Santa, the Muslim Priest

What a week! Last week of the transfer. Last week to figure out last minute prep for the Christmas Concert, so that added some extra stress. In addition to the stress, I’m running out of time to type all this up.

We didn’t have a ton of success as far as finding goes, but we’ve been really trying to build up the members in our ward, so that’s been going good.

On Wednesday the STLs (Sister Training Leaders) came and helped us cram for the Christmas Concert, plus we had appts with a few people we haven’t been able to get ahold of, but they invited us over because Sister Mandla was in town.

THURSDAY. The day of days. The feast of feasts. In every possible way! We were lucky enough to have Thanksgiving on the same day as our Zone Conference! We had an incredible training on gratitude by President and Sister O’Bryant. We all stood up and went around saying something we were grateful for. There was so much spirit. Then we had a short family history training by Sister Lyman and Sister Reed, then the assistants gave a training and started out by sharing a slideshow of pictures of Christ while playing Savior, Redeemer of my Soul. It was especially emotional for me because I’d just found all those same pictures of Christ the day before when we were cramming. And our spiritual thought at dinner the night before was about the peace that Christ brings. For their training they read from Elder Uchtdorf’s talk, “Lift Where You Stand”, and we watched a clip from “Facing the Giants” (A football movie) where he does the death crawl. We then discussed how that scene was like us with Christ; about how sometimes our best is better than what we think it is. So. Good. So many people crying. I was.

We had one of the best talent shows on earth (If you want the link to the videos and recordings, just ask me). Sister Van Orden and I, funnily enough, sang Savior, Redeemer of my Soul.

Then we all changed clothes and headed out to the field for our turkey bowl!!!!! WOO FOOTBALL!!!! Guess who didn’t play 🙂 No, I actually cannot play football. Maybe if someone sat me down and explained everything to me, but the last time I tried I got trampled and I was super confused about everything because the elders would just shout random things like “Hail Mary! Alligator Snow shovel! 45 36 22! Go go go!!!” Plus they didn’t even put my name on the team roster, so… I was the cheerleader with Sister O’Bryant! I actually dubbed myself “bearer of the tag and the watch”. I wish someone had taken a picture of me because I had probably 7 watches on my arms and 10 nametags on my shirt. Woo! I also took the opportunity to look cute in my jeans. Man, I wish I’d brought my camera! Any opportunity to look cute while not wearing a skirt, which is like, every opportunity. Sometimes you wear the worst skirts just to add variety to your wardrobe. I’m slowly starting to look Amish.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the spirit of Elijah is real! We went over to the bishop’s house last night and talked with him and his family about family history, and they pulled up FamilySearch on their big screen tv and we all had the greatest time trying to find their cousins (I think of Elder McDougall every time). It was actually pretty funny. We had just recently discovered the memories tab and they had such a fun time joking that all the random people they saw were their family. Like “Boys, this is your mother and me about 20 years ago.” with a picture of a couple from the 50’s. Their oldest boy is about 17 and told us he wasn’t very interested in it, BUT he started playing around with FamilySearch and trying to find pictures of his grandfather! THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH IS REAL!

In other news, last night we had what we called ‘Hurricane’ Gorm. Bishop’s wife drove us and our bikes home because the wind almost blew the car over. When we were out contacting later, we almost got knocked over. It was really funny actually.

Anyway, life is getting better! Today is the start of a new transfer! Sister Van Orden and I won’t be together for almost 3 weeks because she’ll be oot and aboot around Denmark singing for people. I get to party and have the extra weeks we didn’t get with Sister Sørensen!!! We’ll be splitting Esbjerg and Horsens between the 2.5 weeks we have together, plus I’m going on splits in Odense on Friday and Copenhagen the next week! Then on the 21st Sister Van Orden will come back and be with me in Esbjerg. I’m so excited for this transfer. So many good things! Christmas and New Year’s and my year mark!… wait… my year mark? HOLY CRAP!

Søster Fergie

Me: “I’m wearing too many tights to have to go to the bathroom this often!”

“I’ve got influenza in my shoulder”

Søs Van Orden: “In Danish it says ‘Praktiske, behagelig, og comfortable’ So I can wear crocs?”

“I see skies of gray
It’s raining too
Every day
On me and you
And I think to myself….

“The door opener is different from the greeter and the program-passer-outer”

Victoria: “I’m vertically correct”

*I walk out of the bathroom to Søs VO lying on her bed*
SVO: “I feel so peacful…”

We’re wondering if Danes are having this competition to see who can say Nej the most when the Mormon missionaries knock on their door. It’s like “NejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNejNej”

Michael’s answering machine: “Jeg ringe tilbage når jeg høre dit besked… eller jeg lytter bar til dit besked…” (“I’ll call you back when I hear your message… or I’ll just listen to your message…”)

Æ Higby: “Eat turkey. Throw up. Play football.”

Bunch of good looking elders (and Sister O'Bryant)

Bunch of good looking elders (and Sister O’Bryant)

​Real mashed potatoes. Homemade crescent rolls. Life could be dream.

​Real mashed potatoes. Homemade crescent rolls. Life could be dream.

These guys. (Æ Gudmundson og Æ Brady) I miss that district

These guys. (Æ Gudmundson og Æ Brady) I miss that district

​Sister Sølberg. She's my friend. :)

​Sister Sølberg. She’s my friend. 🙂


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