Flot Thlot

So that moment when you spend all P-day down on Møn (an island down by Falster) and get home just in time to email for only an hour and you have so many emails from people you love and NO time. I might not really go into detail or what happened, which is really sad because it was a really good week.

Big Things:
We had mission conference on Wednesday! Elder Dyches from the Seventy came and spoke to us. It was good but super long. I did get to sit by my ol’ pal Sister Floyd. She makes me super happy! 3rd time seeing that babe in 2 weeks. I know that is life, but yes. Took advantage of that. It was also way awesome to see old friends like Sister Ripa and Elder Howland and a bunch of missionaries I’d never met before. It’s only because I’ve never served on Jylland. The conference was way long but flew by.

We went on splits! Sister Reed and Sister Van Orden came down here and it was weird because we really only had 1 hour where were we weren’t all 4 together. Good times.

Ummm. Man, my brain doesn’t work on a time limit.

I guess I can tell you about today! Biskop offered a long time ago to drive us down to Møns klint (Google it) and I wanted to go just in case I get transferred, so we did! We had a super fun 2 hour road trip with Biskop, Vibeke, Natascha, and the Nykøbing elders! Møns klint are these epic awesome white cliffs on the coast of Møn, an island south of Sjælland. We drove through the most Danish parts of Denmark and got completely soaked at the Cliffs because it was raining. Of course. We just barely got home. So cold and wet. Velkommen til Danmark/Europa.

We have a few really awesome investigators that I would love to tell you about but I really have like no time. Their names are Nanna, Hope, Mah, and Mads. Good stuff going on with them.

Next week’s entry is gonna be so long! I’m going to take the entire 2 hours. I hate this rushing thing.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Søster Fergie

Random Things:
We saw a man in a white robe walking down the street the other day. The only thing that told us he wasn’t a heavenly messenger was that he had black sneakers on. We think he escaped from the hospital. Right after we saw him we saw a couple walking down the street and they both had eye bandages over one eye. They’ve got two eyes between the two of them I guess. 20/20

All the tallest 5'8"+ (Weird that I'm the shortest out of all of us)  Sister Ripa, Sister Williams, Sister Woster, and me

All the tallest 5’8″+ (Weird that I’m the shortest out of all of us)
Sister Ripa, Sister Williams, Sister Woster, and me


Love Jesus' hand, and Elder Bradshaw's nose

Love Jesus’ hand, and Elder Bradshaw’s nose

MTC gruppe! And Elder Lawless...

MTC gruppe! And Elder Lawless…

Dear Tina: We love Cocio. Love Gladsaxe and Slagelse

Dear Tina: We love Cocio. Love Gladsaxe and Slagelse

Flot Thlot

Flot Thlot

Flot Thlot 2



My cute comp

My cute comp


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