Ferguson, Like the Tractor?

Yes, yes, that’s me. Every time I introduce myself, they always say either “Ferguson, like the football star?” or “Ferguson, like the tractor?” I personally have never heard of either, but I like the football star better. I’m not a tractor. The other one I’ve got is “Isn’t Ferguson that one British duchess?” I’m like “Yes. Yes she is. And she is not a tractor.”

Last P-day we took it in København because I had my language test that morning in Glostrup. But it was so fun! It’s weird being in a place, tourist-y-like and being actually able to read the foreign language on all the signs! Woo! Sister Williams came all the way down from Ålborg with Sister Reed so it was fun to hang out with them! And to catch up with my wonderful Sister Williams! Right as the Ålborg søstre left to head back home, we ran into a horde of Frederiksberg elders! So we hung out with them, stopped into some shops (Tiger, an amazing and adorable ‘dollar store’) and a funky 80’s thrift store. Good times, good times.

What else? I’m teething! My wisdom teeth are coming in. A few years ago I had my two back-most molars pulled because they had major cavities and the two wisdom teeth that I have will just fall down into those spots, so I’ve had this empty space in the back of my mouth, and this little tiny tooth is starting to come in. It’s making my whole mouth really tender. Woo. I thought I was done with this when I was 2.

So on Saturday we went up with the elders to Kalundborg to visit a referral that we’d had for a while. We got to Kalundborg and found out that we’d missed our bus by 3 mins and it only comes every 2 hours. So we camped in the train station and did some weekly planning. We took the bus 2 hours later up to Havnsø (about 45 mins away from Kalundborg), had to get some directions from the bus driver, but we made it. The thing is that Salma (the referral) doesn’t really live next to the bus stop and the next bus came in 40 mins. So we speed walked the 15 mins to her house. Got there and she was so happy to let us in! She’d wanted to be baptized before, but her husband got jealous of the elders so they stopped teaching her, but we’re sisters so there shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway we were able to have an incredible 10 min lesson before we had to run back to the bus stop to catch our bus. The thing is that neither Sister Floyd or I are good runners. We’d be running and run out of breath and have to take a walking break, but God would tell us exactly when we needed to run and when we needed to stop. It was crazy because we both had the exact same experience. Because we did that, we made it to the bus RIGHT as it pulled up. It was a miracle! We said a very very thankful prayer on the bus.

Ok, I have to tell you that I’ve reached a milestone in my Danish comprehension. I get SO many jokes. It’s fantastic! And Danes have incredible senses of humor. Seriously, I never stop laughing. It’s partially the Danes and mostly partially Søster Floyd. We laugh too much. A member called us “Søstrene Grine” (Sisters Laughing). It’s funny because there’s a little shop here called Søstrene Grene.

So we named our washer Jimmy. When he’s on spin-cycle he shakes the whole apt and you just hear Søs Floyd and I yelling “JIMMY! CALM DOWN! DO YOU NEED TO GO TO YOUR ROOM?” And then Søs Floyd turns to me and is like “He’s your child.” Which obviously offends me because he belongs to both of us. Jimmy throws tantrums a lot. Sometimes I’ll throw in “JAMES! DO I NEED TO TELL YOU AGAIN!”

Also, really quick, I realized how awesome listening to conference talks with less-actives is because it’s completely the spirit teaching. We are just the messengers!

Good stuff. I love this place. I love being on a mission.

Much lovelyhilsens,
Søster Fergie


Søs Fl: “Hey, remember when Elder Lester gave you some robins eggs and you lost your crap?”

Me: “I wonder what would happen if I knocked his nest down.”
Søs Fl: “Well sister, then he would be homeless”
Me: “Ya but he’s a pigeon. I hate pigeons”
(This is actually on the cover of Søs Floyd’s planner lige nu)
Søs Fl: “Your hatred for that pigeon is taking you away from your missionry work.”

“Witty brings the spirit, funny is just annoying.”

“You almost crashed the car! I blame the cake”

Søs Fl: “Inge should just buy a big bus and drive everyone to church.”
Torvald: “Well I like big bus and I cannot lie”


Language test in Copenhagen



Rolig (calm)

Rolig (calm)

"The first thing I saw when I got to Denmark was a golden field and the last thing I saw when I left Denmark was a golden field" #RapsForDays #BrorWilliamson #SøsterFloydJustBiffedItInTheRaps

“The first thing I saw when I got to Denmark was a golden field and the last thing I saw when I left Denmark was a golden field” #RapsForDays #BrorWilliamson #SøsterFloydJustBiffedItInTheRaps


Wahoo! God is Good!

Before I tell you my miracle story, I have to tell you about zone training. It was in Roskilde and SO weird to go back there. Weirder still was seeing my mom with a different companion. Haha, the whole zone got to experience the companionship that is Sister Floyd and I. We’re kind of crazy. Præsident was cracking up and we were like “Ya this is what happens when you stick us together! You were the instigator of this” Anyway, for our zone training we talked about emphasizing the importance of Sabbath day observance and church attendance with the people we work with and set goals to make it better.

Man oh man. Well we did what we said we would. Talked to this less active, her name is Christa, about coming to church and how important it is (She was actually the one we role-played for.) She hadn’t been to church in over 3 years. She has a lot of angst and has wanted to come to church but has been too afraid. So we talked it up, found her a ride and someone to sit by her. Called the bishop and then the next day, Saturday, we decided to call her just to make sure and she told us that she didn’t think she was gonna make it. Sister Floyd hung up and we both felt so deflated, BUT I had just the tiniest little spark of faith that God could work with her. We went to bed, came to church the next day and Christa wasn’t showing up. THEN THEN THEN!!!! I turned and saw her in the doorway. I pretty much poked Sister Floyd so hard her arm has a bruise and was like “SISTER FLOYYYYYYYD!! CHRISTA IS HEEEERE!!!” We rushed over with the friend we’d arranged to sit by her. Let me tell you, when she took the sacrament for the first time in 3 years, I cried.

The whole day Sister Floyd and I would turn to each other and just be like “Hey guess what? Christa totally just came to church. No biggie”

My testimony of faith in God just skyrocketed.

Another interesting thing was that during the role-play I promised ‘Christa’ that if she came to church, God would help her to feel completely comfortable, but in the actual lesson I didn’t get the prompting that I should tell her that. Instead I was prompted to tell her that the first time will probably be rough, but the next time will be better and the next time will be even easier.

She loved church. She texted us after church and told us how grateful she was for us and that she had such a good time in church. Even though we didn’t promise her that God would take away her angst, IT HAPPENED! I am crying right now. I am so very grateful for Heavenly Father and the way He works.

This past week we didn’t do much because I caught a bug. The flu or a cold or something, whatever it was, it was aggravating. We definitely need to buy more toilet paper because I used it all on my nose. Being sick as a missionary stinks because you have to stay inside and sleep and take it easy… I mean I hate sleeping and taking it easy. But really though, your need to share the gospel starts building up inside your soul and you get guilty even though sleeping is what Sister Sederholm told you to do. Sister Noorda built this angst inside me when I’m not utilizing the Lord’s time in the best way. It’s been a fun week. Popping cough drops like candy. You know what they say, orange juice is a sick girl’s best friend.

So it’s May. I wonder if someone can tell Denmark that it’s May and not March. I just want to not have to worry about sweaters. Or coats for that matter.

Okay, Sister Floyd wanted me to tell you about a few special people we know.

First is Søren (Suren). He’s our ward choir director. He is… very interesting. I’m scared to see what he’d be like if he was teaching high school choir. His mouth makes hilarious shapes that I’d only heard about from my dear companion but got to finally experience yesterday. So funny. I love this man.

Next is Jytte (Yoota). Jytte is an adorable old lady with polio. We go over and sing with her and her adorable warbly voice. Last time we visited her she had received a letter from someone in Utah and had written a letter back but wanted us to translate it into English. She also told us that we could write a letter to these people also! So I wrote an awesome letter to some random person in Utah! “And I love YOU random citizen!”

On Saturday we had lunch with Sister Megan Hadley and her mom! I knew who she was from Sister Rogers’ blog so it was fun to see her. She and her mom were just visiting Denmark and wanted to stop by and see Sister Floyd. It was way fun. She’s adorable. #AdjectiveOfTheDay

Last but not least, I wanted to let you know how much I love my companion. She’s one of my very best friends and we’ve gotten scarily close in the past few days. I would die for that lady. We’ve started a little book of inside jokes that I’ve drawn. Maybe I’ll show it to you one day. It’s fantastic!

I love y’all!
Søster Fergie



Bake them cookies, Lucille

Bake them cookies, Lucille

Singing in church

Singing in church


Zone Training - Push ups

Zone Training – Push ups

Giving Shamar a Bath

Giving Shamar a Bath

It’s Our Garden! WE are the Gardeners Here!

Many Things to talk about. Not a lot of time.
Slagelse is great. Næsten ingen bakker (almost no hills)! Sister Floyd is greater. We are the funniest people you have ever seen. It’s bad. In fact we were saying that the only reason Heavenly Father stuck us together was because He was bored. “He’s up there with His popcorn, His favorite slik rund omkring, you KNOW” Sister Floyd is a mix between Sofi and Speedy. We get along SO well!

Okay. So. The man that played Jesus in The Testaments movie is Danish and his name is Thomas Kofoed. I’ve shaken his hand. So we were reading some very old (like 20 years old) Liahonas and we found a picture. Of Thomas Kofod. When he was 16 dressed as a clown. It was the most hilarious thing we have ever seen. We’re like “The pre-Jesus life!”

Thomas Kofod

Thomas Kofod

Thomas Kofod - pre-Jesus

Thomas Kofod – pre-Jesus

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Tillykke med Mors Dag! It was a crazy day! We woke up early to make something for the fællesspising after church, get all dolled up to Skype our mothers, practice the song we’re singing in church, and prepare a section of a lesson for Relief Society. We helped our lovely investigator Marianne get ready for church, I bore my testimony (which could have been better), AND sang a duet in Sacrament Meeting with Sister Floyd (that we found out we were doing the night before). We had to find Marianne a ride home and then bike back to church before Relief Society was over.

We had the wonderful opportunity to talk to our families! It was so good to see them! And I got to Skype with Ian too! I thought it was SO awesome that we are both on missions at the same time. I love my Family! It went by too fast! I was so exhausted afterwards.

Let me now tell you about Marianne. She’s getting baptized in June. She’s old, she’s sick, but she is a character. She’s fantastic and hilarious. She makes the best sound effects in the world. She’s so loving and has so much faith! She’s so excited to be a part of the church; the only thing holding her back are her physical limitations. I love her so much!

Okay. So a few weeks ago at district meeting Elder Hawkes was teaching about following up on commitments and assigned us scriptures to study and report on. I was so excited to report about mine, but then he told us that we weren’t actually going to report about them because it was just an object lesson. I was so mad! Then the next week he said that we could actually report, but he forgot. So I decided to report to you guys, and the past few times I’ve emailed, I’ve forgotten my little book, but I brought it this time! Woo!

4/23/15 – Moroni 10:32-33
“Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him…” – 3 Nephi 12:48 (Matt 5:48)
Christ commands us to come and be perfect, which is impossible in this life. We’re human and we make mistakes, BUT in verse 32 it talks about grace. It tells us how we can be perfect:
1. Deny yourself of all ungodliness
2. Love God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength
3. Nowise deny the power of God

THEN is His grace sufficient; only then will the grace of God kick in. In the bible dictionary it says that “Grace cannot suffice without total effort on the part of the recipient.” Grace is a free gift, but in verse 33 it mentions that it’s a covenant with God. If we promise to do those things necessary to become perfect, He promises that through the blood of Christ we can utilize that grace and achieve perfection.

I was also thinking about how repentance ties into this picture. When we repent of our sins, we’re smoothing out a rough spot on our stone. Each time we repent AND never do it again, we’re making use of the gift of the Atonement and coming closer to perfection. Being perfect doesn’t just mean being resurrected and receiving a perfect body (which everyone will have), it also means perfecting your mind and spirit. I think of a cake that looks beautiful and delicious, then you cut it and the inside is smelly and full of seaweed. If we aren’t grateful and don’t show our gratitude for the infinite gift that God has given us, though we may have it, we don’t deserve it, which is why those who show that gratitude by following God’s commandments and striving towards perfection will be blessed to live with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the Celestial Kingdom. Having a perfect body does not compare in the slightest to all the blessings God has prepared for those that keep His commandments and love Him.
(References: 1 Corin. 2:9, Isaiah 64:4, D&C 76:5-10, Bible Dictionary: God, Standard of Righteousness)

Have a wonderful week!

Søster Ferguson

“Too bad we couldn’t plank on a sheep”

Me: “I think I have a bug bite here. jk, that’s my ankle…”

Søs Floyd picked a random tulip. “It’s our garden! WE are the gardeners here!”

“That awkward moment between the pre-mortal life and the resurrection”

Anne-Marie: “Sometimes the word chimichanga gets stuck in my head.”


She just...picked a Tulip...

She just…picked a Tulip…


Skyping the fam

Skyping the fam


Ian's name tag, and "flashing the dork dot"

Ian’s name tag, and “flashing the dork dot”

Slay Elsa

Nah, but I got transferred to Slagelse! (pronounced “Slay Elsa”) With Sister Floyd.   K, Sister Floyd is a peach. I just about cried when I found out I was coming to be with her. In Slagelse. In the summertime.

(A Peach? Lucy’s Danish great-grandmother used to say, “She’s such a peach,” when describing people. It’s funny to me that Lucy used the phrase. 😉  )

Slay Elsa (Slagelse)

Slay Elsa (Slagelse)

Before I get too comfortable here, I gotta tell you about my week. It’s been a good week. Lots of appointments (in the form of goodbyes. “Hey, I’m leaving. Can we meet?). We committed Britt to give up coffee and cigarettes and she told us that she’ll start with coffee, but she’ll do it, or at least try! So exciting to finally be getting somewhere. I told her I’d try to stop cracking my knuckles (a REALLY hard habit to break. I tried it for a morning and failed) if she tries to give up coffee.

We also met with Vino! He’s my absolute favorite. We hadn’t met with him in over a week because he’s been busy, but we had to have a last appt before I left. We met in a completely silent library in Trekroner and talked about faith and prayer. The spirit was so strong the entire lesson! And he told us that he wants to give up smoking!! We didn’t even say anything, he just brought it up! SO much going for Vino! It broke my heart to leave because I care about this man so much. I love being a missionary and being able to feel God’s love for the people you teach.

I’m so excited for transfers! Søs Noorda has been incredible! What a great trainer and friend. But I’m excited to be flying the coop, and not just that, but I love Søs Floyd. God could’ve had me stay and take over the area in Roskilde, but he sent me to beautiful Slagelse with my favorite Søs Floyd. I’m excited to serve here. Also. Bonus. Elder Hawkes totally transferred to Slagelse with me! So many bonuses to this transfer. 

Hmm, what fun things have I done this week? It’s pretty much been a waiting game until Thursday when we found out who was transferring and where. Lots of goodbyes, lots of sadness, but with the investigators I said goodbye to, I just told Søs Noorda that I’ll get to see them again when they get baptized. Yeah!

Sorry it’s not super long. And I’d post quotes but they’re in my journal which is in my suitcase which is waiting for me at my new apt. We came straight to the library from the station.

Love you all!

Med Kærlighed,
Søster Ferguson

Domkirken last week

Domkirken last week

Roskilde second district

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

Teaching statue