It’s a Cultural Experience…

Hello world. It’s me, your friendly, neighborhood, super…sister missionary! I’ve traveled to 5 different countries this week, not including Denmark and America, and not literally or through books. India, Thailand, China, Turkey, and Eritrea. The fact is that Danes are stubborn and not a lot of them believe in God or want to, so honestly if you see a name on a mailbox that isn’t Danish, YOU KNOCK ON THAT HOUSE. You see someone on the street that isn’t Danish and you don’t let that person pass by without saying something. Direct quote from Sister Noorda: “Is that the spirit or am I just being racist?”

So! We got a new investigator last week from Turkey and she sent us to her family who lives across town! We got there and the mom and grandma didn’t speak English or Danish, so the 9 year old kids translated for us. It was a great lesson AND we were fed Turkish delight BY TURKS!!! Check that off my bucketlist.

India was our 3 investigators, Vino, Srikanth, and Bhargavi (who actually happen to know each other. Only so many Indians you can be friends with in Roskilde) but S & B gave us Indian pancakes! They pretty much were just like every other country’s own pancakes: crepes. But they were a little saltier, just like India. 😉

Thailand was a wonderful new investigator that had met the J-dubs before us and she thought we were them so she invited us in! Hehe, using it to our advantage #righteousdeception

China was another cute family we visited. Not much to report. They’re really not very good at getting back to us, but I had to include it. We knocked on their door and just the grandpa was home, who didn’t speak English or Danish so he tried telling us that in Chinese. Fun stuff.

Eritrea you’ve probably never heard of before. It’s north-east Africa, right above Ethiopia. We came upon an apt full of guys from there, who don’t speak English or Danish, just Tigrigna, which isn’t even on Google translate. It’s an exciting experience. Last time, their friend who speaks Danish was gonna come but didn’t show up, and told us later that she was on her way. An hour later she showed up, but in the meantime the guys fed us some interesting Eritrean food. Katja, a member that we brought with, called it “a very cultural experience”. She’s determined to teach them Danish.

Fun stuff.

It was my half-birthday on Friday! Woo! 6 months left of teenagehood.

Okay. Søster Missionæring is rough. I’ve given up on good hair days and good makeup days. A tip for the time-conscious sister: you want curly hair? Step 1: shower at night. Step 2: braid your hair in a long braid and sleep on it. Step 3: wait until it’s completely dry before taking it out. Bam. curls. But honestly there’s no point in doing your hair when it’s just gonna get squished by your helmet or blown by the wind. Braids and ponytails are my automatic fallback.

I must have been doing something right yesterday though. We had an awesome experience. So around the time the elders call for numbers, we were contacting around the train station, which we never really do. We were talking to a man (almost gave away a Book of Mormon in fact), he said goodbye and we called the elders (cause we’d missed their call while talking to the man). Gave them our numbers and we were chatting a bit when a guy runs up to us, with a suitcase and starts speaking I think it was French. We tell him we don’t understand and he says “Oh, I just saw you from across the street and I thought you were beautiful!” Then he runs back across the street to catch his bus. All this while we were on the phone with Elder Hawkes! MADE MY WHOLE LIFE!!! Elder Hawkes said that he wishes someone would tell him he was beautiful.

It was a good week!

Vi ses!

Med Kærlighed,
Søster Ferguson


“Story of my life, my bag’s too small
I spend an hour trying to fit it alll
My bag is broooooken”
(Thanks, Lucy, now I’ve got that song in my head. )  🙂

Me: “Do you know what that is?”
Æ Hawkes: “Of course! It’s a cloud-maker!”
Me: “Really?!”
Æ Hawkes: “No sister, it’s a smokestack :P”

“I’m sorry, we can’t teach you. You’re too attractive”

Æ Hawkes: “Your area is as far as you can bike. That shouldn’t be hard to figure out with Sister Ferguson.”

Me: “We should organize this so it’s… organized…”

“You can never get enough Jesus.”

A message to all the sad people in the world

A message to all the sad people in the world

Helped the flowers by taking their caps off, but had to make something fun out of it.

Helped the flowers by taking their caps off, but had to make something fun out of it.


Søs N: "sen, sen, sen, sen, sen... It's like Sen city over here!"  Me: "Kinda reminds you of home." (She's from Vegas)

Søs N: “sen, sen, sen, sen, sen… It’s like Sen city over here!”
Me: “Kinda reminds you of home.” (She’s from Vegas)

Sunseeeeets. Are my faaaaavorite. Eeeeever. Especially when you've got a lovely fjord.

Sunseeeeets. Are my faaaaavorite. Eeeeever. Especially when you’ve got a lovely fjord.


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