Slay Elsa

Nah, but I got transferred to Slagelse! (pronounced “Slay Elsa”) With Sister Floyd.   K, Sister Floyd is a peach. I just about cried when I found out I was coming to be with her. In Slagelse. In the summertime.

(A Peach? Lucy’s Danish great-grandmother used to say, “She’s such a peach,” when describing people. It’s funny to me that Lucy used the phrase. 😉  )

Slay Elsa (Slagelse)

Slay Elsa (Slagelse)

Before I get too comfortable here, I gotta tell you about my week. It’s been a good week. Lots of appointments (in the form of goodbyes. “Hey, I’m leaving. Can we meet?). We committed Britt to give up coffee and cigarettes and she told us that she’ll start with coffee, but she’ll do it, or at least try! So exciting to finally be getting somewhere. I told her I’d try to stop cracking my knuckles (a REALLY hard habit to break. I tried it for a morning and failed) if she tries to give up coffee.

We also met with Vino! He’s my absolute favorite. We hadn’t met with him in over a week because he’s been busy, but we had to have a last appt before I left. We met in a completely silent library in Trekroner and talked about faith and prayer. The spirit was so strong the entire lesson! And he told us that he wants to give up smoking!! We didn’t even say anything, he just brought it up! SO much going for Vino! It broke my heart to leave because I care about this man so much. I love being a missionary and being able to feel God’s love for the people you teach.

I’m so excited for transfers! Søs Noorda has been incredible! What a great trainer and friend. But I’m excited to be flying the coop, and not just that, but I love Søs Floyd. God could’ve had me stay and take over the area in Roskilde, but he sent me to beautiful Slagelse with my favorite Søs Floyd. I’m excited to serve here. Also. Bonus. Elder Hawkes totally transferred to Slagelse with me! So many bonuses to this transfer. 

Hmm, what fun things have I done this week? It’s pretty much been a waiting game until Thursday when we found out who was transferring and where. Lots of goodbyes, lots of sadness, but with the investigators I said goodbye to, I just told Søs Noorda that I’ll get to see them again when they get baptized. Yeah!

Sorry it’s not super long. And I’d post quotes but they’re in my journal which is in my suitcase which is waiting for me at my new apt. We came straight to the library from the station.

Love you all!

Med Kærlighed,
Søster Ferguson

Domkirken last week

Domkirken last week

Roskilde second district

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

Teaching statue


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