I Hope They Call Me On a Monkey

First! First! First! Our friend and buddy Nikolaj is getting baptized on March 5th!!! He was the biggest miracle. We are taking no credit for any of his progress. He’s God’s baptism; we just get to participate. Honestly I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to teach him. He has so much light in his eyes. I love that man. He is the perfekt example of utilizing the Atonement.

Sister Bevan tells me I talk in my sleep in Danish. This is a breakthrough moment ladies and gentlemen! We landed on the moon!!! I now feel successful in my life.

We finished up our big visiting members project this week! We got to a lot of people. We went on a few adventures, one of them out to Fanø, the Island right by Esbjerg. We met with 2 really cute old ladies. The first one was a previous investigator and told us that just 2 days earlier she had the thought that we were going to come. She also told us the same 5 Things 10 different times. The next old lady gave us some Risengrød, or rice pudding and could barely hear us. I love old people. I swear only old people live on Fanø.

Yesterday, President and Sister O’Bryant came to our ward to follow up on how the visiting the members thing went, and the meeting was SO successful!!! We’ve made so much progress with this ward. I love them. I want to keep doing the best I can for them.

On Friday we had a worldwide missionary broadcast that we went to Aarhus to see. It was very enlightening and so very helpful. I also had to endure two of my previous comps’ farewell testimonies and also Elder Lester’s. That was hard. I hate handshakes. And Sister Bevan gave her first testimony in Danish! Woo! That’s my girl!

Speaking of that girl, we’re getting along a lot better. We talk about a lot of things a lot – like so many productive comp inventories. We’re trying to figure out how things are going to work. She’s motivated me to be a better person and missionary. I realized I was slacking on a lot of things. I’ll keep you posted.

Saturday morning, right as we were about to start personal study, the zone leaders texted and challenged the zone to go out and shovel snow! It took a bit to get a hold of a few snow shovels, but then we, along with the elders and 2 members, went and shoveled the entire church parking lot! It was a workout. I’m still sore. But that thing is clear! Let’s go! We’re not going to mention that it rained later and melted all the snow anyway, but we still feel productive and successful!

Hey, it’s been a great week. This area is pulling itself out of the gutter. Have a great week everyone!

Søster Fergie

p.s. The title of this entry comes from a picture a child in my ward primary sent me from Utah. He colored the face of a missionary brown, drew big ears and scribbled out the word “mission” so the caption said “I hope they call me on a monkey”. I died.

*Æ Allred brushing snow off a bench outside the church*
Me: “Do you think anyone will even sit on it?”
Æ Allred: “Well… they will now!”

Me: “What if we asked someone who didn’t have a car for a ride, and they said sure then came and gave us piggyback rides? That would be awesome.”


The Family Photo. My baby Sister Bevan, me, my mom Sister Noorda, and my sister Sister Ogaard. Guess who still has never had a comp taller than her...

The Family Photo. My baby Sister Bevan, me, my mom Sister Noorda, and my sister Sister Ogaard. Guess who still has never had a comp taller than her…

So much joy on this boy's face.

So much joy on this boy’s face.

​Projekt: Shovel the church parking lot

​Projekt: Shovel the church parking lot


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