Camo Gammel Flannel Mammal

Gooood morning! What a week. It’s been a freaking roller coaster. We got 7 new investigators this week, but 3 of them dropped us. But hey! Stories to come. Hold on.

Once upon a time Sister Ferguson and Sister Thompson went to the friendly town of Kolding to visit their friend Rigmor. To their horror and dismay, they found their loyal steed, Daisy, had been bike-napped! Those rotten bike-nappers took the better bike and left Bruce, who wasn’t even locked. After a few tears were shed (and maybe a chuckle), the sisters had no other choice than to walk. On their walk they had no time to say “Hello, Goodbye” so they created something called Silent Contacting: giving the passing person a card as they passed. It was brilliant! The sisters had faith that their not very effective method of contacting would in fact be effective and they’d get 5 calls later that day! On their walk they were passed by a man whose name was Spong (or as was foretold by the back of his shirt) and then by a group of family bikers and a little boy with bigger calves than mine! They were bigger than his head! They were bigger than his mom’s head! They were bigger than Spong’s head!

As they continued along they were passed by, and attempted to snag a picture with, a Ferguson tractor (partially unsuccessful) and they met a large frog. They dubbed it Spong after their friend on the bike. Sister Thompson, being the braver of the two tried to scoop him up, but alas… Spong sprang.

As they approached their destination, they were puzzled to hear a whistling sound. They looked around to see who it was. The last time someone had whistled to them it had been the elders, but, looking up, they realized it was their dear friend Rigmor.
The End

Zone training! It’s weird to be in a different zone. I’ve been in the Vest Sjælland zone my whole mission, plus half the elders I didn’t know because they’re from Jylland, and half because they’re newbies. I can’t believe I’m so old! I reach my halfway mark at the end of this month! But there were a bunch of people I know and love like Sister Ripa, my momma Sister Noorda, Sis Van Orden, Sis Sølberg, Elder Amos, Elder Dickson, and Elder Gifford! So much spirit in that training! We have some seriously stellar missionaries in this mission. Afterwards we fit our whole zone in a kebab restaurant. That happened.

We did a huge project for this man, his name is Christophe, and he’s a deacon for his church, but he’s super interested to learn more about our church. And even if he doesn’t convert, he’s been telling a ton of people what great people we are, and that alone is fantastic.

I made Sister Thompson cave and buy herself a pastry (the second one of her mission). I’m a little afraid because I might be converting her to crap food. All the time she’ll be like “Man, I’m craving a fransk hotdog or a pastry.” Is it a good thing or a bad thing? We definitely work it all off immediately.

Taught a bunch of people who would be so interested, but they refuse to believe a part of what we teach. Like it’s so hard to teach muslims because they believe in Jesus only as a prophet rather than the Savior. Just have to trust the Holy Ghost to step in, which has been happening more and more. I’m learning how to recognize the voice of the Spirit and follow its promptings.

We went back to Slagelse! I love that place with my whole heart! So many friends. Vibeke, Bishop’s wife, came up and was just like, “Welcome home, Sister Ferguson!” But no, my little friend Nicoline got baptized! I’m super proud of her. I got to give the talk on baptism. Such a good excuse to go back!

Yesterday was so good. We had 4 investigators in church and 3 less actives! 2 of them we didn’t expect to come! A few weeks ago we met a man on the street from Kirgisistan who said he’d come to church! When he didn’t show up last week we called him and asked why and he said that he had come but the doors were locked and no one was there! Turns out he’d come at 10:30 pm instead of am. So this week he came and brought two buddies! It was such an interesting Sunday because we were constantly switching between English and Danish. In RS, I translated for this cute Japanese girl named Me Ho from Danish to English, and in Guesteklass, I translated for one of Hanif’s (the dude we met on the street) buddies from English to Danish, which is actually a lot easier, or maybe God just helped me out a ton, then I translated for Me Ho again in sacrament meeting. My brain was so confused.

We had lunch with a family in the Ward. She’s sisters with a woman in Roskilde, and their mom works with Grandma Fergie in the Family History Library downtown Salt Lake! Apparently we’re family. Small World.

After we got back to Vejle, we knocked in an area we’d pre-decided. We found a huge Arabic family that couldn’t understand us, but we happened to have an Arabic Plan of Salvation pamphlet in our bag and called a member who spoke Arabic to translate. It was so interesting. Muslims are so nice. After we left, we got a call from Hanif, the dude who came to church, who told us that he could see us walking! Apparently, he lives right by the Arabian family! Who would’ve thought? We ran home super fast (as fast as we could – We were knocking up by the top of our street and we had to walk down and back up. Our street is literally a 40 degree angle) to grab 2 Arabic Book of Mormons for him and his friend. I swear we need to just carry one of those around with us wherever we go.

So this one time I was biking down a really steep hill, and I was trying to use my brakes to slow down my speed, but they were squeaking so loud! So my brain had the brilliant idea that since my brakes weren’t working, I could just hop off and use my feet! I startled myself. This one dude was laughing at me. I’m okay, no worries.

We were walking up to the Fredericia train station yesterday, and I saw Bishop Hansen from Slagelse! It was a little tender mercy from God. I love that man. He’s one of the people I trust most in this world. It was so nice to see him.

Anyway, I hope y’all have an excellent week! Love ya!

Also my life goal is to make it to at least one of my friend’s weddings.

Sister Fergusen… freaking office… spelled my name wrong on my new nametags. I now am officially Danish (-en spelling).  😛  #ScottishPride  #TooProudToPutTheWrongOneOn #FergusOnForLife

Søs Thomp: “Before your mission did you ever think you’d be doing weekly planning in the dark in an art therapy clinic?”

“It’s a dream of mine to be picked up by a giant and burped”

“Some people read tea leaves; I read tea bags.”

Me: “I think it’d be interesting to be blind.”
Søs Thomp: “Could we take a picture with them? They wouldn’t know.”

Bishop:” How’s your leg?”

Søs Thomp: “It goes up and down”
Bishop: “Good! That’s what it’s supposed to do!”

Christophe: “In my culture I would say I would buy a cow for you.”

Nicoline's dåb

Nicoline’s dåb

Zone Training Lunch

Zone Training Lunch



Haunting nightmares near you

Haunting nightmares near you


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