Tangent Queen

Hey, my people! Life is good.

Back when I thought I was going to be staying in Vejle, we planned a fun pumpkin carving activity with a member, and then I left and they did it without me. SO we did a little party ourselves here with the elders. We had to do it outside because they couldn’t come into our apt, but luckily there’s this little picnic table outside of our apt so, despite the cold, we carved. Well they did. I painted mine, as is my tradition. Last year I painted Elsa and Anna. This year it was the Salt Lake Temple. It actually turned out a lot more awesome than I thought it was going to be. #satisfied

Our buddy Michael has had a rough week. On Monday we had a member present lesson at Bishop’s house that was just supposed to be on tithing, but Bishop is very zealous in his testimony and talked about everything under the sun. It might’ve been too much for our poor friend Michael. Then his girlfriend, one of our friends, broke up with him. Luckily we’ve gotten hold of him and have an appt set for Thursday. We’re hoping he wants to get baptized for himself and not for his girlfriend’s sake.

We met a girl knocking named Nana and she was wonderful! She was radiating light. She told us she believed in God as an energy, but she really wanted to know why we believed in Him as a person. I’m so excited to talk further with her!

We were on splits this week! With Sister Mandla and Sister Sorensen! Sister Mandla and Sister Van Orden took on tackling things with this Christmas concert thing Sister Van Orden is in charge of, and I went out to find choice children of God with my wonderful Sister Sorensen! I’ve missed teaching with her. I’m so happy she’s my sister training leader! The night before, I got a random flat tire and Elder Gerber and Elder Brady came over and helped fix it. Actually Elder Gerber did. Elder Brady says that he doesn’t fix bikes. I love Elder Brady. And calm down, he’s just one of my best friends. Gosh. No, but coming back from being out all day, my BACK tire went flat! What the crap! So we walked all the way home. It was a long walk. I actually didn’t get it fixed until Thursday because I’m not very good at finding holes in my tubes. I have to run it through water like 3 times before I find the hole.

We had a great district meeting about being happy! Elder Jensen is the happiest person I have ever met! He’s always just like “Are you guys happy? Because it’s gonna make me sad if you’re not”

There’s a man who lives above us named Rommel; he was a member but got excommunicated shortly after he was baptized, and because it was so soon after his baptism, he didn’t really understand why it happened. He thought people judged him and he wasn’t welcome in the church, but we had a great lesson with him the other day and testified of repentance and forgiveness and we sang “I am a Child of God” and then invited him to church. He said he would come if we went with him, so we all biked to church yesterday morning! He came for the first time in 7 years! We were praying so hard for him, because he told us that if he started to feel uncomfortable, he would leave. We had fast and testimony meeting and so many people came up and said hi. After church he texted and thanked us for the day. We asked if anything had changed, and if he had a good time. He texted back saying that it was one of the best days he’d ever had!! I think we had a mini party! I love helping people see how wonderful the church is!

Halloween was lame. Lamest holiday as a missionary besides Valentine’s Day. All we did was eat apple cinnamon pancakes with the elders at the church. I also officially fail at cooking bacon.

But ya. I think that’s it. I think my favorite thing about my companion is that she gets EVERY SINGLE REFERENCE that comes out of my mouth. She’s seen every musical, seen every movie. I don’t even need to ask if she’s seen it, I just quote the line and she follows up with the next line. It’s great! Woot!

Other random stuff, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people walking their cats before.

And only happy people whistle.

Have a great week. And just so you all know, I’m way happy. WAY happy. Life is great! I lvoe being a missionary. Best decision of my life, better than Russia.

Søster Fergie

Quotes (This week was a GOOD one):
Søs Van Orden: “We’re gonna heal the sick! I mean, they are, but we’re gonna provide the faith!”

“Satan has power over rubber”

“The problem with Indian men is that they’re hairy and bald and there’s always a slight smell of curry”

Æ Jensen: “It was so boring. All it was was words. Black words.”
Æ Reber: “If it makes you feel any better I tried to make the bullet points into ice cream cones.”

Æ Jensen: “I’m not surprised, I’m happy!”
Søs Van Orden: “Are you… smiling?”
Æ Jensen: “Yes. I am.”

Æ Jensen: “That is the absolute worst case scenario, unless something really bad happens.”

*We’re biking through some mud*
The Terminator (Sis Van O’s bike): “YUS! This is my natural habitat!”
Rosemary (Lucy’s bike): “ewewewewewewewewewewew”

RS teacher: “Og så vil jeg gerne giver tiden over til mig selv” (“And now I would like to turn the time over to myself.”)

Fun P-day activity with the elders (Søs Van Orden, Æ Allred, Æ Gerber, og mig)

Fun P-day activity with the elders (Søs Van Orden, Æ Allred, Æ Gerber, og mig)

Question mark

Splits with my girl Søster Sørensen! Just like old times!

Splits with my girl Søster Sørensen! Just like old times!

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