Cuddle Puddle

This week was a blast. Since every sister in the mission is training, they just called us all in to go to the new missionaries’ one month meeting! So one month meeting round 2! It was all the same stuff, but sometimes you need things twice to let them sink into your skull. It was so much fun. We had 19 sisters and 4 elders. We also got to go to the temple and they did the session in English! I haven’t heard it in English since the MTC! It was great. And I took another name I’d found while doing family history work! I love the temple. I’ve missed it. And I get to go next transfer too for my… 60 day meeting… wut. Not talking about that, sorry.

So I hate Easter. No, jk I love Easter, but I hate Denmark, no jk I love Denmark, but I hate holidays, no jk I love holidays. I just can’t stand Danish holidays. Today is what you call Second Påske day. I’m picturing Pippin asking Merry, “What about second breakfast?” You basically can’t schedule any appts or knock on any doors or visit any members from the Thursday before Easter to the Monday after because they’re ALL holidays and everyone is spending time with their families or are out of town. They get something called Påskeferie (Easter vacation) that’s even longer than Christmas vacation. Great for Danes, not so great for missionary work. So Sister Bevan and I pretty much have street contacted every single day. We walked around for 3 hours the other day. There’s this tendon in my right leg that’s not super happy with me. I love being a biking mission.

We watched the women’s session of General Conference yesterday (because we had nothing else productive to do) and it was SO GOOD! Especially President Eyring’s talk. It hit home for me on so many levels. I need to print it out.

Hey, so that was pretty much the exciting stuff with our week. It’s the last week of the transfer so I guess next week you’ll know if I’m moving or not.

Have it good,
Søster Fergie

President, upon discovering Sister Bevan studying behind a sidetable: “If you were a bear you’d have the BEST cave.”

Søs Baggaley: “There are child laborers on this milk carton! Send it back!”

Me: “I wonder how many cups of kool-aid you’d have to drink to get drunk.”

Æ Weese: “I’m gonna be the first man on the sun!”
Æ Allred: “You’d need a celestial body”

Æ Weese: “I’m glowing! Jk, I don’t need a lamp to glow”

Æ Howes reading ‘Guds Ånd som en ild” in an American accent: “God’s duck like a fiiiire!…”

We noticed a guy talking on a weird phone.
Søs Bevan: “Is that a cell phone?”
Me: “No, it’s a calculator.”
Søs Bevan: “I think you need this video. You could watch it on your calculator.”

​​This was pretty much the party of the week!

​​This was pretty much the party of the week!

Mickey D's. Love me some nuggets.

Mickey D’s. Love me some nuggets.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is known as:  The Cuddle Puddle. (We're missing just a few sisters.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is known as:
The Cuddle Puddle. (We’re missing just a few sisters.)

God Påske!

God Påske!


Travlt Sammen

Day 446 of my mission life. It’s been a good week.

We spent P day at the church and watched the Face2Face thing with Elder Holland. It was SO good. It honestly answered some prayers and worries. Watch it. And did some family history work! I love that stuff. Then we hopped on a train to Odense for splits! (I know we were just there) We had a good time. I LOVE going on splits with Sister Landvatter. It’s something else to have a good conversation with someone who’s exactly on your level. We both figured some things out together. We also street contacted for 3.5 hours straight and didn’t even burn out at all! It was AWESOME! Got some good potentials and just some really good conversations.

Tuesday night we went to CUV (YSA) in Odense and I got to see my good buddy Eric! His mom lives in my ward and I LOVE her. We bond about his mom. Then we rushed to the train station and missed our train by a minute. We literally watched the train drive away. So we did our walk of shame back to the church and stayed another night i Odense.

Our wonderful member friend that we visit and help cook (She is the BEST cook in the world and she gave me her recipes. #Score) made me a sweater! It is so beautiful! I am so very happy and grateful!

Nothing else extremely exciting. Arbejdet tager fremmad 🙂

OH! okay, I have an excellent story for you. So, back at the beginning of my time here in Esbjerg I lost this pair of gloves Sister Floyd gave me. I didn’t really think much of it, just kind of sad that I’d lost them. So the other week We were over in this one apartment building and I look on a radiator and MY GLOVES WERE SITTING RIGHT THERE!!! I coouldn’t believe it. So I stuck them in my pockets and we biked home. I got home and I discovered that I only had one of them. The other must have fallen out on the bike ride home. Man! BUT day before yesterday we were biking along this road and I notice something on the road in front of me and yell, “SISTER BEVAN STOP! WAIT!” My glove. Was sitting on the road. I could not believe it. I’d like to say that most of the miracles I’ve seen on my mission have been making transportation and finding gloves. I have made so many trains and buses with either 30 seconds to spare or the bus has been late or something. And this is the second experience I’ve had with finding missing gloves MONTHS after losing them. God is good.

Have a super awesome week!
Søster Fergie

Søs Hughes: “My mustache took off my mustache!”






The District

The District

My own handmade sweater!  Made by my lovely and talented friend Sofie!

My own handmade sweater!
Made by my lovely and talented friend Sofie!


Story #1: “På den højeste punkt af Gittes kort høne, var der in lille lilla loppe. Gitte troede at den første lyd hønen lavede var en spændende fest, men hun fandt ud af at hønen faktisk spillede klassisk musik i loppets ører fordi han fik ingen mad denne dag. Der var ikke nogen i Gittes hus some kunne høre det som hønen råbte ud efter hun blev general af frelsenshær. Loppet kunne ikke tag en morfar mens hønen arbejdede på musikken. Gitte opgav og løb væk. Hønen vidste ikke at der var så meget lyd indtil loppet hoppede af fra hvor han sad og begyndte at græde. Hønen var så nysgerrig til hvorfor alle tårerne løb til Gitte. Fordi Gitte var så langt væk, troede tårerne at de skulle ringe første. Gitte fik en opkald, men hun vidste ikke hvem det var så hun gav sin mobil til hønen. “Hej! Det er Gittes personal kæledyr. Hvordan går det?” Tårerne blev ked af at de kunne ikke snakke så højt fordi hønens loppe spillede musikken i hønens øre. Efter de gjorde alt some de kunne, så løb de hurtigere end før og nåede deres familier.


Story #2: “Hjerter af store ænder var engang kærlige og lykkelige, men nu er de sorte og voldsomme. Ænderne tog to tog til Fyn fordi der var så mange af deres efterkommere som flyttet derover på grund af menneskers uvenlighed imod dem. På øen var mennesker kærlig, men ænderne var stadig uhyggelige og vrede med dem bare fordi. Der kunne ikke laves en fest så begyndte Fyn at græde. En dag gik en and, som var ikke lige så dårlig til menneskene og vidste at godhed kommer når de smiler, til supermarked. Andens ven fortalte ham at det var ikke forfærdeligt at smil, men det gøre ikke noget. Jo mere man smiler, jo tættere man bliver til Gud, så man må prøve hårdere at grine på alt. Anden gjorde meget for at gøre sin familie glad fordi de havde ulykkelige tanker omkring Fyn og hele gruppen. Pludseligt kom ænderne til menneskerne og spiste alle deres kød med munden sammen med deres bedsteforældre. Den sidste and some smilede meget, elskede datteren af menneskernes abe fordi hun havde flotte tænder. Før han kunne trække vejr, blev sine tanker rykkede til krigen og hvor mange af sine søskende skulle blive gifte på grund af smilerne de mistede i abens lomme. Hjerterne af de mange lykkelige ænder blev jo lyserøde.


Godmorgen Bus

Before I tell you about my week, I need to tell you an awesome story. So. I think a week before I left Vejle, I can’t remember, Sister Thompson and I were just knocking one evening and we knocked on this man’s door, his name was Mathias, and we got into a good conversation. Didn’t believe in God, but accepted the Book of Mormon we gave him. I think we were probably there for, like, 30 mins. I was just like, “Woo! New potential! Too bad I’m leaving” A few months later I was talking to Sister Thompson and she said, “Hey, do you remember Mathias?” I tried to rack my brain for who that would be… “We knocked on his door right before you left? Well, he’s getting baptized!!” I think my jaw dropped. He didn’t believe in God! My thoughts were that I’m apparently really good at planting seeds because everyone that I teach gets baptized by someone else, which is fine. We’re all on the same team. It’s not a competition. But I couldn’t believe it. So He got baptized and I heard Sister Orr talk about him every once in a while.

And then. Yesterday we were in Aarhus for stake conference and I was chatting with a member from Vejle, when a man walks up and says, “Hej, huske du mig?” (“Hi, do you remember me?”) “Du bankede på min dør” (“You knocked on my door”) My eyes got super big and, man, I was so excited. He told me how when Sister Thompson came back she was with someone else and he was super confused. Anyway, last night I was sitting there and just thinking how incredible it is that just the act of knocking is an act of faith. A lot of times, because we knock on so many doors, it’s hard to think of it as something like that, or still have a hope that the person isn’t going to say “Nej tak” and close the door. I was also thinking how incredible it is that someone who doesn’t believe in God can read a plain blue book and have it change his life. I am so happy. God is so good.

Sweet. Well, this week we talked to a man from Ukraine, got 2 really rough rejects right after each other, found 2 new investigators, and we went on splits in Odense! I got to be with the very lovely Sister Hughes, and no. we did not take any pictures. I am so sorry, I was punching myself because of it. We took no pics this week. But we had a super great time in Odense. It was actually pretty funny, I knew the area better than Sister Hughes because I’d been there on splits so many times. We did some contacting and we found some awesome people! Sister Hughes is doing a great job. I had one of the best pastries I’ve ever eaten. It was a party.

We took a trip out to the lovely little town of Bramming to stop by a family history referral Bishop gave us. It was his old coworker who apparently is a family history GURU. He’d made his way back to the 800s. I felt like a kindergartener talking to someone with a doctorate with our little family tree we were offering to get for him. He’s traveled to all the places where his ancestors came from and looked in the actual church records to find people.

Stake conference was excellent! The theme was faith and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It was also super nice to see a bunch of members that I haven’t seen in a while. I love this community.

Whale, I guess I’ll talk to you later.
Søster Fergie

p.s. The title story is that yesterday, we were driving with a member up to Aarhus and we passed a bus, where instead of saying its destination up on the front, it just said “Godmorgen” and the member driving us was just like, “Godmorgen bus!” It cracked me up

Me: “I took a weese of all of Elder Weese’s… PICTURE!!! I took a PICTURE!!” #Facepalm

Æ Weese: “Well, this is your bed.”
“This is a napkin!”
“Yes it is. Held og lykke”



We found Narnia!!!

We found Narnia!!!


Bramming (Sorry, scraping the bottom of the barrel for any and all pics we took this week)

Bramming (Sorry, scraping the bottom of the barrel for any and all pics we took this week)

Can I Get a Cat?

hello Hello HELLO!

Running out of time. okay.

First! We had zone conference this week! I feel like all this mission is anymore is new missionaries. I don’t know half of them (yet 😉 ) But I’ve still got some good friends. The training was excellent. Elder Brady and Elder Curtis gave one of the best trainings I’ve ever experienced and it sort of changed my life. So inspiring, I was bawling. Sure can respect missionaries who bring the Spirit like a brick to the face.

Okay. Super awesome story coming up right here. So, last week we knocked on this family from Sudan’s door and they didn’t speak Danish and the only Book of Mormon we had was in Danish, so we told them we’d come back the next day with one in English. So we came back and the dad was there this time and he was super excited about reading the book! He even asked us when we could come back to talk about it! So we made an appt and said goodbye. Because they were from Sudan, we thought we could ask our member buddy Bernard (the one I translate for in church), who’s from Ghana, to come with! So yesterday we meet Bernard at the church to talk about what we’re going to be teaching and how he can help and as we start describing this family, Bernard says “I know them!” Is the mom a little chubbier and the dad a little guy?” We were like YES! So we bike over to their house and knock on the door and it turns out that the dad of the family and Bernard are good friends! Sadly, they didn’t have time that day, but we set another appt! Coincidence, I think NOT! Hoo-hoo, God is good. Bernard is going to fellowship the crap out of this family. #MemberMissionaryWork

Okay, super-awesome moment for me. So I’m sitting there, eating lunch after zone conference, and a brand new senior elder, Elder Larsen, comes up and sits next to me and says, “Are you THE Sister Ferguson?” I’m just like, “uhhhhhh…. ya? What does that mean?” And he goes on to tell me that in the 5 months between when he got his mission call and when he reported, he followed my blog! And then Elder Vance pipes in telling me that his mom reads my blog too! And Sister Batey read my blog! And the whole of Sister Williams family reads my blog! Every one and their cat reads my blog and it makes me so happy! S/O to EVERYONE! You rock. I just want you all to know that I spend an hour of my two hours typing this up and it’s my pride and joy. The purpose is just to let everyone know that missions can be CRAZY AWESOME! It’s a party. So happy.

Some nice person gave us flowers the other day with an anonymous note that said, “I er to rigtig dygtige missionær. Tak for jeres arbejde.” (“You are two really good missionaries. Thank you for your work.”) It made me cry. A lot. I was so happy. I was bawling. I love people.

Hey, but you can all have a great week, igås? jk, ikke? Not conforming to that Jylland life. #TeamSjælland

Søster Fergie

Me: “Is it every mother’s instinct to use their spit to get whatever it is off their child’s face? What are we, cats? No! That’s gross! It’s less gross to just leave it there! What am I destined for?”

Sister! Breaking the white handbook... shameful

Sister! Breaking the white handbook… shameful

Welcome to March.

Welcome to March.

This is how we do roleplays in the house.

This is how we do roleplays in the house.

​Football with our new friend.... nope, can't remember his name, but he's homeless and Greenlandic!

​Football with our new friend…. nope, can’t remember his name, but he’s homeless and Greenlandic!

Inviteth and Entitheth

And it came to pass, in the beginning of the tenth transfer of the mission life of Sister Lucy Ferguson, that the goals of Sister Ferguson and Sister Bevan became greater and they took more pictures together. This was a great achievement.

So. It’s been a pretty good week. We’ve been doing quite a bit more family history than before! We helped the bishop’s family, last night, to order a fan chart and just showed them a bit around FamilySearch – how to print out temple names and such. It was exciting, except things kept going wrong and everyone was jokingly blaming it on my lack of certification (I just need to do 2 more things and I’m done). We also have been helping this lady named Vivi to set up a FamilySearch account and put her family in there! Then we got onto the Danish archives and found her grandfather and his parents. We discovered that one of the names had been spelled wrong. I love family history! I want to do it always.

We also went on splits with 2 brand new sisters, Sister Batey and Sister Hughes! Seriously though, Sister Batey hadn’t even slept in her own bed yet, they were so new. We went up to Vejle to pick them up because Sister Landvatter and Sister Orr, their trainers, had to go to Copenhagen for leadership council, and we brought their babies back to Esbjerg with us to party! It was pretty interesting and I love them both, but it made me grateful to have my babe, Sister Bevan. I was with Sister Batey! It was actually pretty awesome, she told me that she followed my blog before she came and she already knows so many of my stories and such because of that. SO weird. But really awesome. It reminded me of the day I met Sister Rogers, whose blog I’d followed before my mission. But we had a lot of fun. While Sister Bevan and Sister Hughes went to Fanø to bring a referral a fan chart, Sister Batey and I did some service for a member and had such a great time! She fed us smørrebrød and told us her conversion story. It was incredible. I love doing service. It’s a great excuse to wear jeans*cough*I mean serve God’s children. That is why I came out here after all 😉

Not much else of note. But yes. Good good. I love your faces.

Søster Fergie

Us texting the elders: “Hey, do you guys have an allen wrench?”
Elders’ text back: “Sorry, we couldn’t find him in our area book…”

*Two girls on the train*
Girl 1: “Der må nok være nogen der kommer, ellers så græder jeg” (“Someone needs to come or I’m going to cry”)
Girl 2: “Du må ikke græd.” (“You may not cry”)
Girl 1: “Næh, det gøre jeg bare” (“I’ll do it anyway”)
I thought this was so funny because I say “If this doesn’t happen I’m going to cry” all the time.

Beloved mother and grandmother... rest in peace

Beloved mother and grandmother… rest in peace

Newbie splits!

Newbie splits!

S/O to Sister Batey!

S/O to Sister Batey!

A man totally walked past while we were doing this...

A man totally walked past while we were doing this…


“En klog mand faldte ned fra toppen af bjerget efter han så sin drage spise solen, men det var utroligt at den klog mand var ikke skadede. Fordi manden kunne stadig se solen, troede han at dragen var for lille at spise det hele. Dragen blev overordentlig strålende og kunne ikke tage sin mad ud af mandens lomme. På grund af dragens omstændighed kunne manden ikke gøre noget med dragen mere. Manden gik væk fra dragen og hans fremragende mave. Efter, fandte jorden et roligt sted i østen uden sygdomme. Månden var vrede med dragen fordi solen var ikke der i himlen for en hel dag og han skulle ikke stråle om dagen og det er forfærdeligt! Dragen forsvandt ud afluften men solen fløj op til himlen hvor den hørte til. Alle stjernerne glædede sig over hjemkomsten men manden var endeligt tilfreds med livet.