“You Had ONE Job!”

Last P-day we went with our district to an old Viking Castle ruins; it was pretty much a big bowl covered in grass, nothing super exciting, but we herded sheep! Or tried to. Everyone else did a good job, but I… let the sheep out… Slap my hand. SO sorry. But it was fun 🙂 Check that off my bucket list
Also, the great Elder Hawkes requested a shoutout because he was jealous I talked about Elder Call last post and not him. #NeedyElders #WeStillLoveThemTho

Random Things:

1) I would like to shout into the world that I like beets. Beets are my favorite food. We buy a giant jar of beets every time we go shopping. I didn’t eat beets until I got to Russia and I loved them there, Then I came to Denmark and BEETS! Just yes.

2) So as I’ve said, Sister Floyd and I har det rigtig sjov sammen. We have it good. And just like if we’d looked through the door peephole to see Bror Williamson dancing before we pray, we start laughing right before prayers ALL THE TIME. We have to apologize so much to Heavenly Father. It reminds me of at home when someone’d be saying the prayer and Dad just starts laughing and whoever is praying says “…and please help Dad to be reverent during the prayer…” lige sådan.

3) There’s a man here at the library with the most luscious, long grey hair I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking back to that Dove men’s shampoo Commercial “Ah ahhhh ah ah!” He even flipped his hair. I want to cry.

One thing to be aware of is that Præsident and Søster Sederholm have reached their time. They’re going home at the end of this month. I am so very sad. I love them so much. They’ve been my parents away from home. I’m sure Præsident and Søster O’Bryant are excellent, but I just love the Sederholms.

So as you may have calculated, this week is transfers! We were so skeptical of them because Sister Floyd and I wanted to stay together but it was a 75% chance she’d move. So calls. Wednesday morning. Judgment day. The phone rings. It’s Elder Hooper. He says “Sister Floyd, you’ve been in Slagelse a long time….

….But you’re gonna stay a little while longer.” I think we blew out Elder Hooper’s eardrums! Also my buddy Elder Lester is coming to be a zone leader with Elder Hawkes, and my Big Brother Elder Gudmundson is coming to Nykøbing to be with Elder Bradshaw! I AM SO VERY VERY HAPPY! It’s the dream transfer! We think it’s because Præsident is leaving and it was his last transfer to assign so he just stuck everyone with their favorite people.
The Floyd stays.

A couple of funny stories:
We have some really positive new investigators, one from Afrika, one from Syria, and the last from Afghanistan. All Christians, all bible-believers, and I just don’t know how to teach people who already believe in God, to be honest. We tend to spend most of our time with Atheists. So we’ll see how this goes. Hahaha

The lesson with them was kind of hilarious however. So the man we teach from Syria, Ali, he adores us, and likes the Book of Mormon, but his one friend from Afghanistan just needs to leave. During the lesson he focuses on such ridiculous things, questions that don’t make sense, and we all just look at him like, ”Who invited that kid?” and then Ali looks at us with a look that says, ”awks, i’m sorry bout this”
Best part is, now Ali brought one more friend, (that’s the one from Afrika) and he’s SO POSITIVE!!!! Ahahahahhaa, during the lesson we would teach a principle, he would ask an amazing question, we would answer it, and then the man from Afghanistan would interrupt with something that wouldn’t make sense, and then Robert, our Afrikan friend, would just pipe in Again with one more awesome question. So we basically just wanted to drop kick that one guy out the door, and kidnap Robert. We love Robert.
That was a great day. Not to mention when the lesson was over and our bus was coming in 2 minutes; we didn’t know where the stop was, and Robert just points and yells, ”BUS!” and we start running. It was so funny. They all 3 just watched Søs Floyd and I book it to the bus stop down the street, and the bus driver was so kind and waited for us. We get on and he says, ”I couldn’t leave, not when you were running so fast!” hahahahha SOOOO GOOD!

On Saturday we were helping our lovely friend Tina out in her garden, pulling a heck-ton of weeds. It’s a good time, good service, but halfway through I’m sneezing my soul out (Almost literally because if you sneeze more than twice, you’re soul belongs to the devil because the Blessing isn’t doing anything) and I’m getting hives all over my arm! I’m apparently allergic to some sort of weed we were pulling. I’m sorry, Mom, I’m allergic to pulling weeds. 😉 hehe

Ok, some very good news:
One of our less-actives, Christiana from Brazil, we’ve been teaching her daughter Nicoline and she’s gonna be baptized! She’s 8 so she wouldn’t Count as a convert baptizm, but she’s still our baptism 🙂

Also, this news made me start bawling. Britt, my investigator in Roskilde, is getting baptized in August! I am so very very happy! I’ve prayed so hard and so long for that woman!

Have a great week!

Sister Fergie

Trust Faaaall!

Trust Faaaall!

Last district meeting before Elder Call, Elder Taylor, and Præsident go home

Last district meeting before Elder Call, Elder Taylor, and Præsident go home

Elder Call's going away party (took my glasses off because of the glare. Sister Floyd dies because I'm cross-eyed)

Elder Call’s going away party (took my glasses off because of the glare. Sister Floyd dies because I’m cross-eyed)

Decorating my journal. This kills me #PropsToTheFriendMagazine

Decorating my journal. This kills me #PropsToTheFriendMagazine


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