have never found her. PLUS! We totally still had her plate. Got that thing back to her. And we made a return appt. We couldn’t believe it.

So one of our other things we’re working on is not just sharing uplifting messages with less actives, but trying to get them to the temple! We have around 3 people we’ve talked to about the temple and they were interested! There was one in particular that didn’t seem like she was interested. We’d talked to her about it and she didn’t understand why it was important and didn’t think she needed to go. We had another appt with her and really prayed that God would soften her heart, and she was so very accepting of it! Not only that, but during the lesson I was prompted to tell her something that ended up changing her mind. I love this, it’s also helped me think about why the temple is important to me.

Thursday we had an adventure and another miracle. So back when Sister Floyd was here, we’d planned to bike Down to Flakkebjerg, 11 kilometers south, because there was a potential right before Flakkebjerg whose last name is SONNE (Lucy’s closest Danish ancestors are Sonne.), so I was like “We gotta go by to see if she’s still interested.” We didn’t go, we didn’t go, but Thursday Sister Sorensen and I decided to go. There’s a bike path all the way down that used to be railroad so it was straight cut and way fun to bike on. We biked clear out in the boonies and came to a house that looked like no one was home. That morning we prayed hard that not only would she be home, but she’d be interested, because it was risky going clear out there anyway because we didn’t know about either of those things. So we knock on the door and she answers. We tell her who we are and that we have a message about Christ, and she doesn’t ask any questions, she just lets us in! She still has a Book of Mormon from 2 years ago when the sisters brought her to church! It was an excellent lesson and we made a return appt! #NyUndersøger #Let’sGo

Then we biked down to Flakkebjerg and tried to drop by a few people, but no one was home desværre, so we biked up a different road and popped out right next to Sørbymagle! That was an accomplishing feeling. I think we biked over 14 kilometers! Woot. We had a wonderful last dinner appt with Anny and Leo and a billion other people because it was this dude in our ward’s birthday, and he’d shot some… doves. that we… ate. Check that off my bucket list. I was secretly hoping they were pigeons, but then I got thinking and I think pigeons might be unclean. But man, the satisfaction that would’ve come with eating a pigeon. I think I’ll stick with chicken 😛

I love being a missionary! Sometimes I feel like I need to be better or working towards progression in talent or missionary-ness, which is true, but it’s been so nice to realize and feel that the missionary I am right now is who God needs for someone, and I am enough. I’ve felt the Spirit working through me so many times in this past week, and that, I think, is a miracle in itself because it’s shown me that there is a God who loves me and wants to help me help His children. Christa told me yesterday that I should write home and tell my parents what a courageous, faithful, and loving missionary I am. That meant so much because it was God speaking through her telling me that I am already courageous, even if I’m not AS courageous or bold as other missionaries. I am the missionary God needs.

Have a wonderful week! I love you all! Looking forward to this new transfer!

Søster Fergie

Me: “Suckers are dumb. Suckers are dumb-DUMS! ha!”
Æ Curtis: “Wow that’s true. You are right!”
Æ Lester: “Shh, can you all feel the spirit right now?”
*us all giving him weird looks*
Æ Lester: “…it’s testifying of the truth of what Sister Ferguson just said.”

“Paul Holtmann”
Søs Sø: “I didn’t read the L in his last name so I thought it said ‘Paul Hotmann’. He’s so hot he has 2 N’s”

So we were over at Anny and Leo’s for dinner and I was like, “If I was an animal, I’d be a cat. What an easy life” and then I asked Leo if he could be something, what would he be. He said “Bumblebee, the transformer” and then Anny walks by with a plate of food and just says “I’d be Optimus Prime”

I knocked a dead moth off a balcony and then started singing that one song that plays on Toy Story when Buzz falls off the balcony, “And I will go sailing… no more.” It was way funny.

Me: “Hi! We’re missionaries from our church and we’re out to share a message about families!”
Lady: “A message about blasphemy?”

Æ McDougall: “What is this, ‘the island of misfit principles?’”

Søs Sø: “This trick is sweet! You know what else is sweet? Prayer. And dåb. and the fruit of the tree of life.”

We’re in choir and Johannes is going over the tenor part, but Jytte just keeps trying to jump in soprano and gets confused about why everyone else isn’t singing (she didn’t get the memo that he was just working the tenors) and I was like “Jytte just wants to sing! That’s all she wants, Chad!” (Apparently, this is an inside joke that only Lucy and her sister Wendy are in on.)

Me: “I would never date a bike like this.”

Too good to pass up!

Too good to pass up!

This is our Triumph Picture. We made it all the way from Slagelse to Flakkebjerg to Sørbymagle!

This is our Triumph Picture. We made it all the way from Slagelse to Flakkebjerg to Sørbymagle!

I love this girl!

I love this girl!

We love Tina. She's the best.

We love Tina. She’s the best.