Er I Klar, Børn?

“Aye, aye, Kaptajn!”
“Jeg kan ikke høre dig…”
“ooooooo Hvem bor i en ananas under havet?”

Are you ready, kids?
“Aye, aye, Captain!”
“I can’t hear you…”

“ooooooo Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”
“Spongebob Squarepants!!”

Best thing ever! Søster Noorda and I have fun.

Hello. And welcome to: The Weekly Blog Post, with Søster Ferguson. Today we will be talking about:

Many things.

So first, we have received 2 new elders into our district family. One is new and one is REALLY new. Elder McDougall is fresh out of the MTC and makes me wonder if his face is what mine looked like the first week or so. I’m pretty sure it was. It’s nice not being the newbie anymore. He’s from South Jordan and went to Bingham! Haha, on Sunday in gæsteklasse we went around the room to introduce the new elders to the rest of us and it was like, “Hi, I’m Elder McDougall and I’m from South Jordan, Utah.” “Hi I’m Sister Ferguson and I’m from West Jordan, Utah – right next to South Jordan, Utah.” Pretty proud.

Our other elder just got transferred from Odense, and his name is Elder Curtis. He’s 6’7″ and reminds me so much of Ian, it’s not even funny. Same mannerisms, everything, just much more blonde. His mom is Danish and he speaks perfect Danish even though he’s been out 7 months. It’s not really fair.

Last Wednesday we had a few appointments lined up for the day, but they all cancelled 😛 so we had a day of purely contacting! We got like 6 new potentials! It’s so neat to see how God prepares people for us. There was one time, we were just about to get our bikes to go home for dinner; we’d just finished talking to a man, and there was a woman right behind him. We thought, “Well, we could talk to this lady or not.” (Sometimes it’s a little awkward when they’ve just seen you talking to someone else.) So we did, and apparently she already had a Book of Mormon! And she was happy to give us her address so we could come visit her! I don’t know who gave her a Book of Mormon, but I’m so grateful! We’re gonna visit her this week sometime.

So we have this investigator, her name is Sylwia (Sylvia. She’s from Poland) who lives out in Holbæk’s area (btw, when I just say Tåstrup or Holbæk, that’s what we call the companionship. Like Holbæk just means Elder Hawkes and Elder Curtis). Anyway, we’d just had a really great member-present lesson with her and were going back to our area. We got to Roskilde station and I realized that I didn’t have the bag with my scriptures in it! I was pretty sure that I’d left it on the train platform back in the other city and not on the train. I wasn’t freaking out a lot, which I thought was strange, but I thought, “well, it must mean I’m gonna find them.” Guys, the Spirit really is a comforter, even if you don’t ask for it. Pros of having the gift of the Holy Ghost. So I texted the member who lived out by Sylwia and asked if she or her husband could check the platform for me. I was praying so hard that day that they would find them. I got a text later that evening saying that they’d found them and would bring them to me on Sunday!! Prayers are answered and miracles happen. Someone could have easily taken them, but I know the Lord protected them so that they wouldn’t be.

Okay. If you haven’t gone out and seen the new Påske (Easter) film, DO IT. It is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I feel the spirit so strong every time I see it. We were counting down until Saturday when it came out because we’d talk to people and say “We have this new Easter film that actually isn’t even out yet, but comes out in T-minus 3 days.” My thoughts about the video: I love that it says “He is here” instead of “He is there for you,” because it’s immediate. I was telling some of the other sisters at zone conference that it reminds me of when Peter was walking out to Jesus on the water. When Peter started to sink, in Matthew 14:31 it says, that Jesus immediately stretched forth His hand and caught Him. Like a little kid learning to walk, our parents aren’t going to stop us from trying and learning, and maybe even falling a few times, but they are always there to catch us and support us.

Another things I liked was how much hugging went on. I love hugs. A lot. In fact when I imagine seeing my Savior again, I picture running to Him and giving Him a big hug, one that can put all my broken pieces back together. So whenever anyone is hugging in the video I smile so big because that’s what Christ does. He’s been the main focus of my mind lately because of this new initiative and because of Easter. The few days that I didn’t have my scriptures, I dug through our giant stack of Liahonas and found April issues; ones with stories about the Atonement. I have been so edified.

GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND!!!!! WOOOOO! AND I GET TO LISTEN TO IT IN Danish… I don’t understand Danish. But yay for conference on Easter! And yay for conference Ensign issues in English!

Have a fantastic conference/Easter weekend. Påske lasts 4 days here! Woo! Partay.

Med Kærlighed,

Søster Ferguson

We are hot!

We are hot!

P-Day Party

P-Day Party

We found a goat statue

We found a goat statue

...just had to take pictures

…just had to take pictures


Godmorgen Ny Forflyttelse!

(title translation: “Good morning new transfer!”)

Yes yes, it is a new transfer. We said goodbye to 2 of our elders/brothers in God yesterday(I may or may not have cried. Missionary life is rough and I love them), but this week we’re getting 2 new ones, one of which is brand spanking new! Elder Lester is gonna be training and I won’t be the newbie anymore! Kind of excited.

So lots of exciting things happened this past week. First is Zone Conference! Apparently they don’t happen a lot. But we combined with the other zone on Sjælland. It was incredible. So much spirit, in fact afterwards I was completely exhausted. We talked about a lot of exciting things coming up and had a live transfer meeting. Lots of tears and also excitement. (I was already crying because we’d just talked about the resurrection and stuff. Spiritual overload.) Søster Noorda and I are staying together for another transfer!

Our next big thing was the one month meeting we were going to go to last week, but it was actually this week! Oh my gosh, let me tell you, the joy I felt when Elder Gudmundson came around the corner and the sadness that I couldn’t give him a big bear hug were equally powerful. It was incredible to see my MTC family again and to see how much they’ve progressed! We also had the opportunity to go to the temple. It was really interesting, but also emotional. I listened to it in English, but could still hear the Danish. So weird. And I was thinking back to the last time I was in the temple, I didn’t know when the next time would be that I would have the opportunity to visit, so having it be so close was such a blessing for me. And Mom, You can add Copenhagen Denmark to our temple passport! It’s such a beautiful temple.

Fun stories:

  • The Green Centurion – There’s this bike that’s in the same spot on a hill we bike up pretty much every day. It can’t speak (because it’s a bike) but it cheers me on every time. If it was a person I’d hug it. Or high five it. I think one day I’ll make a comic book character THE GREEN CENTURION The wayside hero. Uplifting the weak.
  • On the bus the other day, I was telling Søs Noorda how I’d always wanted to tell someone I was sitting next to on the bus or train that God loved them and see what they would do. We were laughing about saying, “I can feel God’s love for you because I’m a representative of Him. Here, let me show you,” then touching their shoulder and having love shoot into their soul. We were picturing Darth Sideous shooting pink lightning yelling “KÆRLIGHED!!!” haha – funny stuff
  • When we’re biking, Søs Noorda always goes around manholes and bumps in the road, and I have been as well, not because I’m worried about my bike, but because it’s a game! One day I’ll make an iPhone game that’s of a missionary dodging things in their path. They probably already have one.

I have a story. So on Saturday, right after football, we biked 6 miles to Bente’s (a less active member that was moving that day). The way was rough, I was extremely sore and tired from soccer and the wind was blowing so hard towards me. I started crying and asked God why the wind was ALWAYS blowing towards me. He told me that since it was blowing so hard this direction on the way there, that the way back would be easy. I doubted it and thought “well it’s changed suddenly before, why wouldn’t it do it this time as well?” But, like He promised, the wind was at my back, and in fact pushing me, the entire way home. I was very humbled and grateful. I know that God loves me because He puts me through rough things that He knows will strengthen me and help me grow. I’ve been studying faith a lot and I don’t have enough time to type all of my thoughts up, I just want you to know that it’s incredible. Next week for sure I’ll get those to you. I asked Ældste Hawkes if I could share them in district meeting this week.

I don’t have a lot of time, but I’d just like to say happy birthday to Sarah Crapo, My little brother Spencer who’s THIRTEEN!!! WHATTTTT!!! and also to Sai and Tillie because I’m a noob and forgot. I also would like to say that the shaved sides of head and the floppy top haircut that every single guy under the age of 20 has here is awful and you’re really dumb to follow the crowd to look ‘cool’.

Med Kærlighed,

Søster Fergie


Our last day as a district (plus some awesome ward members) awkwardly spaced

Our last day as a district (plus some awesome ward members) awkwardly spaced


Wahh! So much to type and so little time!! #missionarylife #forberedelsesdag

First, I named my bike Rosemary. Don’t know why but that has to be its name because I was having a rough day and I thought about rosemary and then started singing “ROSEmary DUN DUN dun…” out loud while biking and then coming up with things that rhymed like:

TOOTH fairy
JIM carrey
little house on THE prairie
RON & harry

So yes, that is its name.
(I think she’s referring to the song Rosemary from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.)

This past Saturday we played Folbold! (soccer) So fun, despite my lack of athleticism. Though I’m regretting it now because apparently running uses different muscles than biking and I’m so sore. It made me happy though because all the elders were hobbling around at church yesterday too. I apparently have soccer skills I didn’t know I had, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. There’s talent hidden deep, deep inside…

On Friday we’d been misinformed about the date of my one month meeting, so we went all the way in to København (Copenhagen) and had to come all the way home and figure out what to do for the whole day. I was really upset and disappointed because we were going to go to the temple and I’d get to see my MTC family again, but it’s apparently this week instead of last week.

Our investigators are doing well! In a previous lesson, we told Britt that we’d like to keep our lessons to 25 minutes. She told us we could do that. The next lesson, we came in and she had an egg timer ready and set to 25 minutes and a bowl of popcorn (because we could eat it fast). Sådan.

Also! We have another investigator, her name is Solvej; the missionaries have been teaching her for just over 8 months. She smokes a lot and is always sad because her husband died last year. Last week she told us that she wants a little break which made us very sad, but the other day she texted us and told us she wanted to meet with us and talk. So we came over and we talked about where we go when we die, which she’d learned before but it was good to review, and about how we feel the Holy Ghost. She had been telling us that she hadn’t been feeling the Holy Ghost when she prayed. So we explained that we don’t always hear an audible voice, sometimes it’s just a feeling and she told us that she had had that feeling, but she’d been expecting a voice! So that was really good to clear that up. She told us that she’d been reading Mormons Bog on her own and will keep doing so. Lastly we challenged her to turn her music off when she prays and reads the scriptures so she can feel that spirit more clearly and she said she would! The next appointment we had with her she turned her music off for us (without us asking) and told us that she’s been feeling really happy and wants us to come more! I love her so much! 

I was noticing that sometimes it’s really easy to look at someone and see the obvious problems that need to be fixed, like smoking habits and the need to be baptized, like Solvej and Britt, but you sometimes need to dig deeper and find little things that will strengthen that foundation so that the bigger things can work themselves out on their own. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s helped me a ton this past week.

Nothing else really exciting happened. This is the last week of this transfer. Holy crap, time flies. I’m super sad because my district has been like my family away from home and two of the elders are most definitely going to be transferred. 😦 Life goes on I guess, and whoever comes in will be great.

Ummm. Super short entry, I’m sorry.

I love you all!

Søster Ferguson


A talk I read that I shared with SO many people in so many åndelig tanker this past week:

The Atonement Covers All Pain

It made me cry.  Also go look up “Grace” in the Bible Dictionary and cross reference it to Moroni 10:32-33.




Dirty window gives my picture a surprisingly neat effect.

Dirty window gives my picture a surprisingly neat effect.



Someone parked their tire

Someone parked their tire

(I actually think someone stole the bike that was attached to it.)

Fart means Speed in Danish. Had to take a pic of it at least once while I'm here.

Fart means Speed in Danish. Had to take a pic of it at least once while I’m here.

(This photo is dedicated to Harry Williamson.) 😉

Moving Up!

Hej! I have 2 weeks left of this transfer but because I’m training, I’m not going anywhere! It’s good. Roskilde is growing on me. It looks prettier in the sunshine.

So last Forberedelsesdag (P-day) after we were done emailing, our district went to the viking museum here in Roskilde! At first glance, it was pretty interesting, but wait! There’s more! We looked across and were just like “crayons!” and then there were costumes! Museums aren’t fun unless you have both of those Things. (this computer is capitalizing the most random Words).

Also my district is pretty much the best on planet earth, so it was a party. We went and got kebabs (kind of like a burrito, but a Little different and bigger) and just chilled in the kebab place playing get-to-know-you games. Ældste Hawkes is all about those get-to-know-you games. We played one the other day when he and Ældste Parry were driving us home from an eating apt; it was called extreme get-to-know-you. He’d ask us a question and we’d have 10 seconds to give an answer or Ældste Parry would crash the car. Except they were questions like “favorite memory. GO!” and our brains would crash. Luckily we did not, because our elders are liars when they say that they’ll crash the car. I’m still alive. I really need to think of more funny life stories because I could not think of any at the time. My life is boring. If there are any funny stories from my life that you want to remind me of, please feel free.

On Friday, we had zone training for the VestSjælland zone. It was great! I think we have about 4 districts in our zone. The zone leaders spoke, the sister training leaders spoke, and Præsident Sederholm spoke as well. I am very much edified. I also know that Præsident Sederholm is a man called of God to preside over us as missionaries. I could feel power when he spoke to us that no one else could have tried to replicate.

After zone training, Søs Noorda and I went on splits with the sister training leaders, Søs Wright and Søs Ripa! It was incredible and I learned so much! Søs Ripa helped me to come out of my comfort zone a Little more; to not be as afraid to speak even if my grammar is completely wrong. I think I really need to learn how to be more comfortable and not look like a stick while standing on someone’s porch. I understand so much Danish! It’s incredible to see how much I grow from day to day.

So the other day we woke up and it was beautiful and sunny (it keeps getting more sunny) and warm! Søs Noorda and I biked out to Svogerslev, which is about maybe 6 miles from our house, but it was so beautiful! I can’t wait to see this place when it really starts to get warmer and the trees become green Again! My legs weren’t even sore, and the neighborhood in which we were bank på-ing was so adorable! At the very last house, an old man opened the door and was just like “come in!” We were so sad because we couldn’t come in because his wife wasn’t home, but we wanted to so bad! He was so nice! So we’re coming back. And it’s great because he lives right Next to a less-active that wasn’t home.

I’ve been studying Alma 5 and Helaman 5 this past week. I read Alma 5 all in Danish and I understood pretty much everything! But there’s so much good stuff in both of those chapters. What is it with the 5 chapters? Alma 5, Helaman 5, Jacob 5… Lucky number 5 I guess. I love it. I want to just pick them apart forever.

I would like to give a S/O to:

Alyssa, Dennis, Speedy, Parker, Alicia, Sarah Crapo, Amanda, Paden, Jimmy, Mike, Drew, Elder Mauntana Solomon, Elder Ben Christian Isaksen, My wonderful district (Ældste Hawkes, Ældste Parry, Ældste Howland, Ældste Lester, og Søster Noorda), my Family, Sai, my old MTC district, my MTC teachers, Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Holland, President Monson, and the Sister Training Leaders.

I would also like to publicly Express my eternal gratitude for my Savior, Jesus Christ, for helping me through rough days & sending sunny ones; for helping me learn Danish and for Grace, but more importantly, Repentance through His Atonement. I would not be the person I am today without Him.

I love you all! I have no idea who reads this blog, but I want you to know that God loves YOU. Thanks for all your support.


Søster Ferguson


Talks to look up:
“I Will not Fail Thee nor Forsake Thee”
We Never Walk Alone
What Thinks Christ of Me?
Mountains to Climb
Come Unto Me
Oh! Also quotes from this week:

Me: “Hej! Vi er missionær…”
Man walking away: “Super!”

“I’ve never seen a chicken tiptoe before”

The sisters on the front porch with the iron rod (which is the Word of God)

“Africa is part of Asia, right?” – Ældste Parry

Us: “Hej! Vi er missionær fra vores kirke…”
Lady: “Nå! Er du mormoner?”
Us freaking out: “Ja!”
Lady: “Nå! Jeg er Jehovas Vidne!”
Us: “Ah…”

I’ll get finished with a long introduction in Danish and they’ll be like “I’m sorry, can you speak Danish?” I’m like “I was speaking Daniiiiish :(” Gimme a break, jeg er virkelig nyt.

District Activity - Viking Museum

District Activity – Viking Museum

Vikingskib Museet

Vikingskib Museet

My district in Viking garb

My district in Viking garb

Dear Sai: Nutella is my favorite. I only have maybe less than a third left though.  :(

Dear Sai: Nutella is my favorite. I only have maybe less than a third left though. 😦

Søndag Morgen Cykel Billede

Søndag Morgen Cykel Billede


Sunshine, Glorious Sunshine!

Haha, so when I got my call, I remember thinking, “Denmark! The land of beautiful sunshine, flowers, and cute European homes full of happy people.” European homes: yes. Happy people: yes. Flowers and sunshine….

But! I swear I control the weather because the first week it didn’t rain or anything, then the next week was a little better, but we had rain; then this past week we had so many sunny days! Even if the clouds are moving and you see a little tiny patch of blue, it pumps me up and makes me happy. Sunshine is the bomb dot com (which is a bad website, don’t go look it up).

Okay. My checklist today goes like this:

  1. I got hit by a car! I can still hear Ældste Hawkes’ voice in my head when I told him that night over the phone. Before you freak out, I am perfectly fine. I have a tiny, but brutal bruise on my left knee, but that’s about it. The car wasn’t going super fast, he just didn’t see me when he was turning because it was dark and raining. The pedal to my bike however is bent at a 20 degree angle and it is a party to use haha. I laugh a lot about it sometimes, and other times, when I’m riding uphill, for example, I am not laughing. I’m hoping to replace it sometime very soon. I know I’ve had so much heavenly help with it because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get very far at all, but I seem to make it home every night from biking lots of places.
  2. Mailbox Man. The other night we got home a little before 9 so we decided to do some last minute contacting. We walked past the mailbox and I was going to get it when I had a thought “Don’t check the mail”. I did anyway, we didn’t have any mail and there wasn’t anyone around so I kind of shrugged it off. We walked up to the top of our street, and 2 or 3 seconds before we got there, a man crossed our path – 2 or 3 seconds that it took to check the mail. I have no idea if this man would have accepted our message or not, but I regret that so much. Moral of the story, kids: Never ignore a prompting. I’m an awful person too because we’d just taught a lesson in Sunday School on the Holy Ghost the week before.
  3. Oxygen man. Not as spiritual of a story, but one that should go down in the book. So we were bank på-ing (knocking doors) in an apt building. The very top floor, first door we knock we hear a muffled voice from the other side “Kom ind!” we obviously can’t just walk in so we stand there awkwardly. About 15 seconds later we hear scuffling and heavy breathing. A very old man with an oxygen tank opens the door VERY VERY out of breathe. We squeak out “hej, vi er missionær fra Jesu Kristi kirke af sidste dages hellige og vi har en budskab om Jesus Kristus og hans kærlighed for os” He shakes his head and shuts the door. MOST AWKWARD AND SORRY I HAVE EVER FELT IN MY LIFE. That man needs to know God loves him too, I guess.
  4. We have 4 pets. Edderkopper. Their names are Harold, Stanley, Bert, and Frank. Frank scares me though because he moved from his designated spot last night and we don’t know where he went. (I googled Edderkopper to find out what kind of pet she’s talking about. That would be spiders. Don’t freak out, Grandma – her pets are thousands of miles away.)
  5. In district meeting last week Ældste Hawkes gave an incredible lesson on Conversion and the Anti-Nephi-Lehis who gave up their weapons of rebellion towards God. We talked about what weapons of rebellion are holding us back from God, things like doubt and fear. So I’ve been thinking a lot about what mine might be, and ya I think doubt is a really big one. It’s hard having faith sometimes and letting God take over. Having faith that even though he’s received countless blessings, my dad WILL be healed; faith that God will work with Britt so that she’ll submit herself to Him and be baptized. It’s hard. I’m working on it.
  6. Danish is coming! It makes me happy! There was a couple that we had dinner with my first week and I could not understand a single word they said, but we had dinner with them this past week and I understood so much! The elders told me that I speak better than many new missionaries they’ve seen. And so many people keep complimenting me on my testimony last week in sacrament meeting. It makes me so happy and hopeful. It’s so neat to see people amazed at how quickly we both are learning Danish, and we know that it’s not us at all, it’s Heavenly Father. I have an extremely strong testimony of the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. It also feels so good to contribute more in lessons.
  7. Family history! I have no time for it but I want to research EVERYONE! I want to see if I have any ancestors that lived in Roskilde. We had such a great experience with it last week. We went over to a member’s house and were expecting to share a prepared message, but she said “come and help me with Family Search!” We helped her input her deceased aunt and uncle, and she and her husband did the work for them in the temple on friday! She was telling us that she felt like it was her birthday! And it felt so gratifying to have helped her. It was amazing to see her so happy. I know family history is a very important work in this church, just as important as missionary work. There are so many more people who have died that need the blessings that the ordinances of the gospel bring than there are people alive. Get on it people! Do it because I don’t have time and you do, haha.
  8. Serena and Fleming. We met them while bank på-ing a few weeks ago and they were so cute. We stopped by their house last night just to see if they were home and we had a super long chat with them on their door-step! Haha they brought us saft (concentrated juice that you have to dilute with water) and caramels while we were talking on their porch! They told us to come by more because they never get visitors and like talking. They told us they will probably stop by church next week as well! What nice people. They were asking us about America and showing us pictures of their grandchildren (all while we were still standing on their porch).
  9. Theresa. She is incredible. I wish I could be more like her. I think I may have talked a little about her last time, not sure, but she’s from Alaska and she’s in her house all the time because she’s sick. But we go over all the time and make her food and talk på engelsk. She has 2 very cute cats (I love cats so much). I love her. She’s so strong and positive and she tries to be a missionary every opportunity she gets.

Well, I think that’s my week. Good stuff.

Jeg elsker alle jer.

Vi ses neste uge!

Søster Ferguson


FRI IS! Kinda weird to eat ice cream in February

FRI IS! Kinda weird to eat ice cream in February


My second sunset in Denmark

My second sunset in Denmark

Kaldt at Tjene - Called to Serve

Kaldt at Tjene – Called to Serve