It’s Been a Long Day

Man! It’s really hard to write this week. Sister Floyd and I had an incredible week! Sadly, transfers came and she got called in to Frederiksberg, and I got Søster Sørensen. I’m very much excited to be with Søster Sørensen, but I love and miss Søster Floyd so much! Not only that, but my best bud, Elder Hawkes is going home and I didn’t get to say goodbye. This life is rough. People come and go and you almost can’t get comfortable because people leave so quickly.

Well, let me tell you about our week.

7 new investigators, some of which were out in Sørbymagle where we never find anyone! We worked really hard this week. Working hard on talking to everyone and being persistent. When we decide on an area to teach in, we pray about how many new investigators and potential investigators we want to find in that area and Work according to faith. That’s really why we’ve been having such great success because we set specific goals. I think if every missionary used this, it would Work miracles!
In addition, I’ve been subconsciously getting better at being diligent! It’s awesome that it’s not just me working on it, but God has been helping me a ton. Sister Floyd helped me out a ton and we really worked a lot harder. The satisfying feeling you get at the end of the day after you’ve worked hard is priceless.

So. Events of this week are as follows:

Monday evening we were on the phone with elder Hawkes and we hear someone shout in the background and elder Hawkes just says “crap I’ve got to go it’s a necessary situation!” and he hangs up. We later find out that Elder Lester accidentally shaved the side of his head and in order to make it look better, he just shaved the whole thing except for the top. It’s so awful! It’s actually not that bad, but it’s pretty funny. He had such nice hair…

We knocked some Apartment Buildings the other day and didn’t have much success, people were not very nice. On the last Building there was a lady that we knocked on and when Sister Floyd started to tell her who we were and such she was just like “You have the worst Danish I’ve ever heard, please speak English.” So Sister Floyd, not really phased, but phased, starts giving the schpiel in English and the lady responds so rudely this whole time. She was just like “people here in Denmark are really blunt.” we can tell, have a nice day with your cat.

We got transfer calls and have been planning accordingly. I’ve got to not only take over the area, but we’re moving next week so it’s a Little stressful.

Saturday night we went over to Marie’s and ate and had a good time. Elder Lester pretended to be a puma (his puma impersonation is impressive) and one of Marie’s girls knocked over a candle and spilled wax all over the floor while Marie and Sister Floyd were in the kitchen. Not to worry, the elders and I scraped it up with credit Cards. It was really funny because Marie walks in and doesn’t even see us crouching in a corner, and Sister Floyd was like “what’re you doing?” Noooothing 🙂 Those girls are a party and a half.

Right before the party, we were at Christa’s and the elders called and told us they’d pick us up because it was downpouring, but I misunderstood and thought they said to start walking and they’d be there by the time we were out, well we walked clear Down the street and sister Floyd is steaming, she’s not very happy. She’d just done her hair, but I was having such a great time! I love standing in the rain haha.

For FHE last Monday we played charades and spoons! It was so fun! We died of laughter. good times.

So last night, after visiting a billion people to say goodbye, Sister Floyd hadn’t even started packing so she started. she was finished about 2 am, but earlier that night, around midnight, I was staying up to help her. We were so very tired. I felt like a Little kid on new years eve, fighting to stay away long enough for the new year. Apparently I got so tired I started talking in my sleep. You can ask Sister Floyd about the details lol.

It’s been a crazy experience. I never thought I’d get so close to some of these people. I love them so much!

Have a wonderful week!

Søster Fergie



This morning. Last time together.

This morning. Last time together.

Giraf Kammerat

Giraf Kammerat

Besties (with matching skirts ha)

Besties (with matching skirts ha)

Totally forgot(Notice Elder Lester’s very short haircut.)


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