Mission Accomplished

Well. It is finished. BUT I wanted to tell you about my last week. We had some good things happen.

Monday we had sort of a funky short pday. At 2 we had a bunch of strangers come through our apt and look around like our lives were a museum or something. No we just had an apt open house. We think the office is going to try to sell it. Oh well I won’t be there.

We had family home evening with Familien Andersen! We made them all little missionary name tags and talked about how they can be missionaries. I love that family. Especially little Sofie.

Tuesday we had my very last district meeting. And every time I think I’ve given my ‘farewell’ testimony I am always asked to share it again. So it was this time. It was horrible because Elder Jensen gave the most incredible district meeting on facing adversity and I was bawling when they asked me to share my testimony. Thanks guys.

Our friend Peifang randomly went to China to visit her son for a month but she said she’ll call us when she gets back 😛 we’re not really worried. She loves the church.

Thursday was Sankt Hans Day! Last year when I was with Sister Floyd they had sort of a city fest with a billion drunk people. It wasn’t super fun. This year we had a ward party in someone’s huge backyard with a great big bonfire to burn the witch! Luckily someone suggested we light the fire before it got dark because after some time it started to rain HARD. We biked home from our ride’s house because that’s where our bikes were. We were completely soaked. Super fun though. Warm rain is wonderful.

The next day, after finally meeting one of the investigators the elders had before us who’d been on vacation on Iceland for almost the whole transfer, we bikes from her house to the temple! We got permission to go one more time before I left because I didn’t get to for my 60 day meeting. I was so happy. I love the temple. I also love it in Danish. I got such a strong feeling, sitting in the temple, that it was time to go home.

Saturday we took a nice train down to the lovely town of Slagelse for a man named Frank’s baptism! It was so great! Frank is a stellar man. It was also wonderful to see everyone down there. They had a BBQ in the parking lot after the dåb. It was a little funny because I was there this time last year at that same BBQ. We barely made it home in time to make it to soccer with our district and a few investigators.

Sunday was hard. Things started to hit. I said goodbye and took pictures with a bunch of wonderful ward members. Bishop Paulsen gave me a year and a half to get married. I said okay. I stayed after the Gladsaxe 2nd ward got out so I could say hello to the Bishop and his family from Esbjerg who were visiting. I pretty much attacked Marie-Helene in a giant hug. After we went home, Sister Sørensen did weekly planning while I packed. I’m used to cramming a lot of stuff into those small spaces, but it was a lot harder this time because everything has to be under a weight limit. That took most of the day, then we went out for the last hour to street contact. My last hour. We talked to some people. Have a Book of Mormon out to this nice Filipino lady. I also told this lady that I liked her dress, she looked at my name tag and said, in English, “God bless you”. Made my whole day.

The next day was spent with interviews, last minute souvenir shopping, goodbyes to many people, including my beautiful companion. Super hard. I love her so much. And then all 15 of us missionaries going home partied at President’s house. It was a party this time. We had ping pong going on, everyone gathered around the piano singing, pictures, yummy food, a training about marriage… Good times.

Early the next morning we left the beautiful land of Denmark and got on a plane home. It really was a party on the plane. On the flight from Amsterdam to NYC we had a giant chat going on. Elder Daw, one of the Icelandic elders, tried to teach me Icelandic. I was surprised that I could pronounce it, but I can’t remember anything.

Ok. I’m almost done. I just wanted to tell you about a miracle. So in NYC four of us got separated from the rest of the group and a nice plane lady told us to go through security in terminal 2 rather than 4, where we were, because the lines would be shorter. We did and got to our gate, which was right by security, 10 mins before they were going to start boarding. We didn’t see anyone from our group. I was getting super anxious and started praying nonstop. I didn’t want to see my family if they didn’t get to see theirs. After about 5 mins Elder Sakurada and Elder Porter run up, sweating, to tell us that they just made it out of security in terminal 4 and booked it over here but all the others were 40 mins behind ano they weren’t going to make it. We boarded the plane and I couldn’t sit still. Finally we saw Elder Sakurada walking down the aisle and he gives us a big thumbs up. I then saw Sister Landvatter and Elder Dickson and Elder Carroll and I just started bawling. I was SO happy. I know that God answers prayers. Our flight was 15 mins delayed. Miracles people.

So I’m home. It’s strange. I’ve had such a great mission. It’s been incredible. I’m honestly trying not to think about it because it makes me emotional to think about, but I loved it. Danmark ejer en del af mit hjerte, for evigt og altid.

Welcome to the next chapter.


Søster Fergie


Me: “Dutch is a mix between English, Danish, German”
Æ Porter: “Ya and vomit”

Søs Sørensen: “omvend jer! Gør det NU!” (“Repent! Do it NOW!”)

“I’m just going to give them my whole 5 months of wisdom!”

Ö Robertson: “Land in the water! Then we can use our life vests!”

Æ Sakurada (sitting in the seat behind me): “We’re facing some slight turbulence in seat 34E” *shakes my seat violently*

Dutch flight attendant after rearranging the overhead luggage: “I’m like MacGyver sometimes”


My cute girl Sofie



I love Hayley Sorensen


Temple as a district. Last time in Denmark



The home stretch


Hello Utah