Happy Scissors

Goddag goddag venlige mennesker. THIS. Has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

So. Monday was my last day in Esbjerg. We had a few appointments in the middle of the day so when we came home, we spent the rest of the day finishing packing and writing notes to people.

Then the next day we split and I went up to Horsens with Sister Orr and Sister Andrew! Let me just say that trios are the bomb. We had so much fun! We spent 2 days in Horsens. THEN on Thursday, bright and early (4:30am), we took a train to Copenhagen for Sister Andrew’s sprog test and because Sister Orr and I had Mission Leadership Council. We ended up getting in to the language test place an hour and a half early. 😛 But we had a good time. So tired. Then a billion other awesome people showed up! After our comps were done taking the test we all went over to the temple and to the mission office.

Sister Orr and I split off and had some time before we had to go to MLC so we sat by this beautiful lake and talked and read PMG. Sister Orr is a wonderful person. Good times.

MLC was great. After it was over I asked President if he would give me a blessing because I was super stressed trying to figure out how I was going to be an STL for Nordsjælland while I’m over in Nordjylland, because we’d heard that Sister Baggaley’s comp might not get in for 2 weeks, rather than just one. He said that it wasn’t very smart or convenient to have me clear over there, so we made arrangements that day and picked up Sister Sørensen from Slagelse and headed up to Horsens to grab my stuff. The next morning Sister Sørensen and I took my stuff on a train to Slagelse and grabbed her stuff. We couldn’t have traveled with all that stuff without help. Thankfully we’ve got some great buff elders in our mission that were excellent helpers.

Now we’re in the beautiful suburb of Copenhagen called Søborg. We live 2 mins from the church, and the elders’ apt that we took over isn’t as bad as we were imagining! It’s actually pretty great. The only downside really is that the bathroom is the size of the shower in Esbjerg. In fact, the shower curtain goes across the door and the toilet just sits there in the middle of it all. We were trying to imagine how they could have forgotten to plan a bathroom into the plan of this apt. Then they just had a brilliant idea to turn the supply closet into a bathroom/shower! Great idea guys. Also the shower only has 5 mins of hot water but we are dealing with it like champs. They’re bringing us a new couch, desk chairs, and mattresses today. We’re super excited to take over this area. The elders before us had some great investigators that we’re going to start working with. We pretty much had a major weekly planning/life planning sesh yesterday after church. Sister Sørensen is great. I love her. We have fun. Welcome to Gladsaxe. Super excited to be here!

Love you all!
Søster Fergie

Søs B: “Darn! Sadness!”

Søs Orr: “I need to work on my English”

*Sister Orr dancing while on the phone with the train company*
Me: “Is there elevator music?”
Søs Orr: “No, I’m dancing to this guy telling me which numbers to press.”

Søs Sø: “My purpose as a missionary is to invite others to come unto Christ, but also to invite others to correct my Danish”

Æ Bishopp: ” The question is, will I have a belly button when I’m resurrected”

Æ Murphy: “What even is a honey nut?”

Me: “Don’t worry, I’ll catch you, then Sister Orr will catch us”

Last day with Sister Bevan!

Last day with Sister Bevan!

Trios are the bomb.

Trios are the bomb.

Sprog test party!

Sprog test party!

West Jordan rivals

West Jordan rivals

SO much luggage. (This isn't our new apt, it's the one in Slagelse)

SO much luggage.
(This isn’t our new apt, it’s the one in Slagelse)

We have fun!

We have fun!


Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Hey remember the crossing fingers for the weather to stick? Nope. It got cold again. In Utah when it’s super hot and it rains it’s warm and lovely. In Denmark when it’s super hot and it rains it brings winter back. Not only that but we’ve had a really cold wind blowing from the north which is never good. Just in case you were wondering about the weather. It’s horrible because I packed on Friday during weekly planning and I had to get some warmer clothes back out. I was so ready to not have to wear tights for the rest of my mission 😛 Bahh.

Our buddy Michael dropped us. 😦 This is the second time he’s dropped us right before his baptism. I’m not as sad as I should be? That man will be baptized one day. God’s still got His eye on him.

We’ve had a lot of really incredible lessons lately! I love people. It’s also really sad because I’ve had to say goodbye to SO many people. Esbjerg has been really hard. I’ve been here forever. All winter long, BUT the thing about being in one place for so long is that you really get to know people. Yesterday when I gave my farewell testimony I felt like I was in my home ward. I knew the name and face of every single person in that congregation. I love these people! It’s also so incredible to see people progress. I love hearing an investigator say their first prayer. It’s always so beautiful and sincere and the Spirit just whooshes in. Esbjerg has some stellar people.

Okay, okay. I guess I’ll let you know what’s going on with transfers. Are you sure you’re ready for it? I’ll give you a hint: I’m leaving Esbjerg 🙂

On Saturday we spent alllll day long painting Kirsten Søe’s indoor patio! It was SO much fun. I was thinking about my mom the whole time. She does a lot of painting projects. Then we had a party trying to get some little mini grills started because it was freezing cold and the wind was blazing. Luckily we got them started and were able to grill some bacon wrapped sausages and meat and I brought a potato salad and some jello given to us by our fine friend JoDee which she’d aquired from some American. It was super fun. We had a great conversation and our friend Gitte, from the ward, gave us a synopsis of the movie The Cokewell Miracle. This is something I need to see when I get home. Ja tak. It was a fun day.

OKAY. I’m sorry. I am being transferred to Gladsaxe to open up the STL’s (Sister Training Leader) area! My new companion is Søs Sørensen the Second. We actually don’t transfer until tomorrow because of some problems with trains over on Fyn, so I’m still in Esbjerg right now. And I’m not actually going to my new area for a little bit. Here goes: So Søs Baggaley up in Aarhus is going to be training, but her trainee got sick and is staying in the MTC for an extra week, so tomorrow I’m going to be staying with Søs Orr and Søs Andrew up in Horsens while Søs Baggaley and Søs Batey go to Copenhagen for their trainer meeting. But on Thursday I’m going with Søs Orr to Copenhagen for Mission Leadership Council. Then I’ll come back to Aarhus with Søs Baggaley. Then sometime next week, when Søs Baggaley’s trainee gets in, she and I will go to Copenhagen where she’ll pick up her baby and  I’ll be united with my babe Søs Sørensen, and we’ll open our area 🙂 Super duper exciting! Super duper excited! The ONLY downside is that I have to lug my luggage around EVERYWHERE. Why do I have so much stuff? 2 big suitcases, 1 carry-on, and a bike. Ugh. I really need to work my arms and shoulders out more. I think that’s probably why it’s called “luggage”.

I AM SO EXCITED! Best last transfer EVER!

I’ll see you next week in Aarhus!
Søster Fergie

Søs B: “What scriptures are we gonna use?”
Me: “Well… the Book of Mormon, maybe the Bible…”

Me: “Massood is like a balloon tied down by a cat.”

Søs B: “There’s a smile on the frog on the bump on the log…”

Søs Landvatter: “We’re going to spend our dinner hour just watching our food.”

Søs Hughes: “Wow! I’ve always wanted a foot candy!”

Lisa: “Everyone likes a good booty” (#FunniestConvoEver)
Annette: “Not the sort of conversation missionaries usually get to be a part of.”

This is what bored missionaries do on P-day. (I'm a sore loser, btw)

This is what bored missionaries do on P-day. (I’m a sore loser, btw)

My lovely friend JoDee. I love this selfie!

My lovely friend JoDee. I love this selfie!

Tree carving

Super fun service projekt!

Super fun service projekt!

Gå Beans

Man. Man man. This has been a good week. It’s happy that I can always find something exciting to write about. There were 3 big things that happened this week:

1- This week we went on splits to Odense, probably for my last time. Super sad (unless I end up transferring there). Odense is a great place. It’s always super great to be on splits with Sister Landvatter. She is one of the best advice givers ever. It helps that we both are able to help each other out because we’re both in the same boat. It was kind of a funky splits because Sister Landvatter and Sister Bevan, along with Elder and Sister Turpin, ran a 5k Thursday morning! They held one in honor of a lovely holiday called Kristi Himmelfarts Dag, or Ascention Day, as it is called in English. It was super fun. Sister Hughes and I were the official cheerleaders/photographers of our group (Because we don’t really run, at least not long distances. Sister Bevan has been getting me out running every once in a while though).

2- SUMMER IS HEEEEEERE! We actually didn’t have like any spring, it was just super cold, then BAM! Lose the jacket, tights, anything that might hold you down from the SUUUUNSHIIIINE!! I’ve missed this. it’s really funny how the weather really does effect your mood. Esbjerg is a completely different place. Too bad I might be leaving soon…. Not going to jinx it.

3- I got to talk to my wonderful, incredible, fantastic, amazing family yesterday!! It was super emotional. It was the last time I do it before I go home in… 1.5 months… My sister was not making it any better by telling me exactly how many days until I come home. It was so good. I love my family so much. And I love my mom! I’m pretty sure my mom is better than your mom.

Well. It has been an excellent week. I hope the sunshine/warm stays. You can never fully trust the Danish weather though. Cross your fingers.

Have a great week!

Søster Fergie

I forgot my planner at home with all my quotes. So sad. Let’s see if I can remember any.

Abby: “I didn’t say anything about living in China on my mission papers. I don’t want to come anywhere near here on my mission.”

Me: “It’s not like God doesn’t know.”

Abby: “God can keep a secret.”

So the other day in my morning prayers I should have gotten up and gone to the bathroom or done some jumping jacks or something before I prayed, but I didn’t. I apologized to God beforehand if I said anything strange. This was all I could remember from the few times my mind wandered. I literally said this in my prayer: “…and you know how you get a street named after you? You do good things and be a good example.” I think I die every time I even think about that experience.

…can’t think of any others. You’ll get them next week. Sorry.

We're like twins!

We’re like twins!

5k is the best k! (Æ Turpin, Søs Hughes, Me, Søs Bevan, Søs Landvatter. Photo creds to Søs Turpin)

5k is the best k! (Æ Turpin, Søs Hughes, Me, Søs Bevan, Søs Landvatter. Photo creds to Søs Turpin)

Skyping the fam! 50 days until I get to see them in person!

Skyping the fam! 50 days until I get to see them in person!

It's been long, but good. This might be my last week in Esbjerg

It’s been long but good. This might be my last week in Esbjerg

Party Girl

The past couple days have been the BEST! First…

Wednesday we took a train down to Sønderborg for district meeting! It was really rainy, but besides that, it’s a beautiful place. After lunch we walked down the gågade and to the havn, around a castle that looked like just a big building. We asked this Lebanese guy to take our picture and afterwards he asked if he could be in the picture. #NewFriend

Then we got on a train up to Odense, and after a big crazy switch, Sister Landvatter got on a train to… SLAGELSE!!! I couldn’t believe it as we got off the train. It was a dream come true. THEN two of my favorite people on earth, Elder Bradshaw and Elder J Gudmunson, who have both been my district leader at one time or another, picked us up from the station and we drove through my favorite city on earth. And pulled up to my old-new apt. All my stars were still there! The next morning TINA DI BELLA SHOWED UP!!! My beautiful wonderful Tina. I told her that I’d asked God if I could see her and Slagelse one more time before I left Denmark and the fact that it happened was a huge tender mercy for me.

Then we rushed, magically, to Copenhagen (Don’t ask.) for what is called the My Plan meeting, or 60-day meeting. For all of us old fogeys who only have 2 months left. Do y’all remember the party on the plane picture I drew? It was that. Except no airplane just yet, luckily. There were 7 elders and 4 sisters (We were missing the 3 Icees over on Iceland). So many people I love were there. One of the best decisions I have ever made is becoming best friends with all of the elders I’m going home with. We had an excellent training all about future goals. Det gjorde mig endnu mere spændt på at tage hjemme. Weird to think that I’ll be married with kids in the next couple years. It was weird to talk about it so much.

After the meeting, because the temple was closed for cleaning (Super sad. I was so excited to go one more time in Denmark), we all took a trip up to the Frederiksborg Slot! Or Frederiksborg Temple, as President kept calling it. One day… But no, it was beautiful! It reminded me of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Lots of old paintings. In fact, there was a little room with all of Carl Bloch’s paintings of Christ that I’ve grown up seeing! We took a lot of pictures. Surreal.

But yes. That is tale of my recent adventures. I’m thinking of sticking all the pictures in an online file somewhere so y’all can see them. It was a party.

Speaking of, President read my blog. I guess I need to be more careful of what I put on here because he was getting after me for saying that our district meeting was a party. Kept bringing it up all day. He was trying to make me cry. This was in his email today: “So………. Your mom posted your letter on Facebook and it said your district meeting was a party!!!!!! What am I supposed to do with that?????? Now the whole world knows that the Danish mission as a party and everybody is going to want to come here.”

Whoops. But no, the My Plan meeting was definitely a party. Sister Williams and I waltzed around while a bunch of elders ice skated across a slippery dance floor. We also got lead around a giant castle by a man with an excellent mustache and almost got lead down to the dungeon where he was going to tie us up by our toes and torture us, but then he made a last minute decision to lead us back to our group. LUCKILY. I’m still here guys. Y’all can breathe again.

In other news, our buddy Michael is still going strong! Still shooting for the 16th!

Have it good!

Søster Fergie

This is P Day for you: *looks at watch* “We have 1 hour and 58 mins left to relax!”…………..*looks at watch again* “We have 1 hour and 57 mins left to relax!”

Me: “If we keep doing crazy things, pretty soon the white handbook is going to be like the Law of Moses.”

“I took a painting of this one guy…”

Æ Gudmundson: “And Elder Jensen and Elder Fairbanks will give us an example of apostasy”

Æ Fairbanks: “Just squint your eyes and it looks like Hawaii”

“That ice cream went ham on me!”

Æ Bradshaw: “Turn into a pig for only $19.95!”

President: “You can’t let your companion go alone on a date.”

Sister Landvatter was on the phone with someone and was like “Oh poop!” Sister O’Bryant whispered to President, “Did she just say ‘Oh poop’?” President turned and said, “She put something in her mouth that I wouldn’t put in my hand.”

Søs O’Bryant: “I’m anti-stick”

Lasse: “Vi ses i det celestiale rige”
Me: “Vi ses på facebook os så det celestiale rige”

Gang signs flying... Also, the good fairy came down and turned me into a Lebanese man.

Gang signs flying… Also, the good fairy came down and turned me into a Lebanese man.

Best birthday present ever! I got to see my lovely Tina! (jk guys, it's not my birthday)

Best birthday present ever! I got to see my lovely Tina! (jk guys, it’s not my birthday)



The Frederiksborg "Temple"

The Frederiksborg “Temple”

Party on the Plane

Party on the Plane