Spring has finally sprung! We are out of the winter months! No, but actually, it’s been really warm; it was 25 degrees (celcius) the other day! It’d be warmer if it wasn’t windy, but it’s always windy.

This week has been one to remember. We had zone conference on Tuesday, the last one with Præsident og Søster Sederholm actually 😦 It hurts me, I love them so much. There’s always lots of tears and spirit that leaves me exhausted afterwards. I’ve only been to 2, but I’ve cried both times.

Thursday we went down to the Næstved police station to take care of my biometrics. That took up most of the day. While we were wating for our turn, we were just sitting outside, and a guy comes up and asks us if we’re from Denmark. We tell him we’re from the US and he grabs his friend and says, “He likes America,” and then they both sat and talked to us. The one guy who liked America could only speak English, Swedish, and whatever language they speak in Afghanistan (that’s where they were from), and his buddy could only speak Danish, and whatever language they speak in Afghanistan. Of course the English guy, who looked harmless, talked to Søs Floyd the whole time, and I got stuck with the Danish guy, who was hitting on me the whole time. It was actually pretty funny. He told me that he’d had a girlfriend who looked just like me but I shouldn’t worry because they’re not together anymore. lol. And while I was in doing my biometrics, Søs Floyd told me that he’d told her, “You’re friend doesn’t talk a lot, but she doesn’t have to. 😉 ” When I came out, he asked what I did in there. I told him they took a picture and scanned my fingerprints. He said, “You shouldn’t worry if the picture was bad because you look really good.” (all this in Danish: “Du se rigtig godt ud. 😉 “) I was so uncomfortable. Søs Floyd was just laughing at me, but she did get the other guy’s address and email as a referral for the missionaries in Sweden! So I guess it wasn’t all bad. I just thought it was funny.

We had a BBQ this week! I love that. J Elder Call needs to work on his BBQ skills though. 😉

On Saturday I left the comforts of my home on Sjælland (shay-lan) and ventured to the beautiful island of Fyn (foon)! Søster Floyd had a baptism over there in Odense (Odensa)! One of the investigators she taught over there got baptized! We got there and she showed me around downtown Odense. I got a new watch (my old one died) and a Kærlighed tshirt! We’d been looking in every Tiger (teer) store (the danish dollar store) for them and we finally found some!

There were so many missionaries at the baptism! So many I’d never met before because I’d only served on Sjælland. But my good buddy Elder Howland was there! It was SO good to see him! We only served in the same district for one transfer, but we got to be really good friends. I have decided that I would love to serve in Odense. My mom, Søs Noorda, was born there, as was Søs Floyd.

Yesterday we had a special conference for all of Europe! Elder Holland broadcasted from Scotland! We were really annoyed though, because the Danish translator is an excellent and talented man, but he just doesn’t do Elder Holland justice. We wanted to listen to it in English (because everyone understands English anyway) but I could barely get it because it was in Danish. 😦 We had 3 less-actives and 1 investigator (Marianne!! She’s now been to church 3 times and will make her baptismal date on the 20th!) Christa came because she loves Elder Holland, but she wanted to hear him in English. We could see him pounding the stand and speaking with such power, but all we heard was the monotone translator. Oh well. I can’t find it recorded online anywhere.

Anyway, have a great week! Also if any of you would like to send me emails, I would not be opposed 😉 I love you all


Æ Lawless: “My mom calls me beefy”

Me about müsli: “That’s a big honkin’ mama clump” #MüsliItUp

Me: “Vi er taknemlig for hans ansigts… NO! I meant indsats!”
(“We are grateful for his face… NO! I meant efforts!”)

“You know that’s littering. Litterers go to hell”

Me: “..and that’s how I got a boyfriend.”
Søs Fl: “What, you showed him your knees?”


We match!

We match!

Danish BBQ

Danish BBQ

There could be so many reasons why I was out in a field...

There could be so many reasons why I was out in a field…




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