Passive Steve

Stille og Rolig (it means chill). That is pretty much the epitome of Esbjerg right now, which, if you’re a missionary, is nice to a point, but you just want the work to get rolling again. So we actually prayed about what we could do to help our work move forward and we got a few ideas, lots of things that are how we can improve personally, like being better at exercising and keeping our apt clean. They don’t really have anything to do with the work, but we have faith that if we do them, God will bless our work.

Lots of random things, besides the lack of things going on:

We’ve been collecting soda can tabs to give to our friend Sofie for Christmas because she sends them to this place that uses the metal to make parts for prosthetic legs. It’s turned us into scavengers. Of course, I feel like I’ve been a scavenger from the beginning. I am a sea glass-spotting expert; most of the gloves I have have been picked up off the side of the road and washed. Lots of random black gloves that don’t match each other. It’s like socks –  as long as they’re both black, it doesn’t really matter, right? Sister Sorensen and I dumpster dove and got a lamp that is still in the Slagelse apt. I feel a little bad though because I’m turning Sister Van Orden into a scavenger as well. She found a perfectly nice hat on the sidewalk the other day and brought it home. Mama be so proud.

Our friend Genesis had her baby! She was 11 days overdue and we were all wondering when she was going to pop. But we went to see her in the hospital a few days after she had her baby. Her little baby Leo is adorable! He’s got so much hair! Everyone is having babies. It’s killing me that I can’t hold them! Though, I think I’ve learned more about giving birth in the last few weeks than I have in my entire life. Seriously, we have 3 people we visit now with brand new babies. Is it too early to be baby hungry? There’s actually a word for baby hungry in Danish: Skruk. It means the feeling a hen has when she can’t have babies, and all the other hens around her are. Haha, we were joking that with all these new babies, we could totally get a ton of member-present lessons if we just visit these moms a lot! Their babies aren’t members!

We’ve realized that we as missionaries are just like a clingy girlfriend. We’re just like “Man, it’s been 2 days since he’s texted us. I wonder if everything’s all right. Let’s wait one more day and then try again.” “She’s avoiding us; she didn’t answer our call. What did we do wrong?” It gets funnier and funnier the more you think about all the different aspects.

We had an EXCELLENT zone training on family history work! It’s a new initiative that everyone, including me, is going crazy about! I am SO excited. We got new little pass-along cards and I’ve got this fire! We actually were saying that normally, it’s really hard to get ANY success when you knock on houses. You get a little more success knocking apartment buildings, because the people who live there are a little more humble, but nothing with houses, BUT THIS IS THE TOOL TO GET INTO HOUSES!!!! We’ve already gotten a few potentials with appointments to come by again next week! I’m so excited! I just want to help everyone find their cousins. I was trained once, when I was in Slagelse, by the family history consultant there, but she kind of was a little too excited and taught me everything she knows in one afternoon. I don’t remember anything, desværre. Excited to re-learn! We’ll learn more at Zone Conference in a week and a half.

I have had 4 flat tires. My rear tire has 6 patches on it and my front has 2. I bought a new tube the other day, but it was too skinny for my tire, so we’re going to swap it today. I’m so tired of fixing my bike. I feel like we’re cursed or something.

I love y’all!

Med Kærlighed,
Søster Fergie

Quotes & Random Stuff:
*Sister O’Bryant is talking about a kind of medicine*
President: “Immogas? I think it should be called Immo-ikke-gas”

Me: “I love her double chin!… NO! Not double chin, CLEFT chin!”
Søs Van Orden: “Do you love MY double chin?” *Pulls a face*

Søs Van Orden: “You’re like the leftovers people are excited to eat!”

“We’re gonna lower our expectations so that everything is a success!”

“Pain is your friend! Ignore your friend!”

Kaj: “En gang imellem det er sund at være helt tom” (“Every once in a while it’s healthy to be completely empty”, talking about his brain).

That moment when someone’s opening prayer is longer than the talks you used to give when you were in Young Womens. (Lucy’s dad used to call those “disappointed speakers.”)

We have this snowman stuffed animal with long limbs that we stuck up in our chandelier. We named him Steve and he just sits up there like, “No, no, don’t worry about me. I’m sure you’re too busy doing your thing to open the blinds to let me look out, but it’s okay; I’m fine staring at the wall.” Sister Van Orden does a really good Steve voice. It’s hilarious! I’ll record it sometime.

We found a bomb shelter! It was so scary - like a scene from a horror movie!

We found a bomb shelter! It was so scary – like a scene from a horror movie!

We've decided to start our own bike repair shop in our apt.

We’ve decided to start our own bike repair shop in our apt.

I've decided I don't want to start a bike shop anymore... #SoDoneWithThisCrap

I’ve decided I don’t want to start a bike shop anymore… #SoDoneWithThisCrap



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