Flot Thlot

So that moment when you spend all P-day down on Møn (an island down by Falster) and get home just in time to email for only an hour and you have so many emails from people you love and NO time. I might not really go into detail or what happened, which is really sad because it was a really good week.

Big Things:
We had mission conference on Wednesday! Elder Dyches from the Seventy came and spoke to us. It was good but super long. I did get to sit by my ol’ pal Sister Floyd. She makes me super happy! 3rd time seeing that babe in 2 weeks. I know that is life, but yes. Took advantage of that. It was also way awesome to see old friends like Sister Ripa and Elder Howland and a bunch of missionaries I’d never met before. It’s only because I’ve never served on Jylland. The conference was way long but flew by.

We went on splits! Sister Reed and Sister Van Orden came down here and it was weird because we really only had 1 hour where were we weren’t all 4 together. Good times.

Ummm. Man, my brain doesn’t work on a time limit.

I guess I can tell you about today! Biskop offered a long time ago to drive us down to Møns klint (Google it) and I wanted to go just in case I get transferred, so we did! We had a super fun 2 hour road trip with Biskop, Vibeke, Natascha, and the Nykøbing elders! Møns klint are these epic awesome white cliffs on the coast of Møn, an island south of Sjælland. We drove through the most Danish parts of Denmark and got completely soaked at the Cliffs because it was raining. Of course. We just barely got home. So cold and wet. Velkommen til Danmark/Europa.

We have a few really awesome investigators that I would love to tell you about but I really have like no time. Their names are Nanna, Hope, Mah, and Mads. Good stuff going on with them.

Next week’s entry is gonna be so long! I’m going to take the entire 2 hours. I hate this rushing thing.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Søster Fergie

Random Things:
We saw a man in a white robe walking down the street the other day. The only thing that told us he wasn’t a heavenly messenger was that he had black sneakers on. We think he escaped from the hospital. Right after we saw him we saw a couple walking down the street and they both had eye bandages over one eye. They’ve got two eyes between the two of them I guess. 20/20

All the tallest 5'8"+ (Weird that I'm the shortest out of all of us)  Sister Ripa, Sister Williams, Sister Woster, and me

All the tallest 5’8″+ (Weird that I’m the shortest out of all of us)
Sister Ripa, Sister Williams, Sister Woster, and me


Love Jesus' hand, and Elder Bradshaw's nose

Love Jesus’ hand, and Elder Bradshaw’s nose

MTC gruppe! And Elder Lawless...

MTC gruppe! And Elder Lawless…

Dear Tina: We love Cocio. Love Gladsaxe and Slagelse

Dear Tina: We love Cocio. Love Gladsaxe and Slagelse

Flot Thlot

Flot Thlot

Flot Thlot 2



My cute comp

My cute comp


Woo WOO woo woo-woo

I’ve got a story! So we were knocking Thursday morning and I’ve always been a little apprehensive about knocking in the morning because no one is ever home, especially because school started on Monday, but since our service project fell through, we had time to kill. Knocked one opgang: nothing, so we moved on to the next. Halfway up, a girl answered (she was maybe in her 20’s), and after telling her why we believed in Christ, she invited us in and sat us down. She asked so many questions and we ended up teaching Frelsesplanen AND Jesu Kristi Evangelium AND inviting her to baptism! Super positive. Then Sister Sorensen whips out a Book of Mormon in Danish and one in Arabic and gives them both to her. I was thinking, “What are you, racist? How did you know she spoke Arabic?” but Sister Sorensen told me after that there was a picture on the wall behind me with Arabic writing on it. The story was, though, that Sister Sorensen wasn’t going to bring the Arabic copy but decided last minute to bring it!

We found another investigator the other day too. His name is Alan. Alan is crazy interesting. I don’t really know how to describe our experience. We told him who we were and he invited us inside. We had to decline and told him that we’ll bring another woman on Saturday and though we explained why like 7 times, he only got it the last time. He and Sister Sorensen sparred and had one of the most interesting and crazy conversations I’ve ever heard. I put my 2 cents in occasionally and he was astonished every time I opened my mouth. He told Sister Sorensen that I’m a much better speaker than she is. Ha, nope. I could never have handled him like she did. But hey! We have a new investigator! He sort of looks like a human bulldog… but not really. Short Stocky guy with tattoos and a bald head.

Nicoline is getting baptized the 12th of September! After long last. She’s only 8 so she doesn’t count towards the mission, but she counts to us and to God 🙂 Super happy.

Wednesday we had zone training in Roskilde! It was so very good! So much Spirit. Btw, if you’ve never served a mission, I just have to tell you how much you’re missing out on in these meetings. Especially because Elder Lester and Elder Curtis are excellent. I think my favorite part was when Elder Curtis was speaking because I could feel so much Spirit and God’s love. Also I got to see my Sister Floyd! I love that woman so much. She’s the mac to my cheese.

The next day Sister Sorensen and I were able to go to København to go to the temple! One of Sister Sorensen’s less active friends from Odense was going to the temple for the first time in 25 years! It was so wonderful! I’ve missed the temple so much! I did it in Danish though and it was a little rough. It’s tough to forstå in English. Before we went into the temple, we chilled outside with Sister Williams, Sister Floyd, Elder Lawless, and Elder Sakurada. So many people I love! I love Sister Floyd so much. I want to wrap her up and put her in my pocket. Little pocket angel. I’d been feeling bad because whenever I would see Sister Floyd we’d be stuck together like glue and I’d sort of forget that we both have different companions now, so I felt bad because I had this new loyalty to Sister Sorensen, but in the temple Sister Sorensen and Sister Moseley were stuck like glue and she later was like, “Sister Ferguson, I totally just pulled what you’ve been apologizing to me about.” So we’re good. I can still love Sister Floyd 🙂

I’ve got another excellent story. So on Saturday we were going out to Solveig’s summer house to help her paint it. We got out there and no one was there so we called Solveig and she asked if we could reschedule. So while we were on the phone with her, her boyfriend, Abe, comes around from the back of the house in one of Solveig’s shirts and a mini skirt! Jeg næsten død. I think he’s chilling/living/floating there and he ran out of outfits, poor man. At least it matched his earrings. 😉

It was a way good week. I love my life.

Have a good one!

Med Kærlighed,
Søster Fergie

Søs Sø: “The comfort of strawb’ry after rejection”

Okay, funny story, we were biking down by the park and I started making pigeon sounds on my bike. Some dude rolled down his car window and started woo-ing too! Made my whole life. I’ve started something. #Hipster

Moth on the window

Moth on the window

Moth on the window

Moth on the window

Bob in Copenhagen

Bob in Copenhagen

​Tina and the flag I*cough*we made. Nah it was a group effort. I sewed and pinned and everyone else cheered me on :) #TeamEffort #GiantItalianFlag

​Tina and the flag I*cough*we made. Nah it was a group effort. I sewed and pinned and everyone else cheered me on 🙂 #TeamEffort #GiantItalianFlag

Yaks on a train (also that weird little yeti dude)

Yaks on a train (also that weird little yeti dude)

You Can Dansk If You Want To

Man oh man, I have like no time to type, but I have so much to say! So many things happened this week!

1. We moved in! Monday we transported as many small things as we could on our shoulders and walked back and forth between apartments (They’re not super far away, but far enough away that your shoulders start to hurt) and then at 6 a ton of amazing people from the ward came and helped us move! I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in our ward that support us! P.s. the elders are way jelly of our apt. Theirs is so small, but we came to a truce when we told them that they had a car. 🙂

Tuesday Marie and her girls came and helped us clean the old apt. It was so very nasty! So much mold and pink tape wall deadman outline scrubbing (don’t ask), Marie was an angel and offered to come and help. I even got her girls doing something with washing the walls! That place was so bare. Kind of sad, but we’re pretty happy with our new one. 🙂

2. Breanna Rogers came to visit on Wednesday! She came out with us to contact and it was way great! Tina treated us to Tradition 1! It was so great! I’d only read Sister Roger’s blog, but she’s even greater in person. She was such a help. You could tell she was an excellent missionary!

3. Nicoline is back on date! The 12th of September! It was going to be this weekend but there’s a ward campout this weekend so no one would come. Freaking ward campout…

4. We’ve had many adventures. On Saturday we went up to the top half of Korsør (I’d never been before.) to drop by a less-active. She wasn’t home, so we thought we’d go and find a few potentials that were stuck on our map. We were trying to find this one guy and could not find his apt, but while we were searching, this man comes up to us, he’s kind of short and looks like an Iranian George Clooney. He tells us that he knows we’re representatives of Jesus Christ and he wants to follow Christ. He told us that he’s met the elders before and he’d actually visited the church before but he said there wasn’t anyone there. We explained to him that it’s only open on Sundays lol. We gave him a Book of Mormon in Danish and English and he insisted that he pay for them. I told him that if Jesus gave him a book would he pay Him for it? He said yes and gave us some money. We stuck that in the BOM fund on the tithing slip. lol #recycling

5. On the same day we decided to go visit a member who hadn’t come in a while who lives about 3 kilometers from Slagelse. We biked out there and it was BEAUTIFUL! We need to get out of the city more often. But she lives in this super old, like 1700’s little Danish house (look up old Danish house on google and you’ll find her house). We’d seen them around and I’d always wanted to go in. But she lives in a little forest by a stream and a big meadow, also her next door neighbor has a giant manor like Mr. Darcy. So, um, We’re gonna be dropping by a lot more often.

Okay, Random stuff:

We met a nice lady named Lise who didn’t have a hip. She literally twisted her leg up in front of her face and wiggled it. I wonder if she does that for every random stranger who comes to her door. But no, she’s actually way nice and said we could come back. 🙂

We ate dinner with Tina last night and she made this delicious looking meat with sauce. Turned out to be the spiciest thing I have ever eaten in my life! Elder Curtis and I were crying from the heat. I think he drank the whole bottle of Sprite. lol

On Saturday, in Korsør, we hopped on some little hand crank go karts in a park! Got a video. Was so fun. I think I need to toss my bike and invest in one of those.

Well, y’all have a wonderful week!

Love you!
Søster Fergie

Søs Sø: “Birds, you need to be quiet. I’m trying to hear the air”

“It’s bring a bush to work day!”

“The ceiling is not a garbage can, Tommy!”

Me: “You know? We arbejded hård!”

“In Brazil, with every drop of sweat, another person gets baptized.”

“We’ll pencil her in. Then again, I pencil everything in because I’m writing with a pencil.”

Tina: “They wanted more! I did not accept!”

Me: “I like Sundays because I have an excuse to look good.”
Søs Sø: “I like Sundays because I have an excuse to not work out.”

Me: “Guess what I walk by every day? I actually don’t know, but it looks awesome!”
Søs Sø: “You know, it just looks old! I feel smarter every time I walk by. My IQ just keeps going up!”


Bike cam!

Bike cam!



Guesses on what this word is? And what language it is? Asdfgjahsdlkghlaksjfhd (jk it says Akupunkturklinikken i Vemmelev)

Guesses on what this word is? And what language it is? Asdfgjahsdlkghlaksjfhd (jk, it says Akupunkturklinikken i Vemmelev)

At Blive Født På Ny

At Blive Født På Ny
(To Be Born Again)

New transfers, new starts. Not that the last few transfers with Sister Floyd weren’t the best of my mission, but with every new companion comes a feeling of newness, not only that but we’re moving! We’re actually moving into our new apt later today! SO excited! We got our keys on Thursday and we’ve been salivating over it (the apartment, not the keys) ever since. It’s beautiful and so big! Very open and light, and I’m pretty sure we’re never ever going to use all the cupboards or space in that kitchen. The elders and a few people from the ward are coming tonight to help us move all the furniture and boxes. Last night was a little rough because I’ve had so many amazing memories there with Sister Floyd and it was my last night sleeping there. But the good thing is that I’ll have all of my Sister Floyd memories tied to that place and all of my Sister Sorensen memories tied to the other one! Win win!

This week. So many weird things and funny stories happened. On Tuesday, we were knocking and Vibeke, the bishop’s wife, calls and asks if we want to come up with her to their summer house and go walk on the beach. We told her that it’s sort of a P-day activity and we need to stay working, but she just said that we can contact all of her neighbors up there and people on the beach. It sounded like a good idea so we agreed. We drove up, it’s about halfway between Slagelse and Kalundborg, and set out walking with Vibeke and Jytte, her mom (the one with polio). They were way impressed by how easily we handed out cards and how we weren’t phased when people rejected us #WelcomeToTheDenmarkCopenhagenMission

Jytte turned back and we went out to the beach. Needless to say, we contacted every person on that Beach. All 7 of them. But still, that’s 7 more people that have the opportunity to feel God’s love. Collected some stones and sea glass and shells and then started heading back, not really thinking about the grey clouds approaching. Halfway back it starts to downpour. So much sand in my shoes that is now permanently a part of them. We’d left our jackets and umbrella at the house because it was nice and sunny when we left. We were so completely soaked! And we were all wearing glasses, haha. I turned to Vibeke and asked if she could see anything and she was just like “No, can you?” Got back and Jytte was missing and she had the key to the house. Vibeke set out to find her (She was staying nice and dry under an awning somewhere.), and we just laughed. Came inside and had strawberries and cream while sharing a spiritual thought and huddling under a blanket. Fun stuff.

We got soaked like that 2 more times this past week. So much Water. If anyone lives in a spot with lots of sunshine and not enough rain, I’ll give ya a little of this moisture.

So we’ve been broke for a few weeks. We haven’t bought groceries in such a long time, so when the elders called to see if we were bringing anything to district council, we told them sadly no. But we thought about it and those elders deserve some good grub, so we dug out some frozen bananas from the freezer and whipped up some batter. Brought it to the church and baked it while we had our meeting. The timer went off and we checked it and the whole top was completely black. Um… I need someone to explain these dumb Danish ovens because I don’t understand them apparently. The inside was good though! Not a complete waste.

Ahh, running out of time. So. I have a funny story about a man on the Skellebjerg train platfrom who had fallen asleep on the train and missed his stop so he got out at Skellebjerg, but he had no clue where the heck Skellebjerg was and was a little drunk. He just kept saying “Skellebjerg man! Freaking Skellebjerg” So funny… I guess you’d have to be there.

Gotta run! So many things I don’t have time to write! Have a wonderful week!

Søster Fergie


Me: “We work in Denmark. You have to have a thick shell. Like, people slam the door in your face and you just giggle and move on.”

Helle: “‘Where do you live dear?”
“Over the moon, stop asking!'”

Æ Hawkes: “Den ligger i thkabet”

Æ Curtis: “It’s hard to talk when I’m dreaming”

Søs Sø: ” In Denmark they smoke rhubarb ud på landet”

“Let’s ditch district meeting and go chill with that pirate!”

I was blowing bubbles out our new window and a few seconds after starting I accidentally threw the bubble container out the window. . . And just stared at it. Oh well, we’ll get it later


Star wall! We used almost all of my stars and had to stand on some luggage and hop to get the top ones #LivingThatShortyLife

Star wall! We used almost all of my stars and had to stand on some luggage and hop to get the top ones #LivingThatShortyLife

Sorenson stars

*Sticks finger in mouth and whips it out to test the air* Jeg tror... I think this person might believe in Christ... (sadly he was a priest for another church) Translation: "The Lord is my Shepherd"

*Sticks finger in mouth and whips it out to test the air* Jeg tror… I think this person might believe in Christ… (sadly he was a priest for another church) Translation: “The Lord is my Shepherd”


Danish sunsets are my favorite

Danish sunsets are my favorite

Recording of Søster Ferguson and (I think) Søster Sørsenson singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives in Danish

It’s Been a Long Day

Man! It’s really hard to write this week. Sister Floyd and I had an incredible week! Sadly, transfers came and she got called in to Frederiksberg, and I got Søster Sørensen. I’m very much excited to be with Søster Sørensen, but I love and miss Søster Floyd so much! Not only that, but my best bud, Elder Hawkes is going home and I didn’t get to say goodbye. This life is rough. People come and go and you almost can’t get comfortable because people leave so quickly.

Well, let me tell you about our week.

7 new investigators, some of which were out in Sørbymagle where we never find anyone! We worked really hard this week. Working hard on talking to everyone and being persistent. When we decide on an area to teach in, we pray about how many new investigators and potential investigators we want to find in that area and Work according to faith. That’s really why we’ve been having such great success because we set specific goals. I think if every missionary used this, it would Work miracles!
In addition, I’ve been subconsciously getting better at being diligent! It’s awesome that it’s not just me working on it, but God has been helping me a ton. Sister Floyd helped me out a ton and we really worked a lot harder. The satisfying feeling you get at the end of the day after you’ve worked hard is priceless.

So. Events of this week are as follows:

Monday evening we were on the phone with elder Hawkes and we hear someone shout in the background and elder Hawkes just says “crap I’ve got to go it’s a necessary situation!” and he hangs up. We later find out that Elder Lester accidentally shaved the side of his head and in order to make it look better, he just shaved the whole thing except for the top. It’s so awful! It’s actually not that bad, but it’s pretty funny. He had such nice hair…

We knocked some Apartment Buildings the other day and didn’t have much success, people were not very nice. On the last Building there was a lady that we knocked on and when Sister Floyd started to tell her who we were and such she was just like “You have the worst Danish I’ve ever heard, please speak English.” So Sister Floyd, not really phased, but phased, starts giving the schpiel in English and the lady responds so rudely this whole time. She was just like “people here in Denmark are really blunt.” we can tell, have a nice day with your cat.

We got transfer calls and have been planning accordingly. I’ve got to not only take over the area, but we’re moving next week so it’s a Little stressful.

Saturday night we went over to Marie’s and ate and had a good time. Elder Lester pretended to be a puma (his puma impersonation is impressive) and one of Marie’s girls knocked over a candle and spilled wax all over the floor while Marie and Sister Floyd were in the kitchen. Not to worry, the elders and I scraped it up with credit Cards. It was really funny because Marie walks in and doesn’t even see us crouching in a corner, and Sister Floyd was like “what’re you doing?” Noooothing 🙂 Those girls are a party and a half.

Right before the party, we were at Christa’s and the elders called and told us they’d pick us up because it was downpouring, but I misunderstood and thought they said to start walking and they’d be there by the time we were out, well we walked clear Down the street and sister Floyd is steaming, she’s not very happy. She’d just done her hair, but I was having such a great time! I love standing in the rain haha.

For FHE last Monday we played charades and spoons! It was so fun! We died of laughter. good times.

So last night, after visiting a billion people to say goodbye, Sister Floyd hadn’t even started packing so she started. she was finished about 2 am, but earlier that night, around midnight, I was staying up to help her. We were so very tired. I felt like a Little kid on new years eve, fighting to stay away long enough for the new year. Apparently I got so tired I started talking in my sleep. You can ask Sister Floyd about the details lol.

It’s been a crazy experience. I never thought I’d get so close to some of these people. I love them so much!

Have a wonderful week!

Søster Fergie



This morning. Last time together.

This morning. Last time together.

Giraf Kammerat

Giraf Kammerat

Besties (with matching skirts ha)

Besties (with matching skirts ha)

Totally forgot(Notice Elder Lester’s very short haircut.)