Eagle Scouts

Hello lovelies. It’s been a much better week. Sister Bevan and I are getting along super fine.

We had a pretty great week!

Before I tell you about it, I’ve been beating myself up a lot lately and I’ve decided to work on charity, which I felt I was lacking. So I studied it Monday morning and that very day I had 2 different people tell me that I’m one of the most charitable and loving people they’ve ever met. It was such a tender mercy for me, you don’t even know. I need to stop beating myself up for things. I’ve also realized that the times I get down on myself the most are when I’m sitting or standing still, so in order to keep my head up I have to keep working! Slut med at slå dig selv i hovedet! (No more beating yourself in the head)

SO! Our excitement of the week comes from a wonderful little thing called the “One Month Meeting!” The difference between this time and when I was being trained was that it was 2 days long! So we took a 3 hour long train to Copenhagen (Esbjerg is clear out there in the remote reaches of Denmark, I’m telling you) And stayed at the mission home! We had SO many good trainings. They pretty much crammed every zone training we’ve had for the past 7/8 months into 2 days. I got re-trained on a lot of things I’d forgotten. PLUS! Sister Bevan got to be officially trained on Family History! I ran her through some of the things a few weeks ago, but I’m excited to get her on the same page so we can use it more in our finding. I. LOVE. FAMILY.HISTORY. Sister Bevan and I got to go through the temple for some Danish names that I’d found! It was so special. When I get home, that’s all I want to do. Do family history and go to the temple for the people I find. Done. Life’s mission realized.

It was so fun to spend time with all those people. We’re also improving a lot of the ways we do things here in Esbjerg, and Sister Bevan and I are learning to compromise on the way we do things as well. I was telling her that as much as I love her, I have no clue why Heavenly Father stuck us together because we’re SO different. But we can learn from each other. That’s why.

There’s been some drama with Nikolai and Genesis, but Nikolai is still going strong. Things are good. We’re meeting with him tomorrow.

Okay, incredible story time. So a few months ago Sister Van Orden and I knocked on the door of this Vietnamese woman and her family. She let us in and told us that she was teetering between Buddhism and Christianity, but her son, who is 9, told us that he believed in God and prays! We had an appt but then it got cancelled and life got busy. Middle of December we go by again and the son looks at Sister Van Orden and says “Hey! Didn’t you sing in the mall the other day?” We couldn’t believe he remembered her! I have felt so good about this boy. He’s gonna be a prophet one day. Anyway, just last week we called and scheduled an appt with them again and we got a member to come with us! We met with them on Saturday and the dad was home, who I’d never met before. We got talking and we found out that he had come to our church before and not only that, but it was Ana Birthe Krogstrup (She served with my Grandma Fergie in the family history center downtown Salt Lake) that brought him! He said he learned Danish just by coming to church! He also says that he remembers our bishop and his siblings! This was 35 years ago! NO. WAY. And then, after we gave the mom the Vietnamese Book of Mormon, the dad was pretty much begging to take the whole family back to church! The member we brought was PERFECT at inviting them to church and involving the ward in everything! We have another appt with them on Saturday! This was a miracle. I love God!

It’s been a good week. We’re still working on things, but it’s going up.

Love you all!
Søster Fergie

p.s. I’ve had 4 flat tires in the past 3 days. Yes, I’m buying a new tire. #SoDone

Me: “I feel like the longer I’m in Esbjerg, the more I become like a man. I’m an expert at fixing bikes, the wind makes your leg muscles HUGE, and there’s no need to shave your legs cause you’re wearing tights 24/7!”
Søs Bevan: “Esbjerg is like boy scouts and pretty soon you’ll be an eagle scout!”

Me: “You know what’s gross? Elder berry soup.”
Æ Allred: “Elder Perry soup??!”

President: “You give ’em a shirt, they give you their friends”

“Of all the modern-day celebrities, who do you think is the most like Korihor?”

Søs Ogaard: “Where do you find hope?”
President: “What good is your pope??”

Søs O’Bryant: “Sometimes I just think it would be easier if we were all bald!”

Someone: “For a short time we’re nuns.”
Pres: “Ya, none dates, none pants…”

*Søs Bevan role-playing* “Hvad siger… nej. Hvad STOR i bogen? Ugh, every time I say ‘siger,’ I picture a book talking to me”  (What says … no. What’s IN the book?)

​Esbjerg party club!

​Esbjerg party club!


The luxurious treat of McDonalds. But no really, those nuggets are PRIME.

The luxurious treat of McDonalds. But no really, those nuggets are PRIME.



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