He’s Søren! Flyin’! There’s not a star in heaven that he can’t reach…!

Hey, friends,

Last P-day we took a district activity to Fanø, the island right next to Esbjerg. We took the ferry over and walked from one end of the Island to the other. I mean, Fanø is small, but not that small. My legs were dying. Plus it got dark super-fast so we had to come back. It was still fun. Our elders are great! They’re different from most of the other districts I’ve been in because all of them, except Elder Jensen, are new. Sister Van Orden and I are the oldest members of our district.

I’ve seriously become almost a professional bike mechanic because of all the fixes I’ve done on my bike. Elder Allred couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his bike the other day and I was just like “Oh, this and this, and this is how you fix it, let me show you.” Beep Bap Boop, Fixed. #BikeBoss

Elder Gerber helped me figure out one problem I was having, and I had him realign my wheel (again) because I, apparently, wasn’t doing it right, but sadly, the wheel got off-kilter again yesterday so I’m going to either have to just keep fixing it myself or take it into someone who actually knows what he’s doing. Bah, yesterday, coming home from church, my wheel started going off on its own way again, then I noticed that my front tire was low on air, and my chain fell off. There is seriously a curse here in Esbjerg. I haven’t had so many bike problems in all of my mission. I just don’t want to deal with it as it gets colder.

We were kidnapped by Kirsten Søe, one of our less-actives because our plans were to go out to this one side of town after we were done visiting her and she was just like “No. I won’t allow it. It’s sketchy over there and it’s dark. You are going to stay here with me until it’s time for you to go home.” Dang woman, but she made us soup and we did talk to her about Family history. Got her going on Family Search. Woot!

We had an adorable lesson with a super-cute family the other day where we told them how we celebrate Thanksgiving in America, and we helped them make turkey hands and write one thing they were thankful for on each finger. We’ve also been going out and asking people on the street what they’re grateful for. I love this time of year! It’s weird though, especially with Sister Van Orden focusing so much on this Christmas concert, we’ve kind of starting thinking a lot about Christmas, like towards the beginning of November. I’m so excited for Christmas! I’m excited for what’s going to happen!

Have a wonderful week! I’m super-excited for Thanksgiving!

Søster Fergie

“He looks like he could be a totem pole”

Søs Van Orden: “♫It’s that time of year when the mold grows all over the house because we don’t open the windows because it’s freezing outside. Merry Christmas… May your New Years’ dreams come truuuuuue! ♫”

We were talking about ridiculous Utah Mormon names and how we loved the name and both wanted to name our firstborn Shalizabeth. Then we were dying trying to think of every time in Pirates of the Caribbean when someone says Elizabeth, to replace it with Shalizabeth. “Shalizabeth? SHALIZABEEEEEETH!!!”

“On a scale of Don to Dane, how bad is your American accent?”

Søs Williams: “We should just get t-shirts with each other’s faces on them. I’m sure I would look so much prettier with your face on my shirt.”

RS Teacher: “Vi kan ikke gå på vandet. Vi har ikke nok tro” (“We can’t walk on water. We don’t have enough faith”), talking about how they need to run and catch their ferry to Fanø, where they live – how they couldn’t miss it.

“That looks like a whale threw up in the shape of a cheerio.”

And sorry I don’t have a lot of pictures. We literally only took pictures on Monday.

District activity to Fanø! (me, Søs Van Orden, Æ Gerber, Æ Weese, Æ Jensen, and Æ Allred)

District activity to Fanø! (me, Søs Van Orden, Æ Gerber, Æ Weese, Æ Jensen, and Æ Allred)

Beach? In November? Are we crazy?

Beach? In November? Are we crazy?

It snowed yesterday! A little bit. #Winter #Hyggeligt #BikingStinksInTheCold

It snowed yesterday! A little bit. #Winter #Hyggeligt #BikingStinksInTheCold

She doesn't want to go home.

She doesn’t want to go home.


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