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Hello! It just so happens that most of my pictures from the week happen on Monday AFTER I’ve emailed. Last Monday we went on a district activity to the Domkirke! It’s a super old cathedral in the center of Roskilde that was built around 800 and has all the Danish queens and kings buried in it. It was so nostalgic because the last cathedral I went to was in Russia. Cathedral hopping was one of our Russia things. It was old, interesting, and ornate, but I missed Sveta telling us random history facts.
Good to check it off our Roskilde to-do list.

On Wednesday, we went on splits with the sister training leaders! We went to their area this time. They serve in Gladsaxe. Søster Wright is adorable. I love her so much!

So we have two investigators, Zarina and Flemming, that we haven’t really had the chance to meet with for about a month. We had an appt with them this past week, invited them to church and WHAT?! THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! They showed up and we had to do a double-take! So exciting!

We committed Britt to dåb also. We prayed about a date and asked her if she’d be baptized on July 4th (Fireworks!! “The whole country of America will be celebrating your baptism Britt!” haha); if she could get her answer by then. She told us that she can’t give us an answer right now. Søs Noorda was a little bummed, but I think it’s good that she now has a sort of goal to work towards. And we’ll bring it up again soon. Good stuff is happening!

The other day we were contacting and we met this nice African man from the Ivory Coast who, in fact, doesn’t speak English or Danish (I’m seeing a trend. Æ Lester: “How do you end up finding all the international people?” #CallingTheMissionOfficeEveryDayForANewLanguageOfBookofMormon).
Anyway, it was sort of like charades as we told him that we could get him a Book of Mormon in French. He gave us his address and phone number and said bye. I, being the lame person that I am, was just like, “au revoir!” So we look up where he lives, and apparently he actually lives up in that creepy town with no name that was actually a psych ward! Woo! So we went up there yesterday, found him and he took us up to his room (don’t worry, there was a girl in there), and it actually looked just like what you’d picture a room in an asylum to look like! White everything, simple, with a sink in the corner and a breezy window. Kind of creepy. But we gave him the book and he was very excited. Good stuff. I swear I speak more charades than Danish 😛

I also got pooped on by a bird. Again. And I was biking this time! Man that thing has a good aim! Gross!

What else…

On Saturday we showed up to football and it was only us 6 missionaries and 1 other guy. But I have to say it was the most fun game of football I’ve ever played. Our elders are ridikuløs.

Missionary life is just plain awkward. I’m trying to get used to it. The other day we bank på-ed around this circle of apts and these people who were sitting on their front porch watched us the whole time. When we got to their apt we just kind of stood there staring at them for like 30 seconds trying to decide if we should talk to them or not.

I pulled an Elder McDougall and wouldn’t let this man close his door without giving him a card. Søs Noorda was just laughing at me because she was halfway down the stairs by the time he finally closed his door. Haha! MY LIFE IS SO AWKWARD!

Transfers are this week. We’ll see if I stay or if I go. It’s also my last week of training! Woo! Won’t be a greenie anymore!!

Well. I think that’s it. Lots of good things.

I love you all!
Søster Lucy (Does that make me sound more like a nun?)


Søs N: “Jens you punk! I mean… nice man…”

Søs N and I were watching this hilarious pigeon cross the street
Søs N: “Why’d the pigeon cross the road?”
Me: “TO GET HIT BY A CAR!! Hahahahahahahahahaha”
(I don’t like pigeons)

Søs N: “We’ve wasted a half hour of our P day eating banana bread staring at a church!”

Sister Missionaries: Saviors of cats.

The Kjeldsens in our ward just got some chickens and one of them is named Blackie. We think this is hilarious because they’re not even English and it’s called Blackie.


Roskilde Domkirke

Roskilde Domkirke

Splits with Søs Wright!

Splits with Søs Wright!

Kigge på det Elske det. Ringe os tilbage.

Kigge på det Elske det. Ringe os tilbage.

Sunset 2



It’s a Cultural Experience…

Hello world. It’s me, your friendly, neighborhood, super…sister missionary! I’ve traveled to 5 different countries this week, not including Denmark and America, and not literally or through books. India, Thailand, China, Turkey, and Eritrea. The fact is that Danes are stubborn and not a lot of them believe in God or want to, so honestly if you see a name on a mailbox that isn’t Danish, YOU KNOCK ON THAT HOUSE. You see someone on the street that isn’t Danish and you don’t let that person pass by without saying something. Direct quote from Sister Noorda: “Is that the spirit or am I just being racist?”

So! We got a new investigator last week from Turkey and she sent us to her family who lives across town! We got there and the mom and grandma didn’t speak English or Danish, so the 9 year old kids translated for us. It was a great lesson AND we were fed Turkish delight BY TURKS!!! Check that off my bucketlist.

India was our 3 investigators, Vino, Srikanth, and Bhargavi (who actually happen to know each other. Only so many Indians you can be friends with in Roskilde) but S & B gave us Indian pancakes! They pretty much were just like every other country’s own pancakes: crepes. But they were a little saltier, just like India. 😉

Thailand was a wonderful new investigator that had met the J-dubs before us and she thought we were them so she invited us in! Hehe, using it to our advantage #righteousdeception

China was another cute family we visited. Not much to report. They’re really not very good at getting back to us, but I had to include it. We knocked on their door and just the grandpa was home, who didn’t speak English or Danish so he tried telling us that in Chinese. Fun stuff.

Eritrea you’ve probably never heard of before. It’s north-east Africa, right above Ethiopia. We came upon an apt full of guys from there, who don’t speak English or Danish, just Tigrigna, which isn’t even on Google translate. It’s an exciting experience. Last time, their friend who speaks Danish was gonna come but didn’t show up, and told us later that she was on her way. An hour later she showed up, but in the meantime the guys fed us some interesting Eritrean food. Katja, a member that we brought with, called it “a very cultural experience”. She’s determined to teach them Danish.

Fun stuff.

It was my half-birthday on Friday! Woo! 6 months left of teenagehood.

Okay. Søster Missionæring is rough. I’ve given up on good hair days and good makeup days. A tip for the time-conscious sister: you want curly hair? Step 1: shower at night. Step 2: braid your hair in a long braid and sleep on it. Step 3: wait until it’s completely dry before taking it out. Bam. curls. But honestly there’s no point in doing your hair when it’s just gonna get squished by your helmet or blown by the wind. Braids and ponytails are my automatic fallback.

I must have been doing something right yesterday though. We had an awesome experience. So around the time the elders call for numbers, we were contacting around the train station, which we never really do. We were talking to a man (almost gave away a Book of Mormon in fact), he said goodbye and we called the elders (cause we’d missed their call while talking to the man). Gave them our numbers and we were chatting a bit when a guy runs up to us, with a suitcase and starts speaking I think it was French. We tell him we don’t understand and he says “Oh, I just saw you from across the street and I thought you were beautiful!” Then he runs back across the street to catch his bus. All this while we were on the phone with Elder Hawkes! MADE MY WHOLE LIFE!!! Elder Hawkes said that he wishes someone would tell him he was beautiful.

It was a good week!

Vi ses!

Med Kærlighed,
Søster Ferguson


“Story of my life, my bag’s too small
I spend an hour trying to fit it alll
My bag is broooooken”
(Thanks, Lucy, now I’ve got that song in my head. )  🙂

Me: “Do you know what that is?”
Æ Hawkes: “Of course! It’s a cloud-maker!”
Me: “Really?!”
Æ Hawkes: “No sister, it’s a smokestack :P”

“I’m sorry, we can’t teach you. You’re too attractive”

Æ Hawkes: “Your area is as far as you can bike. That shouldn’t be hard to figure out with Sister Ferguson.”

Me: “We should organize this so it’s… organized…”

“You can never get enough Jesus.”

A message to all the sad people in the world

A message to all the sad people in the world

Helped the flowers by taking their caps off, but had to make something fun out of it.

Helped the flowers by taking their caps off, but had to make something fun out of it.


Søs N: "sen, sen, sen, sen, sen... It's like Sen city over here!"  Me: "Kinda reminds you of home." (She's from Vegas)

Søs N: “sen, sen, sen, sen, sen… It’s like Sen city over here!”
Me: “Kinda reminds you of home.” (She’s from Vegas)

Sunseeeeets. Are my faaaaavorite. Eeeeever. Especially when you've got a lovely fjord.

Sunseeeeets. Are my faaaaavorite. Eeeeever. Especially when you’ve got a lovely fjord.


K, in all actuality, we went maybe one day without coats, then it rained and cooled the earth off again. The struggle is real. But it really has been getting warmer! The dead bushes on the side of the road are either turning green or have flowers covering them! There’s this bush that has yellow flowers that look like the yellow leaves on the trees in Fall.

SO pretty!

So we were praying that some of the Easter ‘magic’ (though we know it’s something much greater) would trail into this week as well. Well it did! On Wednesday we biked up to a little landby (village) called Kornerup to visit a previous potential we’d been meaning to stop by. Sadly they weren’t interested, desværre, but we decided that while we were in the area we’d bank på the other street that we didn’t get to the last time we were there. The first door we knocked on a woman answered and we got talking. Apparently, her aunt is in our ward! But that’s not all, she invited us in for lunch! Of course we took the opportunity to talk with her and eat food. Such an awesome opportunity. We’re gonna go back and bring her a family proclamation. I saw her aunt at church and told her about it. I told her that she was a missionary without even knowing it! I’m sure the woman wouldn’t have let us in otherwise.

By the way, as we were knocking in Kornerup, we got hit with the fact that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Knocking on cottages that are older than America is pretty sweet!

That same day we had an appt. that we had to get back for. We stopped by a less-active who wasn’t home and had some extra time, so we sat down at a table just outside her opgang (apt building) and filled out some pass-along cards. While we were doing that, a man came and sat by us. He told us that he’d seen us around and wondered who we were! We chatted, prayed, set up a return appt, and got a new investigator! God literally gave him to us, just like Thomas last week. The appt. that we were going to also was incredibly positive. 2 (almost 3) new investigators in the same day! So many miracles.
Thomas is doing well. He’s an interesting person. Besides Britt (who is fantastic. We watched conference with her and committed her to keep the law of tithing and fasting after Elder Eyring’s talk Saturday morning. She’s still waiting for her answer.), our most positive investigator is Vino, one of our investigators from India. He’s so pumped about reading the Book of Mormon and wants to work on his faith. He and I have a connection in that way.

Life is good, people are opening up just like the flowers.

Friday we had Zone Training! It was so inspiring and such a blast. Sometimes missionaries just gotta stop and have fun. After the training we had a dessert competition and played sports! We crammed 22 missionaries into two cars and a train and went to a big soccer field. We played capture the flag, football, and American football (I was totally lost). Man, we have an awesome zone! Man we have an awesome mission! Søster Noorda and I were saying that you have to have a good sense of humor to get sent to Denmark. It’s just a requirement. Every single missionary that I’ve met, even if they’re awkward, is absolutely hilarious. Party in the mish!

K, funny story of the week. So Saturday morning we’re playing football. Like always. But I’d forgotten my sneakers at a dinner appt (I’m telling you, juvenile alzheimers) so I had no shoes to wear. A nice lady let me borrow her sneakers, even though I had no socks and they were a size too small. My feet have seen better days. Anyway, so we’re playing, we’re playing, it’s a really great game, and I accidentally hit the ball with my hand (A big problem, like so bad they should give me a nickname). Other times they just shrugged it off and kept playing, so this time when everyone stopped and this kid set the ball in front of him and backed up, I was like “what is he doing? no one is going for the ball!” so I ran up and kicked it. Everyone laughed and I pretended like I did it on purpose. Yep. I was telling Søs Noorda that I’m apologizing right now for whoever I’m companions with in the future because I am way weird. Plus all I talk about is Russia.

Two weeks ago our district goal was to write down how the Spirit speaks to your heart. I’ve found this to be a very difficult thing to do. The past 2 months that I’ve been here I’ve felt the spirit so differently than before my mission. The comforter is easy to describe. I feel a great sense of peace and love, like big arms are wrapped around me, like I’m cuddled in a warm blanket, so comfortable. It also calms me down when I should be freaking out. The Spirit as a prompter is a little bit harder to describe. before my mission it wasn’t really an aspect I utilized, so now when it’s the main aspect I utilize, I don’t really recognize it as easily. Usually it’s very still and small and if I’m not paying attention, I’ll miss it. When I’m studying, it’s a moment of clarity; when I’m teaching, it’s in the form of an idea, but when I’m out biking or walking, it’s so hard to pin-point. I have no idea if it’s really the spirit or just my own thoughts. I’m working on identifying it better. A lot of times all I can do is think “Well, it’s not a bad feeling I’m getting, so it must be okay.” I have to work harder for it now.
References: Alma 5:40, 1 John 4:6

The other day we were just leaving the apartment and we passed a kid sitting at a bus stop. I had the prompting to go and talk to him, which is awkward when you’ve just passed him on a bike, but I told Sister Noorda, we parked our bikes and walked back. We gave him a card and said goodbye. I have no idea if he’ll call us or look at the video, but I felt so good afterwards.

Have the best week! I’ll try as well, though I don’t know if anything can top the past few weeks.

Søster Fergie

Ja, jeg ved, at jeg intet er; hvad min egen styrke angår, er jeg svag; derfor vil jeg ikke prale af mig selv, men jeg vil prale af min Gud, for med hans styrke kan jeg gøre alt; ja, se, mange mægtige mirakler har vi udført i dette land, for hvilket vi vil prise hans navn for evigt. -Alma 26:12

(p.s. Daniel (Espinoza), this camera is the best ever.)

Creepy town with no name that we found out later is psych ward

Creepy town with no name that we found out later is psych ward

Cute road in Kornerup

Cute road in Kornerup

Russian Salad - beets and mayo! Had to get some!

Russian Salad – beets and mayo! Had to get some!

A pic with a pick ;)

A pic with a pick 😉

Mange Mægtige Mirakler

So in the spirit of Jesus and Easter, this week has been one of miracles. The first happened last Monday actually! Right as we sat down to email, a man came up to us and asked if we had a congregation in Roskilde! We, very happily, told him yes! He told us that he’d met missionaries in Copenhagen and had visited the church there and was interested in our religion! We gave him a card with our number and said goodbye. The next day, we were just walking along and we get a call from him!! This has never happened to us before! We’ve had 2 lessons and one for tomorrow! We call him Thomas, the miracle man.

The second was last Sunday. We were knocking in a college area and we came upon an apt full of Arabian looking college men. They invited us inside and we told them that we couldn’t come in, but we had another aftale with them and they said we could come back again!

We’re also meeting with an Indian man named Vino that dropped the missionaries but decided to pick us up again because he wants to build his faith. We told him that we definitely can help him with that. He wants to progress and to repent and to keep all of his commitments! We’re gonna baptize him. We don’t know when, but it’s gonna happen.

Another miracle was a lady that we’d been trying to contact for the entire last transfer and into this one. She’d never been home and we only knew her first initial and her last name. She’d been M Jensen for a few months. We’d been wanting to drop by JUST to find out what her first name was. The other day we had a few drop-bys to make and her apartment just happened to be in the area so we thought, why not? It’s worth a try. So we knock on her door, hoping to just make a return appt, but she opened the door and invited us in! We had a really great conversation and shared the Easter video. It was great because she was SO open and willing to listen. She was still as open to us as she’d been when we first knocked on her door.

So many good things happening in Roskilde. The sun is out more which gives me energy and makes me happy and people are starting to brighten up as well. Spring is in the air!

This past week our mission president asked us to study the last week of Christ, each day on the day it happened. It was so uplifting and eye-opening to read and think about what He did and went through. The awesome thing was that President told us that if we did, we’d get 2 new investigators, and we did! I was telling him that it reminded me of Moses and the snake stick, where if the people would look on it, they would be healed. Studying the Savior’s last week didn’t take much effort, but the blessings that came from it were incredible!

GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THE BEST THING ON THIS EARRRRTH! I love it! We watched the Saturday morning session at our investigator Britt’s house actually! Sadly we couldn’t find it in Danish so we turned the subtitles on and just prayed that she understood what she needed to because Elder Clayton’s talk was exactly what I felt she needed to hear. It’s weird to watch a morning session in the evening. We watch it live (the ones we can) so it’s at 6 pm Denmark time, 10 am Utah time.

Easter morning we had lunch with our dear friend Theresa and watched the Saturday afternoon session.

That evening we took a train to Copenhagen and watched the Sunday morning session there at the stake center with almost all the missionaries on Sjælland! It was super fun and great.

So I’ve been reading in Alma and I LOVE Alma the younger. He’s my greatest hero. And this time reading through, it’s been as much like an adventure book as a book of scripture and Alma the younger is my favorite character. So I was reading the other day and BAM! Alma leaves and is gone forever. My heart had this big hole ripped into it. 😛 But, it was nice of God, right as my favorite person leaves, to give me a new hero! Moroni. Captain Moroni is a brick wall. He’s only 25 and he’s one of the greatest and most righteous army commanders of all time! Alma still holds a place in my heart, but Moroni is a good replacement. 😉 Gotta love the Book of Mormon.

I really hope the elders don’t find out from this (if any of them maybe read it *coughElderHawkescough*) but Sister Noorda and I played a really funny prank. We bought these little fuzzy chicks a few weeks ago and have been sneaking them into elders pockets and bags. Haha the other day we were sitting on the train with Holbæk and they both opened their bags and pulled out chicks and were like “Where do these keep coming from?!?! We’ve been pulling them out of our bags for weeks! We think it’s Tåstrup.” Meanwhile, Søs Noorda and I are just cracking up and high fiving under the table. We still haven’t told them and we have 2 chicks left. So funny!

I think I might be coming down with juvenile alzheimers. I keep losing everything. I lost my favorite hat on a bus a few weeks ago, I left my scriptures on the train platform, and just this past week I left my favorite scarf on the train, and a glove fell out of my pocket while I was biking. Super sad. It couldn’t have even been a scarf or hat I didn’t care for a lot, it had to be my favorite of both. Oh well, It’s warming up anyway and I’ll just buy some new ones this next winter.

Two weeks ago I promised to tell you about my studies on faith. Last time I forgot my little notebook, but I brought it this time!

“In Alma 27:8, it’s talking about how submissive, trusting, and faithful King Lamoni is to the Lord. He says that he will be a slave and endure persecutions if that is the Lord’s will. What an incredible example! It reminds me of Elder Lester at district meeting last week. I was role-playing as Britt, one of my investigators, while he and Elder Howland were teaching me. He told me to stand up, turn around, and then asked me if I trusted him and if I did to fall backwards. I did and he caught me. His lesson was to trust that God will catch you, that He’ll be there for you. I was also thinking that, like Nephi, you may not know why God asks you to do something, and in the falling it might be scary, but He will ALWAYS catch you. You’ll always end up in His arms. When Peter walked on water and he started to fall, Christ IMMEDIATELY reached out and caught him. 1 Nephi 3:7 is the scripture that comes to mind.  I’m also thinking about the faith I need to build. Do I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father enough to submit to their will completely and TRUST that everything will be in their capable hands?

I was talking the other day with Søs Noorda about meekness. A lot of the time we relate meekness to being childlike, which can be true, but I think there’s a degree of wisdom that must be had to become meek. The footnote under the beatitude about being meek in the Bible says Meek = the humble who have suffered. You need to have experiences to know that you should become meek; it’s not just something you are, it’s something you become.

There’s a section that I love from Elder Holland’s talk “Lord, I Believe” (my favorite talk of all time) that says, “Jesus said, ‘If ye shall have faith as a grain of a mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible to you.'”

Ether 12:30
“Lord, I Believe” – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Alma 27:6-8
1 Nephi 3:7
1 Nephi 4:6
Matt 5:5

Have a great week!

Much love,
Søster Ferguson

Thou shalt not covet the elders' car.

Thou shalt not covet the elders’ car.



Easter feast at Theresa's

Easter feast at Theresa’s

Sometimes, you just gotta take a picture

Sometimes, you just gotta take a picture