You Can Dansk If You Want To

Man oh man, I have like no time to type, but I have so much to say! So many things happened this week!

1. We moved in! Monday we transported as many small things as we could on our shoulders and walked back and forth between apartments (They’re not super far away, but far enough away that your shoulders start to hurt) and then at 6 a ton of amazing people from the ward came and helped us move! I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in our ward that support us! P.s. the elders are way jelly of our apt. Theirs is so small, but we came to a truce when we told them that they had a car. 🙂

Tuesday Marie and her girls came and helped us clean the old apt. It was so very nasty! So much mold and pink tape wall deadman outline scrubbing (don’t ask), Marie was an angel and offered to come and help. I even got her girls doing something with washing the walls! That place was so bare. Kind of sad, but we’re pretty happy with our new one. 🙂

2. Breanna Rogers came to visit on Wednesday! She came out with us to contact and it was way great! Tina treated us to Tradition 1! It was so great! I’d only read Sister Roger’s blog, but she’s even greater in person. She was such a help. You could tell she was an excellent missionary!

3. Nicoline is back on date! The 12th of September! It was going to be this weekend but there’s a ward campout this weekend so no one would come. Freaking ward campout…

4. We’ve had many adventures. On Saturday we went up to the top half of Korsør (I’d never been before.) to drop by a less-active. She wasn’t home, so we thought we’d go and find a few potentials that were stuck on our map. We were trying to find this one guy and could not find his apt, but while we were searching, this man comes up to us, he’s kind of short and looks like an Iranian George Clooney. He tells us that he knows we’re representatives of Jesus Christ and he wants to follow Christ. He told us that he’s met the elders before and he’d actually visited the church before but he said there wasn’t anyone there. We explained to him that it’s only open on Sundays lol. We gave him a Book of Mormon in Danish and English and he insisted that he pay for them. I told him that if Jesus gave him a book would he pay Him for it? He said yes and gave us some money. We stuck that in the BOM fund on the tithing slip. lol #recycling

5. On the same day we decided to go visit a member who hadn’t come in a while who lives about 3 kilometers from Slagelse. We biked out there and it was BEAUTIFUL! We need to get out of the city more often. But she lives in this super old, like 1700’s little Danish house (look up old Danish house on google and you’ll find her house). We’d seen them around and I’d always wanted to go in. But she lives in a little forest by a stream and a big meadow, also her next door neighbor has a giant manor like Mr. Darcy. So, um, We’re gonna be dropping by a lot more often.

Okay, Random stuff:

We met a nice lady named Lise who didn’t have a hip. She literally twisted her leg up in front of her face and wiggled it. I wonder if she does that for every random stranger who comes to her door. But no, she’s actually way nice and said we could come back. 🙂

We ate dinner with Tina last night and she made this delicious looking meat with sauce. Turned out to be the spiciest thing I have ever eaten in my life! Elder Curtis and I were crying from the heat. I think he drank the whole bottle of Sprite. lol

On Saturday, in Korsør, we hopped on some little hand crank go karts in a park! Got a video. Was so fun. I think I need to toss my bike and invest in one of those.

Well, y’all have a wonderful week!

Love you!
Søster Fergie

Søs Sø: “Birds, you need to be quiet. I’m trying to hear the air”

“It’s bring a bush to work day!”

“The ceiling is not a garbage can, Tommy!”

Me: “You know? We arbejded hård!”

“In Brazil, with every drop of sweat, another person gets baptized.”

“We’ll pencil her in. Then again, I pencil everything in because I’m writing with a pencil.”

Tina: “They wanted more! I did not accept!”

Me: “I like Sundays because I have an excuse to look good.”
Søs Sø: “I like Sundays because I have an excuse to not work out.”

Me: “Guess what I walk by every day? I actually don’t know, but it looks awesome!”
Søs Sø: “You know, it just looks old! I feel smarter every time I walk by. My IQ just keeps going up!”


Bike cam!

Bike cam!



Guesses on what this word is? And what language it is? Asdfgjahsdlkghlaksjfhd (jk it says Akupunkturklinikken i Vemmelev)

Guesses on what this word is? And what language it is? Asdfgjahsdlkghlaksjfhd (jk, it says Akupunkturklinikken i Vemmelev)


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