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I’ve got a story! So we were knocking Thursday morning and I’ve always been a little apprehensive about knocking in the morning because no one is ever home, especially because school started on Monday, but since our service project fell through, we had time to kill. Knocked one opgang: nothing, so we moved on to the next. Halfway up, a girl answered (she was maybe in her 20’s), and after telling her why we believed in Christ, she invited us in and sat us down. She asked so many questions and we ended up teaching Frelsesplanen AND Jesu Kristi Evangelium AND inviting her to baptism! Super positive. Then Sister Sorensen whips out a Book of Mormon in Danish and one in Arabic and gives them both to her. I was thinking, “What are you, racist? How did you know she spoke Arabic?” but Sister Sorensen told me after that there was a picture on the wall behind me with Arabic writing on it. The story was, though, that Sister Sorensen wasn’t going to bring the Arabic copy but decided last minute to bring it!

We found another investigator the other day too. His name is Alan. Alan is crazy interesting. I don’t really know how to describe our experience. We told him who we were and he invited us inside. We had to decline and told him that we’ll bring another woman on Saturday and though we explained why like 7 times, he only got it the last time. He and Sister Sorensen sparred and had one of the most interesting and crazy conversations I’ve ever heard. I put my 2 cents in occasionally and he was astonished every time I opened my mouth. He told Sister Sorensen that I’m a much better speaker than she is. Ha, nope. I could never have handled him like she did. But hey! We have a new investigator! He sort of looks like a human bulldog… but not really. Short Stocky guy with tattoos and a bald head.

Nicoline is getting baptized the 12th of September! After long last. She’s only 8 so she doesn’t count towards the mission, but she counts to us and to God 🙂 Super happy.

Wednesday we had zone training in Roskilde! It was so very good! So much Spirit. Btw, if you’ve never served a mission, I just have to tell you how much you’re missing out on in these meetings. Especially because Elder Lester and Elder Curtis are excellent. I think my favorite part was when Elder Curtis was speaking because I could feel so much Spirit and God’s love. Also I got to see my Sister Floyd! I love that woman so much. She’s the mac to my cheese.

The next day Sister Sorensen and I were able to go to København to go to the temple! One of Sister Sorensen’s less active friends from Odense was going to the temple for the first time in 25 years! It was so wonderful! I’ve missed the temple so much! I did it in Danish though and it was a little rough. It’s tough to forstå in English. Before we went into the temple, we chilled outside with Sister Williams, Sister Floyd, Elder Lawless, and Elder Sakurada. So many people I love! I love Sister Floyd so much. I want to wrap her up and put her in my pocket. Little pocket angel. I’d been feeling bad because whenever I would see Sister Floyd we’d be stuck together like glue and I’d sort of forget that we both have different companions now, so I felt bad because I had this new loyalty to Sister Sorensen, but in the temple Sister Sorensen and Sister Moseley were stuck like glue and she later was like, “Sister Ferguson, I totally just pulled what you’ve been apologizing to me about.” So we’re good. I can still love Sister Floyd 🙂

I’ve got another excellent story. So on Saturday we were going out to Solveig’s summer house to help her paint it. We got out there and no one was there so we called Solveig and she asked if we could reschedule. So while we were on the phone with her, her boyfriend, Abe, comes around from the back of the house in one of Solveig’s shirts and a mini skirt! Jeg næsten død. I think he’s chilling/living/floating there and he ran out of outfits, poor man. At least it matched his earrings. 😉

It was a way good week. I love my life.

Have a good one!

Med Kærlighed,
Søster Fergie

Søs Sø: “The comfort of strawb’ry after rejection”

Okay, funny story, we were biking down by the park and I started making pigeon sounds on my bike. Some dude rolled down his car window and started woo-ing too! Made my whole life. I’ve started something. #Hipster

Moth on the window

Moth on the window

Moth on the window

Moth on the window

Bob in Copenhagen

Bob in Copenhagen

​Tina and the flag I*cough*we made. Nah it was a group effort. I sewed and pinned and everyone else cheered me on :) #TeamEffort #GiantItalianFlag

​Tina and the flag I*cough*we made. Nah it was a group effort. I sewed and pinned and everyone else cheered me on 🙂 #TeamEffort #GiantItalianFlag

Yaks on a train (also that weird little yeti dude)

Yaks on a train (also that weird little yeti dude)


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