Længe Leve Dronningen

This week. Vejle is a party and a half. That’s half true and half sarcasm. You can decide which part is true and which part is sarcasm.

Things about Vejle:

There’s a piano in our Apartment.
There are more hills than a freaking rollercoaster
The ward is all the way in Fredericia

I’m trying to hold onto my Sjællandsk accent, despite the pressing forces around me to switch to Jysk. Sjælland is my motherland. And for those who don’t know, Denmark is made up of Jylland, the big part connected to Germany, Sjælland, the island where Copenhagen is located, and Fyn, the little island in between Sjælland and Jylland. And a bunch of other random Little islands, including Bornholm, which is closer to Sweden than Denmark but still belongs to us. Little Danish geography lesson for ya.

Things that have happened since I moved to Vejle:

Sister Thompson has had pain in her leg, so we’ve gone to 2 different members who have offered to help, and they’ve both given her zone therapy massages (reflexology). Man, I want one too.

It isn’t summer anymore. It’s rained every day this week. Poured. And we haven’t had anything else to do but be out in it. I’m not the biggest fan of it. It’s too wet. It’s hard to contact people when they’re all running for cover inside their houses. “We just have a message about Living Water! Come back!”

HEY RECLAIMER. I really do like Vejle; do not get the wrong idea. It’s growing on me as much as I’m growing on it. These leg muscles are gonna be beefy.

So a few transfers ago the city Kolding got closed because we didn’t have enough elders, so for now we Work Kolding as well. It’s way funny though because we have 2 bikes out there that are a pair of misfits. We’ve dubbed them Daisy and Bruce (“Hello Bruce”). Daisy is a borderline little girl’s bike that is stuck in 1st gear, so your legs are pinwheels, and Bruce is a blue man’s bike that’s stuck in 3rd gear. I feel like a beast riding that thing, working super hard, and then Sister Thompson is pinwheeling beside me. We needed some intense music playing in the background to make it REALLY epic!

Our new district is pretty great! We’ve got Elder Joseph Gudmundson (Elder Shawn Gudmundson’s cousin) and his baby Elder Bennett, Elder Brady, who just moved from Gladsaxe, and my good buddy Elder Howland! It’s a good group.

Saturday we were doing weekly planning and we found a record for a less active who apparently is Gitte Ronnenberg’s sister (Gitte lives in Slagelse)! So we called her up and she said we could come over that night and she’d make us dinner! Woo! So we took a train out to where she lives and had a great visit! Her husband isn’t a member, but we’re working on that. On the way to their house we passed a bakery, and Sister Thompson had been foretold by Elder Brindley that they had raided a bakery dumpster and found a bunch of goods! We followed their great example and found so much bread! We were so sad we were on the way to a dinner appt., but BEST BREAD EVER! Check that off the bucket list.

There’s a dude here that we contacted Monday night who looks like Bob Marley and was on something. He was talking/rapping at us in what sounded like English but not. I don’t even know what happened. There was also a man on the train platform last night that we tried contacting and was just super unresponsive and then he sat on the blue point where you check in with your travel Card and dinged himself in. We died. Lol

The other day we saw a long train of fancy cars with Danish flags all over them. We asked a dude what was going on and he said that the queen was in town touring Denmark! We were going to give her a card and baptize her, but she drove away. Can you imagine if the queen got baptized, how many people would consider our religion?

It’s been a pretty good week. Vejle is definitely growing on me.

Sister Fergie

Quotes next week. I forgot my calendar. 😛

Once upon a time, we raided the bakery garbage bin and found some bread that was totally still soft and fine. The end.

Once upon a time, we raided the bakery garbage bin and found some bread that was totally still soft and fine. The end.

Modern Art

Modern Art

Just missing the P

Just missing the P

Sometimes it rains the Whole week and you're reduced to wearing a poncho in public. Zero regrets.

Sometimes it rains the Whole week and you’re reduced to wearing a poncho in public. Zero regrets.

Map of Denmark

Map of Denmark


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