At Blive Født På Ny

At Blive Født På Ny
(To Be Born Again)

New transfers, new starts. Not that the last few transfers with Sister Floyd weren’t the best of my mission, but with every new companion comes a feeling of newness, not only that but we’re moving! We’re actually moving into our new apt later today! SO excited! We got our keys on Thursday and we’ve been salivating over it (the apartment, not the keys) ever since. It’s beautiful and so big! Very open and light, and I’m pretty sure we’re never ever going to use all the cupboards or space in that kitchen. The elders and a few people from the ward are coming tonight to help us move all the furniture and boxes. Last night was a little rough because I’ve had so many amazing memories there with Sister Floyd and it was my last night sleeping there. But the good thing is that I’ll have all of my Sister Floyd memories tied to that place and all of my Sister Sorensen memories tied to the other one! Win win!

This week. So many weird things and funny stories happened. On Tuesday, we were knocking and Vibeke, the bishop’s wife, calls and asks if we want to come up with her to their summer house and go walk on the beach. We told her that it’s sort of a P-day activity and we need to stay working, but she just said that we can contact all of her neighbors up there and people on the beach. It sounded like a good idea so we agreed. We drove up, it’s about halfway between Slagelse and Kalundborg, and set out walking with Vibeke and Jytte, her mom (the one with polio). They were way impressed by how easily we handed out cards and how we weren’t phased when people rejected us #WelcomeToTheDenmarkCopenhagenMission

Jytte turned back and we went out to the beach. Needless to say, we contacted every person on that Beach. All 7 of them. But still, that’s 7 more people that have the opportunity to feel God’s love. Collected some stones and sea glass and shells and then started heading back, not really thinking about the grey clouds approaching. Halfway back it starts to downpour. So much sand in my shoes that is now permanently a part of them. We’d left our jackets and umbrella at the house because it was nice and sunny when we left. We were so completely soaked! And we were all wearing glasses, haha. I turned to Vibeke and asked if she could see anything and she was just like “No, can you?” Got back and Jytte was missing and she had the key to the house. Vibeke set out to find her (She was staying nice and dry under an awning somewhere.), and we just laughed. Came inside and had strawberries and cream while sharing a spiritual thought and huddling under a blanket. Fun stuff.

We got soaked like that 2 more times this past week. So much Water. If anyone lives in a spot with lots of sunshine and not enough rain, I’ll give ya a little of this moisture.

So we’ve been broke for a few weeks. We haven’t bought groceries in such a long time, so when the elders called to see if we were bringing anything to district council, we told them sadly no. But we thought about it and those elders deserve some good grub, so we dug out some frozen bananas from the freezer and whipped up some batter. Brought it to the church and baked it while we had our meeting. The timer went off and we checked it and the whole top was completely black. Um… I need someone to explain these dumb Danish ovens because I don’t understand them apparently. The inside was good though! Not a complete waste.

Ahh, running out of time. So. I have a funny story about a man on the Skellebjerg train platfrom who had fallen asleep on the train and missed his stop so he got out at Skellebjerg, but he had no clue where the heck Skellebjerg was and was a little drunk. He just kept saying “Skellebjerg man! Freaking Skellebjerg” So funny… I guess you’d have to be there.

Gotta run! So many things I don’t have time to write! Have a wonderful week!

Søster Fergie


Me: “We work in Denmark. You have to have a thick shell. Like, people slam the door in your face and you just giggle and move on.”

Helle: “‘Where do you live dear?”
“Over the moon, stop asking!'”

Æ Hawkes: “Den ligger i thkabet”

Æ Curtis: “It’s hard to talk when I’m dreaming”

Søs Sø: ” In Denmark they smoke rhubarb ud på landet”

“Let’s ditch district meeting and go chill with that pirate!”

I was blowing bubbles out our new window and a few seconds after starting I accidentally threw the bubble container out the window. . . And just stared at it. Oh well, we’ll get it later


Star wall! We used almost all of my stars and had to stand on some luggage and hop to get the top ones #LivingThatShortyLife

Star wall! We used almost all of my stars and had to stand on some luggage and hop to get the top ones #LivingThatShortyLife

Sorenson stars

*Sticks finger in mouth and whips it out to test the air* Jeg tror... I think this person might believe in Christ... (sadly he was a priest for another church) Translation: "The Lord is my Shepherd"

*Sticks finger in mouth and whips it out to test the air* Jeg tror… I think this person might believe in Christ… (sadly he was a priest for another church) Translation: “The Lord is my Shepherd”


Danish sunsets are my favorite

Danish sunsets are my favorite

Recording of Søster Ferguson and (I think) Søster Sørsenson singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives in Danish


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