Wahoo! God is Good!

Before I tell you my miracle story, I have to tell you about zone training. It was in Roskilde and SO weird to go back there. Weirder still was seeing my mom with a different companion. Haha, the whole zone got to experience the companionship that is Sister Floyd and I. We’re kind of crazy. Præsident was cracking up and we were like “Ya this is what happens when you stick us together! You were the instigator of this” Anyway, for our zone training we talked about emphasizing the importance of Sabbath day observance and church attendance with the people we work with and set goals to make it better.

Man oh man. Well we did what we said we would. Talked to this less active, her name is Christa, about coming to church and how important it is (She was actually the one we role-played for.) She hadn’t been to church in over 3 years. She has a lot of angst and has wanted to come to church but has been too afraid. So we talked it up, found her a ride and someone to sit by her. Called the bishop and then the next day, Saturday, we decided to call her just to make sure and she told us that she didn’t think she was gonna make it. Sister Floyd hung up and we both felt so deflated, BUT I had just the tiniest little spark of faith that God could work with her. We went to bed, came to church the next day and Christa wasn’t showing up. THEN THEN THEN!!!! I turned and saw her in the doorway. I pretty much poked Sister Floyd so hard her arm has a bruise and was like “SISTER FLOYYYYYYYD!! CHRISTA IS HEEEERE!!!” We rushed over with the friend we’d arranged to sit by her. Let me tell you, when she took the sacrament for the first time in 3 years, I cried.

The whole day Sister Floyd and I would turn to each other and just be like “Hey guess what? Christa totally just came to church. No biggie”

My testimony of faith in God just skyrocketed.

Another interesting thing was that during the role-play I promised ‘Christa’ that if she came to church, God would help her to feel completely comfortable, but in the actual lesson I didn’t get the prompting that I should tell her that. Instead I was prompted to tell her that the first time will probably be rough, but the next time will be better and the next time will be even easier.

She loved church. She texted us after church and told us how grateful she was for us and that she had such a good time in church. Even though we didn’t promise her that God would take away her angst, IT HAPPENED! I am crying right now. I am so very grateful for Heavenly Father and the way He works.

This past week we didn’t do much because I caught a bug. The flu or a cold or something, whatever it was, it was aggravating. We definitely need to buy more toilet paper because I used it all on my nose. Being sick as a missionary stinks because you have to stay inside and sleep and take it easy… I mean I hate sleeping and taking it easy. But really though, your need to share the gospel starts building up inside your soul and you get guilty even though sleeping is what Sister Sederholm told you to do. Sister Noorda built this angst inside me when I’m not utilizing the Lord’s time in the best way. It’s been a fun week. Popping cough drops like candy. You know what they say, orange juice is a sick girl’s best friend.

So it’s May. I wonder if someone can tell Denmark that it’s May and not March. I just want to not have to worry about sweaters. Or coats for that matter.

Okay, Sister Floyd wanted me to tell you about a few special people we know.

First is Søren (Suren). He’s our ward choir director. He is… very interesting. I’m scared to see what he’d be like if he was teaching high school choir. His mouth makes hilarious shapes that I’d only heard about from my dear companion but got to finally experience yesterday. So funny. I love this man.

Next is Jytte (Yoota). Jytte is an adorable old lady with polio. We go over and sing with her and her adorable warbly voice. Last time we visited her she had received a letter from someone in Utah and had written a letter back but wanted us to translate it into English. She also told us that we could write a letter to these people also! So I wrote an awesome letter to some random person in Utah! “And I love YOU random citizen!”

On Saturday we had lunch with Sister Megan Hadley and her mom! I knew who she was from Sister Rogers’ blog so it was fun to see her. She and her mom were just visiting Denmark and wanted to stop by and see Sister Floyd. It was way fun. She’s adorable. #AdjectiveOfTheDay

Last but not least, I wanted to let you know how much I love my companion. She’s one of my very best friends and we’ve gotten scarily close in the past few days. I would die for that lady. We’ve started a little book of inside jokes that I’ve drawn. Maybe I’ll show it to you one day. It’s fantastic!

I love y’all!
Søster Fergie



Bake them cookies, Lucille

Bake them cookies, Lucille

Singing in church

Singing in church


Zone Training - Push ups

Zone Training – Push ups

Giving Shamar a Bath

Giving Shamar a Bath


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