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Hello! It just so happens that most of my pictures from the week happen on Monday AFTER I’ve emailed. Last Monday we went on a district activity to the Domkirke! It’s a super old cathedral in the center of Roskilde that was built around 800 and has all the Danish queens and kings buried in it. It was so nostalgic because the last cathedral I went to was in Russia. Cathedral hopping was one of our Russia things. It was old, interesting, and ornate, but I missed Sveta telling us random history facts.
Good to check it off our Roskilde to-do list.

On Wednesday, we went on splits with the sister training leaders! We went to their area this time. They serve in Gladsaxe. Søster Wright is adorable. I love her so much!

So we have two investigators, Zarina and Flemming, that we haven’t really had the chance to meet with for about a month. We had an appt with them this past week, invited them to church and WHAT?! THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! They showed up and we had to do a double-take! So exciting!

We committed Britt to dåb also. We prayed about a date and asked her if she’d be baptized on July 4th (Fireworks!! “The whole country of America will be celebrating your baptism Britt!” haha); if she could get her answer by then. She told us that she can’t give us an answer right now. Søs Noorda was a little bummed, but I think it’s good that she now has a sort of goal to work towards. And we’ll bring it up again soon. Good stuff is happening!

The other day we were contacting and we met this nice African man from the Ivory Coast who, in fact, doesn’t speak English or Danish (I’m seeing a trend. Æ Lester: “How do you end up finding all the international people?” #CallingTheMissionOfficeEveryDayForANewLanguageOfBookofMormon).
Anyway, it was sort of like charades as we told him that we could get him a Book of Mormon in French. He gave us his address and phone number and said bye. I, being the lame person that I am, was just like, “au revoir!” So we look up where he lives, and apparently he actually lives up in that creepy town with no name that was actually a psych ward! Woo! So we went up there yesterday, found him and he took us up to his room (don’t worry, there was a girl in there), and it actually looked just like what you’d picture a room in an asylum to look like! White everything, simple, with a sink in the corner and a breezy window. Kind of creepy. But we gave him the book and he was very excited. Good stuff. I swear I speak more charades than Danish 😛

I also got pooped on by a bird. Again. And I was biking this time! Man that thing has a good aim! Gross!

What else…

On Saturday we showed up to football and it was only us 6 missionaries and 1 other guy. But I have to say it was the most fun game of football I’ve ever played. Our elders are ridikuløs.

Missionary life is just plain awkward. I’m trying to get used to it. The other day we bank på-ed around this circle of apts and these people who were sitting on their front porch watched us the whole time. When we got to their apt we just kind of stood there staring at them for like 30 seconds trying to decide if we should talk to them or not.

I pulled an Elder McDougall and wouldn’t let this man close his door without giving him a card. Søs Noorda was just laughing at me because she was halfway down the stairs by the time he finally closed his door. Haha! MY LIFE IS SO AWKWARD!

Transfers are this week. We’ll see if I stay or if I go. It’s also my last week of training! Woo! Won’t be a greenie anymore!!

Well. I think that’s it. Lots of good things.

I love you all!
Søster Lucy (Does that make me sound more like a nun?)


Søs N: “Jens you punk! I mean… nice man…”

Søs N and I were watching this hilarious pigeon cross the street
Søs N: “Why’d the pigeon cross the road?”
Me: “TO GET HIT BY A CAR!! Hahahahahahahahahaha”
(I don’t like pigeons)

Søs N: “We’ve wasted a half hour of our P day eating banana bread staring at a church!”

Sister Missionaries: Saviors of cats.

The Kjeldsens in our ward just got some chickens and one of them is named Blackie. We think this is hilarious because they’re not even English and it’s called Blackie.


Roskilde Domkirke

Roskilde Domkirke

Splits with Søs Wright!

Splits with Søs Wright!

Kigge på det Elske det. Ringe os tilbage.

Kigge på det Elske det. Ringe os tilbage.

Sunset 2



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