High Five the Ziptie

‘Twas a good week. There’s always more to learn as far as training and being a missionary in general goes.

Monday we took an essentials P-day, which means that we only do the essentials like emailing and grocery shopping and laundry and such, so we could do our district activity on Wednesday! We had SO much fun! We took a trip down to Ribe, about 30 mins south of Esbjerg. We walked around the domkirke, which Sister Van Orden and I didn’t get the chance to do, which was SO AWESOME BECAUSE MY ANCESTOR WAS A BISHOP OF THE RIBE DOMKIRKE! About 500 years ago. I took a lot of pictures. It was surreal. Then we hiked up the 240-something steps to the top of the tower! It was the perfect day to go because it was so sunny! Then we just walked around Ribe, which in and of itself is awesome, because it’s so old. Super cute. I’m sure the elders wouldn’t use the same adjective, but it was. We had a blast.

Things aren’t going as quickly with our buddy Nikolaj as we’d expected, but it should be good. He’s a strong guy. Lots of life drama going on and prepping for a baptism right in the middle of it.

We had a lot of finding going on. We talked to some very interesting people. Yesterday we talked to this guy who was every conspiracy theory, fantasy film, sci-fi novel crammed into one person. Oh my gosh, every time I didn’t think it could get weirder, he started talking about his 3rd eye and how he can walk through walls if he prays hard enough. But we gave him a Book of Mormon and said a prayer in peace. Probably the most interesting person I have ever talked to ever.

We had our first family history appt! Got our friend set up on Family Search and didn’t have a ton of time to help her find her cousins or I guess in this case, grandparents… but we’re going back. I might learn something as well as her because I’ve never really been able to find someone through the Family Search search tab. If anyone has any pointers, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear your advice.
I love family history. A man spoke to us yesterday in sacrament meeting about how very important it is to turn our hearts to our fathers and get on family history and I wished I could’ve been in a baptist church because I wanted to stand up and shout Hallelujah. That man knows what he’s talking about. Get on it peeps.

So, new transfer, new start. 3…. transfers… left? Are you kidding me?
Pshhhhhh. I got MASSE tid.

Ha’ det godt,
Søster Fergie

p.s. I got my hair cut. It was going to be a trim but Victoria told me that about 15 cm were destroyed. Who knew? So I told her to go to town. It’s nice. I was going to do it before summer anyway. Goodbye braids, hello straightener again.

Me: “It might be good for you to pray morning and evening”
*Søs Bevan whips open PMG*
Søs B: “God commands us to pray to Him and He’s taught us to pray morning and evening.”
Me: “Ya, it miiiight be good for you…”

Æ Reber: “Elder McDougall and I have a goal to see who can get tarred and feathered first”

Me: “It’s cold!”
Søs B: “It is cold. It’s a good thing we don’t live in this stairwell”

Woman on the train: “Er I mormoner?” (“Are you mormons?”)
Us: “Jo, det er vi.” (“Ya, we are”)
Woman: “Nåh! Jeg kender mormoner. Ingen kaffe, ingen te, ingen glæde!” (“I know mormons. No coffee, no tea, no happiness!”)

Kaj Langelund: “I’d be willing to admit my failures if I had any.”

Søs B: “The beaver saw his shadow. We have 6 more weeks together”

Distrikten i Ribe

Distrikten i Ribe

I'm related to that guy! #FamilyHistory #DanskeSlægt

I’m related to that guy! #FamilyHistory #DanskeSlægt

We're cute.

We’re cute.

Something new! Jeg fik klippet mit hår!

Something new! Jeg fik klippet mit hår!


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