Tjek Tapperne

Let me just cram my life into one blog post 😛
SO! End of the month. At the beginning of the month we splurged on groceries, and we are so paying for it now (or not paying for it, as the situation may be). We’re actually waiting until Thursday to buy groceries cause that’s when our cards are restocked. For now we’re surviving on green jello, gummy teeth, strawberry ice cream, oatmeal, and these health bars given to us by a member. I wish we had a food storage.

Many exciting Things this week!

I hit my 6 month mark tomorrow! Sister Floyd treated my by buying me some new jeans 🙂 I love that lady!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful America!
Things I love about America:
Country music
Stars and stripes
Fast Food

President Sederholm leaves. I am so broken. I love that man so much! On Thursday before district meeting, he came to drop some stuff off on his way to Esbjerg, but only the elders were there because we were walking (Long story. No, not really; my pedal just came off my bike) and we got to the church right as President pulled out of the parking lot. We ran up the road and waved our Little Hearts out! He waved just as hard back and drove away. Last time seeing him in this life… jk Mission reunions are gonna be so great! President and Sister O’Bryant get here tomorrow and we get to meet them on Thursday!

We found out that we’re moving apts at the beginning of August! I’m very stoked. Sister Floyd is so annoyed with how stoked I am with this. I just like change, ok?

On Wednesday, we had a cute little surprise party for some cute little twin girls, the only thing was that they were turning 4 years old, and when 5 adults jump out and start singing to them, they pretty much wet their pants with fright. Stakkles piger. It all turned out fine in the end. We made pancakes and bacon and eggs, and Tina brought a cake and had so many presents waiting for them (it was like Christmas I tell you. I want Tina as my godmother) This is the second time I’ve seen Elder Hawkes in a party hat.

So this past weekend Sister Floyd has been sick so we’ve been stuck inside – trying to make the best of it though. We’ve worked on a lot of stuff and we even contacted out our window last night rocking out to EFY music and blowing bubbles. #newpotential Yesterday we didn’t go to church, but we had the elders bring us the sacrament and give Søs Flóyd a blessing. It was really interesting for me. They laid out a white tablecloth, set two glasses with a little water in them on it and a plate with a cracker (We’re out of bread. #hardknocklife) and my brain was like “This is the weirdest Little ritual. It doesn’t seem as strange when you’re sitting in the chapel” but then they said the prayers (which were in Danish), and the Holy Ghost testified to me that even though it seemed weird, it was true and right. It was such a neat experience, and then the feeling afterward was so cleansing. I love taking the sacrament. When I was in Russia and there were weeks when we couldn’t go to church because we were traveling eller noget, I could really tell the difference in my week. So, I love our elders. So Much. They left a pastry on our stairs. Because they love us. Favorite elders ever.

Investigators are going good! We didn’t really meet with a lot of people this week because Sister Floyd was sick, but nothing negative is happening!

Anyway, Have a wonderful week! Lots of Things this week.
#KeepinItReal #BumshueSisters #SøstreFHaveItGoodInTheHood

Sister Ferguson
p.s. No pics this week, sorry folks 😛 My SD Card reader isn’t working

So we were listening to the beginning of last october conference on my ipod and it said “Speakers selected by…” Søs Floyd totally thought it said “Streakers selected by…”

Søs Fl: “Be still my soul, be still my Heart rate is more like it! You SCARED me!”


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