Tripledent Gum

Hello, lovelies. Training is going. It’s still pretty hard. I feel like we’re in a maze and keep having to turn around and try again because we keep hitting dead ends, but we’ve decided to follow Cornelius Robinson’s advice and keeping moving forward. I’ve definitely seen myself progress since Sister Bevan has been here and I guess missions aren’t supposed to be easy. I was telling her the other day that I feel like each companion I’ve had has added a different ingredient to the person and missionary I need to be. Somethings are just more sweet like sugar and vanilla than others like salt and flour, but they’re all necessary. I’ve also been working on patience and charity. But I love Sister Bevan. She’s a fantastic missionary. I’m grateful for this opportunity to be her trainer.

The missionary broadcast last week was all about utilizing Preach My Gospel more in our work. I’ve felt like I’ve fallen into what I call a ‘mission comfort zone’. Coming on a mission is going out of your comfort zone (unless you’re Elder McDougall) and once you get past that initial fear you get into a groove where you feel comfortable. We’ve been doing a lot of getting out of our comfort zones and going the extra mile (Literally, except it would be ‘the extra kilometer’ 😉 we biked out to this suburb called Hjerting the other day, which is a pleasant bike ride, but the way home we had to make a member present appt and we soon found out why the bike up there was so lovely. The way back we were against the wind all the way down from Hjerting and across town. Luckily, God is really good at timing and we made our appt RIGHT on time.)

We went running the other morning with the elders. I haven’t gone running since Sister Sørensen in Slagelse. In August. I need to do it more because I’m STILL sore. But I kind of don’t like it. I wonder how long I’ll have to do it until I’m used to it?

We went on splits! Since Sister Landvatter is the only Sister Training Leader we have, we get to go on splits twice! This time I was with Sister Reed. I love that woman. I’ve been having trouble finding joy in the work lately and I found it again! During planning, the night before, we decided that we were going to fill out a bunch of cards and give out a bunch of Book of Mormons the next day and take DOWN this college housing area. We set out the next morning with 7 copies of the Book of Mormon – 5 in Danish and 2 in English. We gave out 4 in the first go, took a break for lunch and such, then came back and gave out 2 more! So many new potentials! Then later that day, as we were walking back to the apt, we had 1 English BOM left. We decided that we couldn’t give it to a Dane, it had to be an udlander (foreigner). We were walking and we saw this African man coming out of his apt and we both were like “GO! He’s not danish!” So we approached him and told him we were giving out a free book! We said it was about Jesus Christ and then we asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ. He doesn’t say anything just takes his earbud out of his ear and sticks it in Sister Reed’s ear! We were like “woooah, oh no, he’s probably high” but then he showed us the screen to his phone and it was a song with things like “Jesus is my rock and my redeemer…” He was like “I LOVE Jesus!!!” He told us he was from Ghana and he knew about our church but didn’t know where to find it here in Denmark! He wants to come to church on Sunday and he took the book! I think we skipped all the way home. I clicked my heels once too. SUPER happy. AND I gave away all the cards I had in my pocket. Working with Sister Reed got me so pumped to share the gospel again! I’m hoping I can take some of that back to Esbjerg with me.

We’ve gotten dropped and burned by quite a few people this week, but we’re pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ and a love of God and of all men. Or trying, at least. It’s like a roller-coaster. Ups and downs, but always moving forward.

Have it good,
Søster Fergie

Biking against the wind for 11 km is death.

Biking against the wind for 11 km is death.

Gave out 7 copies of the Book of Mormon yo.

Gave out 7 copies of the Book of Mormon yo.

This is what biking in Esbjerg makes you!

This is what biking in Esbjerg makes you!

Also realizing that you didn't take any pictures last week so you take one just barely at the library. (p.s. Look at that fab guy in the corner with his fab shirt and infinity scarf. Fab.)

Also realizing that you didn’t take any pictures last week so you take one just barely at the library. (p.s. Look at that fab guy in the corner with his fab shirt and infinity scarf. Fab.)


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