High Five the Ziptie

‘Twas a good week. There’s always more to learn as far as training and being a missionary in general goes.

Monday we took an essentials P-day, which means that we only do the essentials like emailing and grocery shopping and laundry and such, so we could do our district activity on Wednesday! We had SO much fun! We took a trip down to Ribe, about 30 mins south of Esbjerg. We walked around the domkirke, which Sister Van Orden and I didn’t get the chance to do, which was SO AWESOME BECAUSE MY ANCESTOR WAS A BISHOP OF THE RIBE DOMKIRKE! About 500 years ago. I took a lot of pictures. It was surreal. Then we hiked up the 240-something steps to the top of the tower! It was the perfect day to go because it was so sunny! Then we just walked around Ribe, which in and of itself is awesome, because it’s so old. Super cute. I’m sure the elders wouldn’t use the same adjective, but it was. We had a blast.

Things aren’t going as quickly with our buddy Nikolaj as we’d expected, but it should be good. He’s a strong guy. Lots of life drama going on and prepping for a baptism right in the middle of it.

We had a lot of finding going on. We talked to some very interesting people. Yesterday we talked to this guy who was every conspiracy theory, fantasy film, sci-fi novel crammed into one person. Oh my gosh, every time I didn’t think it could get weirder, he started talking about his 3rd eye and how he can walk through walls if he prays hard enough. But we gave him a Book of Mormon and said a prayer in peace. Probably the most interesting person I have ever talked to ever.

We had our first family history appt! Got our friend set up on Family Search and didn’t have a ton of time to help her find her cousins or I guess in this case, grandparents… but we’re going back. I might learn something as well as her because I’ve never really been able to find someone through the Family Search search tab. If anyone has any pointers, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear your advice.
I love family history. A man spoke to us yesterday in sacrament meeting about how very important it is to turn our hearts to our fathers and get on family history and I wished I could’ve been in a baptist church because I wanted to stand up and shout Hallelujah. That man knows what he’s talking about. Get on it peeps.

So, new transfer, new start. 3…. transfers… left? Are you kidding me?
Pshhhhhh. I got MASSE tid.

Ha’ det godt,
Søster Fergie

p.s. I got my hair cut. It was going to be a trim but Victoria told me that about 15 cm were destroyed. Who knew? So I told her to go to town. It’s nice. I was going to do it before summer anyway. Goodbye braids, hello straightener again.

Me: “It might be good for you to pray morning and evening”
*Søs Bevan whips open PMG*
Søs B: “God commands us to pray to Him and He’s taught us to pray morning and evening.”
Me: “Ya, it miiiight be good for you…”

Æ Reber: “Elder McDougall and I have a goal to see who can get tarred and feathered first”

Me: “It’s cold!”
Søs B: “It is cold. It’s a good thing we don’t live in this stairwell”

Woman on the train: “Er I mormoner?” (“Are you mormons?”)
Us: “Jo, det er vi.” (“Ya, we are”)
Woman: “Nåh! Jeg kender mormoner. Ingen kaffe, ingen te, ingen glæde!” (“I know mormons. No coffee, no tea, no happiness!”)

Kaj Langelund: “I’d be willing to admit my failures if I had any.”

Søs B: “The beaver saw his shadow. We have 6 more weeks together”

Distrikten i Ribe

Distrikten i Ribe

I'm related to that guy! #FamilyHistory #DanskeSlægt

I’m related to that guy! #FamilyHistory #DanskeSlægt

We're cute.

We’re cute.

Something new! Jeg fik klippet mit hår!

Something new! Jeg fik klippet mit hår!


Don, Don, the Poptart Man

Hello ladies….and gentlemen… dang it, that doesn’t really work. I was trying to quote Old Spice, but it’s awk cause I’m a girl…

Well, on that note.

I have realized that the sounds of pigeons is now a comforting, nostalgic sound, rather than an annoying one. If I could hug those pigeons and thank them for their lives…

My week was pretty good. Monday we had one of the worst lessons of my life, and it was all my fault. We brought our ward mission leader, and you know, you want to show him that you’re a good missionary. So I completely disregarded the spirit and my companion and where the lesson was flowing, and just leaned on my own self. It wasn’t good. Luckily, God saved us and they still want to meet with us, but afterwards I realized something needed to change. The morning of District Meeting, I studied how to use the Spirit in teaching. We also read the talk by President Eyring called “The Holy Ghost as your Companion” from this last conference that we decided to share with a less-active later that day. Well the Holy Ghost was the theme of our district meeting and Elder Gudmundson even read some of the talk we’d read that morning. It was great. Things have been going a lot better.

We went on splits in Odense again! It was wonderful. I got to be with Sister Landvatter, whom I love most dearly. She’s one of my closest friends, mostly because she’s like my sister. Plus it’s nice to talk with someone I’m on the same level with. That never happens. She helped me figure out a lot of my problems.

Year in the land mark! It’s a landmark!

Nothing super exciting. Sister Bevan and I are getting along a lot better. We had a really great day on Saturday, even though all of our appt either cancelled or burned us. It was sunny and happy. I love those days.

Hey, you all have it good, okay? Oh and Happy Valentines Day! Elder Howes wore a red tie to celebrate #ValentinesDayOnTheMish

Søster Fergie


Me: “If that bench was a sofa, it would be soggy.”

*attempting to do yoga*
Me: “And this is what we call the pinwheel pose!”

Æ Howes: “She’s going ham on that cheese”

*Søs Landvatter wrote ‘WP’ to stand for Weekly Planning in her planner*
Søs Bevan: “That’s what my mom wrote on the calendar when she needed to remember to water her plants.”
Søs L: “Now you’re going to be thinking I’m just going to be out watering my plants for 3 hours!”

Søs B: “I was trying to say ‘Husk at læse’ and all it would say was ‘hurl at lard'”

Søs B: “Where do they speak Amharic?”
Me: “…America? Duh”

Me, biking a bit in front of my comp: “That was a good decision!”
Søs B pulling up beside me: “What about a pigeon?”




Yeahhhh, guess who forgot to take pictures this week. Again. Sorry folks.

Yeahhhh, guess who forgot to take pictures this week. Again. Sorry folks.

To make up for my lack of a fourth picture, you get 2 stories that Sister Bevan and I wrote during language study. This is our favorite language study activity 🙂 They’re really confusing and funny if you take them through Google Translate. Or you could ask your closest danish speaker to translate them 😉 I’m sure there are a lot of grammatical errors.

Story #1:
Der var en dreng som hed Kasper og han havde en stor, doven, kat. Den sad på bilen da Kasper kørte væk fra sin postkasse. Katten var så begejstret at Kasper vidste ikke hvad han skulle spise ud af skraldespanden. På den første stop, mariehønen faldt over kattens øre og sagde, “Hjælpe mig! Mine vinger har blevet stjulet!”

Kasper troede at han havde hørt det forkert, så han spurgte mariehønen at gentag det. Mariehønen kunne ikke sige noget mere, hun var død. Hendes kat råbte ud, “Du gjorde hende til at dø! Jeg er så ked af det!”

Kasper blev overrasket. “Hvordan er jeg en morder? Min samvittighed med det er ren!”

Katten fortalte syltetøjet, “Hvad kan jeg gøre for mariehønen?”

Syltetøjet sagde med glæde, “Du må grave alene og prøve at finde et mistet mønt så at du kan betale for mariehønens sjæl.”

Mens syltetøjet svømmede rundt i havet, Kasper tog en blad og bandt mariehønens ben. Mariehønen var i live!! Kasper tænkte han kunne ikke gøre noget til at hjælpe sig føle mere lykkelig! Hans venner var levende! Katten vågnede med overraskelse! Det som var forventet skete!

Mariehønen surmulede over sine omstændigheder.

Story #2:
En dejlig orange sommer dag, Kirsten løb væk fra sin kærestes stor elefant som prøvede at trampe på hende. Hun kunne ikke se hvordan musen kom til at være i sin historie, men sådan så historien ud.

Musen skreg ud, “Løb hurtigere! Der er mange farlige frugter derovre! Du må ikke nyse højer end elefanten fordi frugter vil vågne mormor!!”

Kirsten blev overrasket over musens bekendtegørelse fordi hun kunne ikke se noget. Hun kiggede væk fra elefanten så hun kunne find frugterne og mormor. Der så hun ikke en flot mus, men strks begyndte frugterne til at angribe hende på den hue og tshirt og sko hun havde på. Det var helt vildt at Kirstens kæreste sov igennem det hele. Hvor var han da elefanten flygtede sig fra huset?

Mormor vågnede vredt fordi frugterne var så voldsom da de fløj gennem vandet og lo på musen. Mormor råbte ud, “Hvad sker her?! Jeg kan ikke tro at I kom så langt for at gratulere mig for hvor gammel og vis og sjov jeg er. I dag, i går, og i morgen er Kirstens begravelse på toget.” Kirstens stakkels kæreste vidste ikke, da frugterne angreb elefanten og Kirtsen, at de ville dø, desværre.

Musen gav ham en blomst og sagde, “Held og lykke”

Eagle Scouts

Hello lovelies. It’s been a much better week. Sister Bevan and I are getting along super fine.

We had a pretty great week!

Before I tell you about it, I’ve been beating myself up a lot lately and I’ve decided to work on charity, which I felt I was lacking. So I studied it Monday morning and that very day I had 2 different people tell me that I’m one of the most charitable and loving people they’ve ever met. It was such a tender mercy for me, you don’t even know. I need to stop beating myself up for things. I’ve also realized that the times I get down on myself the most are when I’m sitting or standing still, so in order to keep my head up I have to keep working! Slut med at slå dig selv i hovedet! (No more beating yourself in the head)

SO! Our excitement of the week comes from a wonderful little thing called the “One Month Meeting!” The difference between this time and when I was being trained was that it was 2 days long! So we took a 3 hour long train to Copenhagen (Esbjerg is clear out there in the remote reaches of Denmark, I’m telling you) And stayed at the mission home! We had SO many good trainings. They pretty much crammed every zone training we’ve had for the past 7/8 months into 2 days. I got re-trained on a lot of things I’d forgotten. PLUS! Sister Bevan got to be officially trained on Family History! I ran her through some of the things a few weeks ago, but I’m excited to get her on the same page so we can use it more in our finding. I. LOVE. FAMILY.HISTORY. Sister Bevan and I got to go through the temple for some Danish names that I’d found! It was so special. When I get home, that’s all I want to do. Do family history and go to the temple for the people I find. Done. Life’s mission realized.

It was so fun to spend time with all those people. We’re also improving a lot of the ways we do things here in Esbjerg, and Sister Bevan and I are learning to compromise on the way we do things as well. I was telling her that as much as I love her, I have no clue why Heavenly Father stuck us together because we’re SO different. But we can learn from each other. That’s why.

There’s been some drama with Nikolai and Genesis, but Nikolai is still going strong. Things are good. We’re meeting with him tomorrow.

Okay, incredible story time. So a few months ago Sister Van Orden and I knocked on the door of this Vietnamese woman and her family. She let us in and told us that she was teetering between Buddhism and Christianity, but her son, who is 9, told us that he believed in God and prays! We had an appt but then it got cancelled and life got busy. Middle of December we go by again and the son looks at Sister Van Orden and says “Hey! Didn’t you sing in the mall the other day?” We couldn’t believe he remembered her! I have felt so good about this boy. He’s gonna be a prophet one day. Anyway, just last week we called and scheduled an appt with them again and we got a member to come with us! We met with them on Saturday and the dad was home, who I’d never met before. We got talking and we found out that he had come to our church before and not only that, but it was Ana Birthe Krogstrup (She served with my Grandma Fergie in the family history center downtown Salt Lake) that brought him! He said he learned Danish just by coming to church! He also says that he remembers our bishop and his siblings! This was 35 years ago! NO. WAY. And then, after we gave the mom the Vietnamese Book of Mormon, the dad was pretty much begging to take the whole family back to church! The member we brought was PERFECT at inviting them to church and involving the ward in everything! We have another appt with them on Saturday! This was a miracle. I love God!

It’s been a good week. We’re still working on things, but it’s going up.

Love you all!
Søster Fergie

p.s. I’ve had 4 flat tires in the past 3 days. Yes, I’m buying a new tire. #SoDone

Me: “I feel like the longer I’m in Esbjerg, the more I become like a man. I’m an expert at fixing bikes, the wind makes your leg muscles HUGE, and there’s no need to shave your legs cause you’re wearing tights 24/7!”
Søs Bevan: “Esbjerg is like boy scouts and pretty soon you’ll be an eagle scout!”

Me: “You know what’s gross? Elder berry soup.”
Æ Allred: “Elder Perry soup??!”

President: “You give ’em a shirt, they give you their friends”

“Of all the modern-day celebrities, who do you think is the most like Korihor?”

Søs Ogaard: “Where do you find hope?”
President: “What good is your pope??”

Søs O’Bryant: “Sometimes I just think it would be easier if we were all bald!”

Someone: “For a short time we’re nuns.”
Pres: “Ya, none dates, none pants…”

*Søs Bevan role-playing* “Hvad siger… nej. Hvad STOR i bogen? Ugh, every time I say ‘siger,’ I picture a book talking to me”  (What says … no. What’s IN the book?)

​Esbjerg party club!

​Esbjerg party club!


The luxurious treat of McDonalds. But no really, those nuggets are PRIME.

The luxurious treat of McDonalds. But no really, those nuggets are PRIME.


Tripledent Gum

Hello, lovelies. Training is going. It’s still pretty hard. I feel like we’re in a maze and keep having to turn around and try again because we keep hitting dead ends, but we’ve decided to follow Cornelius Robinson’s advice and keeping moving forward. I’ve definitely seen myself progress since Sister Bevan has been here and I guess missions aren’t supposed to be easy. I was telling her the other day that I feel like each companion I’ve had has added a different ingredient to the person and missionary I need to be. Somethings are just more sweet like sugar and vanilla than others like salt and flour, but they’re all necessary. I’ve also been working on patience and charity. But I love Sister Bevan. She’s a fantastic missionary. I’m grateful for this opportunity to be her trainer.

The missionary broadcast last week was all about utilizing Preach My Gospel more in our work. I’ve felt like I’ve fallen into what I call a ‘mission comfort zone’. Coming on a mission is going out of your comfort zone (unless you’re Elder McDougall) and once you get past that initial fear you get into a groove where you feel comfortable. We’ve been doing a lot of getting out of our comfort zones and going the extra mile (Literally, except it would be ‘the extra kilometer’ 😉 we biked out to this suburb called Hjerting the other day, which is a pleasant bike ride, but the way home we had to make a member present appt and we soon found out why the bike up there was so lovely. The way back we were against the wind all the way down from Hjerting and across town. Luckily, God is really good at timing and we made our appt RIGHT on time.)

We went running the other morning with the elders. I haven’t gone running since Sister Sørensen in Slagelse. In August. I need to do it more because I’m STILL sore. But I kind of don’t like it. I wonder how long I’ll have to do it until I’m used to it?

We went on splits! Since Sister Landvatter is the only Sister Training Leader we have, we get to go on splits twice! This time I was with Sister Reed. I love that woman. I’ve been having trouble finding joy in the work lately and I found it again! During planning, the night before, we decided that we were going to fill out a bunch of cards and give out a bunch of Book of Mormons the next day and take DOWN this college housing area. We set out the next morning with 7 copies of the Book of Mormon – 5 in Danish and 2 in English. We gave out 4 in the first go, took a break for lunch and such, then came back and gave out 2 more! So many new potentials! Then later that day, as we were walking back to the apt, we had 1 English BOM left. We decided that we couldn’t give it to a Dane, it had to be an udlander (foreigner). We were walking and we saw this African man coming out of his apt and we both were like “GO! He’s not danish!” So we approached him and told him we were giving out a free book! We said it was about Jesus Christ and then we asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ. He doesn’t say anything just takes his earbud out of his ear and sticks it in Sister Reed’s ear! We were like “woooah, oh no, he’s probably high” but then he showed us the screen to his phone and it was a song with things like “Jesus is my rock and my redeemer…” He was like “I LOVE Jesus!!!” He told us he was from Ghana and he knew about our church but didn’t know where to find it here in Denmark! He wants to come to church on Sunday and he took the book! I think we skipped all the way home. I clicked my heels once too. SUPER happy. AND I gave away all the cards I had in my pocket. Working with Sister Reed got me so pumped to share the gospel again! I’m hoping I can take some of that back to Esbjerg with me.

We’ve gotten dropped and burned by quite a few people this week, but we’re pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ and a love of God and of all men. Or trying, at least. It’s like a roller-coaster. Ups and downs, but always moving forward.

Have it good,
Søster Fergie

Biking against the wind for 11 km is death.

Biking against the wind for 11 km is death.

Gave out 7 copies of the Book of Mormon yo.

Gave out 7 copies of the Book of Mormon yo.

This is what biking in Esbjerg makes you!

This is what biking in Esbjerg makes you!

Also realizing that you didn't take any pictures last week so you take one just barely at the library. (p.s. Look at that fab guy in the corner with his fab shirt and infinity scarf. Fab.)

Also realizing that you didn’t take any pictures last week so you take one just barely at the library. (p.s. Look at that fab guy in the corner with his fab shirt and infinity scarf. Fab.)