Mange Mægtige Mirakler

So in the spirit of Jesus and Easter, this week has been one of miracles. The first happened last Monday actually! Right as we sat down to email, a man came up to us and asked if we had a congregation in Roskilde! We, very happily, told him yes! He told us that he’d met missionaries in Copenhagen and had visited the church there and was interested in our religion! We gave him a card with our number and said goodbye. The next day, we were just walking along and we get a call from him!! This has never happened to us before! We’ve had 2 lessons and one for tomorrow! We call him Thomas, the miracle man.

The second was last Sunday. We were knocking in a college area and we came upon an apt full of Arabian looking college men. They invited us inside and we told them that we couldn’t come in, but we had another aftale with them and they said we could come back again!

We’re also meeting with an Indian man named Vino that dropped the missionaries but decided to pick us up again because he wants to build his faith. We told him that we definitely can help him with that. He wants to progress and to repent and to keep all of his commitments! We’re gonna baptize him. We don’t know when, but it’s gonna happen.

Another miracle was a lady that we’d been trying to contact for the entire last transfer and into this one. She’d never been home and we only knew her first initial and her last name. She’d been M Jensen for a few months. We’d been wanting to drop by JUST to find out what her first name was. The other day we had a few drop-bys to make and her apartment just happened to be in the area so we thought, why not? It’s worth a try. So we knock on her door, hoping to just make a return appt, but she opened the door and invited us in! We had a really great conversation and shared the Easter video. It was great because she was SO open and willing to listen. She was still as open to us as she’d been when we first knocked on her door.

So many good things happening in Roskilde. The sun is out more which gives me energy and makes me happy and people are starting to brighten up as well. Spring is in the air!

This past week our mission president asked us to study the last week of Christ, each day on the day it happened. It was so uplifting and eye-opening to read and think about what He did and went through. The awesome thing was that President told us that if we did, we’d get 2 new investigators, and we did! I was telling him that it reminded me of Moses and the snake stick, where if the people would look on it, they would be healed. Studying the Savior’s last week didn’t take much effort, but the blessings that came from it were incredible!

GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THE BEST THING ON THIS EARRRRTH! I love it! We watched the Saturday morning session at our investigator Britt’s house actually! Sadly we couldn’t find it in Danish so we turned the subtitles on and just prayed that she understood what she needed to because Elder Clayton’s talk was exactly what I felt she needed to hear. It’s weird to watch a morning session in the evening. We watch it live (the ones we can) so it’s at 6 pm Denmark time, 10 am Utah time.

Easter morning we had lunch with our dear friend Theresa and watched the Saturday afternoon session.

That evening we took a train to Copenhagen and watched the Sunday morning session there at the stake center with almost all the missionaries on Sjælland! It was super fun and great.

So I’ve been reading in Alma and I LOVE Alma the younger. He’s my greatest hero. And this time reading through, it’s been as much like an adventure book as a book of scripture and Alma the younger is my favorite character. So I was reading the other day and BAM! Alma leaves and is gone forever. My heart had this big hole ripped into it. 😛 But, it was nice of God, right as my favorite person leaves, to give me a new hero! Moroni. Captain Moroni is a brick wall. He’s only 25 and he’s one of the greatest and most righteous army commanders of all time! Alma still holds a place in my heart, but Moroni is a good replacement. 😉 Gotta love the Book of Mormon.

I really hope the elders don’t find out from this (if any of them maybe read it *coughElderHawkescough*) but Sister Noorda and I played a really funny prank. We bought these little fuzzy chicks a few weeks ago and have been sneaking them into elders pockets and bags. Haha the other day we were sitting on the train with Holbæk and they both opened their bags and pulled out chicks and were like “Where do these keep coming from?!?! We’ve been pulling them out of our bags for weeks! We think it’s Tåstrup.” Meanwhile, Søs Noorda and I are just cracking up and high fiving under the table. We still haven’t told them and we have 2 chicks left. So funny!

I think I might be coming down with juvenile alzheimers. I keep losing everything. I lost my favorite hat on a bus a few weeks ago, I left my scriptures on the train platform, and just this past week I left my favorite scarf on the train, and a glove fell out of my pocket while I was biking. Super sad. It couldn’t have even been a scarf or hat I didn’t care for a lot, it had to be my favorite of both. Oh well, It’s warming up anyway and I’ll just buy some new ones this next winter.

Two weeks ago I promised to tell you about my studies on faith. Last time I forgot my little notebook, but I brought it this time!

“In Alma 27:8, it’s talking about how submissive, trusting, and faithful King Lamoni is to the Lord. He says that he will be a slave and endure persecutions if that is the Lord’s will. What an incredible example! It reminds me of Elder Lester at district meeting last week. I was role-playing as Britt, one of my investigators, while he and Elder Howland were teaching me. He told me to stand up, turn around, and then asked me if I trusted him and if I did to fall backwards. I did and he caught me. His lesson was to trust that God will catch you, that He’ll be there for you. I was also thinking that, like Nephi, you may not know why God asks you to do something, and in the falling it might be scary, but He will ALWAYS catch you. You’ll always end up in His arms. When Peter walked on water and he started to fall, Christ IMMEDIATELY reached out and caught him. 1 Nephi 3:7 is the scripture that comes to mind.  I’m also thinking about the faith I need to build. Do I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father enough to submit to their will completely and TRUST that everything will be in their capable hands?

I was talking the other day with Søs Noorda about meekness. A lot of the time we relate meekness to being childlike, which can be true, but I think there’s a degree of wisdom that must be had to become meek. The footnote under the beatitude about being meek in the Bible says Meek = the humble who have suffered. You need to have experiences to know that you should become meek; it’s not just something you are, it’s something you become.

There’s a section that I love from Elder Holland’s talk “Lord, I Believe” (my favorite talk of all time) that says, “Jesus said, ‘If ye shall have faith as a grain of a mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible to you.'”

Ether 12:30
“Lord, I Believe” – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Alma 27:6-8
1 Nephi 3:7
1 Nephi 4:6
Matt 5:5

Have a great week!

Much love,
Søster Ferguson

Thou shalt not covet the elders' car.

Thou shalt not covet the elders’ car.



Easter feast at Theresa's

Easter feast at Theresa’s

Sometimes, you just gotta take a picture

Sometimes, you just gotta take a picture


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