Gå Beans

Man. Man man. This has been a good week. It’s happy that I can always find something exciting to write about. There were 3 big things that happened this week:

1- This week we went on splits to Odense, probably for my last time. Super sad (unless I end up transferring there). Odense is a great place. It’s always super great to be on splits with Sister Landvatter. She is one of the best advice givers ever. It helps that we both are able to help each other out because we’re both in the same boat. It was kind of a funky splits because Sister Landvatter and Sister Bevan, along with Elder and Sister Turpin, ran a 5k Thursday morning! They held one in honor of a lovely holiday called Kristi Himmelfarts Dag, or Ascention Day, as it is called in English. It was super fun. Sister Hughes and I were the official cheerleaders/photographers of our group (Because we don’t really run, at least not long distances. Sister Bevan has been getting me out running every once in a while though).

2- SUMMER IS HEEEEEERE! We actually didn’t have like any spring, it was just super cold, then BAM! Lose the jacket, tights, anything that might hold you down from the SUUUUNSHIIIINE!! I’ve missed this. it’s really funny how the weather really does effect your mood. Esbjerg is a completely different place. Too bad I might be leaving soon…. Not going to jinx it.

3- I got to talk to my wonderful, incredible, fantastic, amazing family yesterday!! It was super emotional. It was the last time I do it before I go home in… 1.5 months… My sister was not making it any better by telling me exactly how many days until I come home. It was so good. I love my family so much. And I love my mom! I’m pretty sure my mom is better than your mom.

Well. It has been an excellent week. I hope the sunshine/warm stays. You can never fully trust the Danish weather though. Cross your fingers.

Have a great week!

Søster Fergie

I forgot my planner at home with all my quotes. So sad. Let’s see if I can remember any.

Abby: “I didn’t say anything about living in China on my mission papers. I don’t want to come anywhere near here on my mission.”

Me: “It’s not like God doesn’t know.”

Abby: “God can keep a secret.”

So the other day in my morning prayers I should have gotten up and gone to the bathroom or done some jumping jacks or something before I prayed, but I didn’t. I apologized to God beforehand if I said anything strange. This was all I could remember from the few times my mind wandered. I literally said this in my prayer: “…and you know how you get a street named after you? You do good things and be a good example.” I think I die every time I even think about that experience.

…can’t think of any others. You’ll get them next week. Sorry.

We're like twins!

We’re like twins!

5k is the best k! (Æ Turpin, Søs Hughes, Me, Søs Bevan, Søs Landvatter. Photo creds to Søs Turpin)

5k is the best k! (Æ Turpin, Søs Hughes, Me, Søs Bevan, Søs Landvatter. Photo creds to Søs Turpin)

Skyping the fam! 50 days until I get to see them in person!

Skyping the fam! 50 days until I get to see them in person!

It's been long, but good. This might be my last week in Esbjerg

It’s been long but good. This might be my last week in Esbjerg


Party Girl

The past couple days have been the BEST! First…

Wednesday we took a train down to Sønderborg for district meeting! It was really rainy, but besides that, it’s a beautiful place. After lunch we walked down the gågade and to the havn, around a castle that looked like just a big building. We asked this Lebanese guy to take our picture and afterwards he asked if he could be in the picture. #NewFriend

Then we got on a train up to Odense, and after a big crazy switch, Sister Landvatter got on a train to… SLAGELSE!!! I couldn’t believe it as we got off the train. It was a dream come true. THEN two of my favorite people on earth, Elder Bradshaw and Elder J Gudmunson, who have both been my district leader at one time or another, picked us up from the station and we drove through my favorite city on earth. And pulled up to my old-new apt. All my stars were still there! The next morning TINA DI BELLA SHOWED UP!!! My beautiful wonderful Tina. I told her that I’d asked God if I could see her and Slagelse one more time before I left Denmark and the fact that it happened was a huge tender mercy for me.

Then we rushed, magically, to Copenhagen (Don’t ask.) for what is called the My Plan meeting, or 60-day meeting. For all of us old fogeys who only have 2 months left. Do y’all remember the party on the plane picture I drew? It was that. Except no airplane just yet, luckily. There were 7 elders and 4 sisters (We were missing the 3 Icees over on Iceland). So many people I love were there. One of the best decisions I have ever made is becoming best friends with all of the elders I’m going home with. We had an excellent training all about future goals. Det gjorde mig endnu mere spændt på at tage hjemme. Weird to think that I’ll be married with kids in the next couple years. It was weird to talk about it so much.

After the meeting, because the temple was closed for cleaning (Super sad. I was so excited to go one more time in Denmark), we all took a trip up to the Frederiksborg Slot! Or Frederiksborg Temple, as President kept calling it. One day… But no, it was beautiful! It reminded me of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Lots of old paintings. In fact, there was a little room with all of Carl Bloch’s paintings of Christ that I’ve grown up seeing! We took a lot of pictures. Surreal.

But yes. That is tale of my recent adventures. I’m thinking of sticking all the pictures in an online file somewhere so y’all can see them. It was a party.

Speaking of, President read my blog. I guess I need to be more careful of what I put on here because he was getting after me for saying that our district meeting was a party. Kept bringing it up all day. He was trying to make me cry. This was in his email today: “So………. Your mom posted your letter on Facebook and it said your district meeting was a party!!!!!! What am I supposed to do with that?????? Now the whole world knows that the Danish mission as a party and everybody is going to want to come here.”

Whoops. But no, the My Plan meeting was definitely a party. Sister Williams and I waltzed around while a bunch of elders ice skated across a slippery dance floor. We also got lead around a giant castle by a man with an excellent mustache and almost got lead down to the dungeon where he was going to tie us up by our toes and torture us, but then he made a last minute decision to lead us back to our group. LUCKILY. I’m still here guys. Y’all can breathe again.

In other news, our buddy Michael is still going strong! Still shooting for the 16th!

Have it good!

Søster Fergie

This is P Day for you: *looks at watch* “We have 1 hour and 58 mins left to relax!”…………..*looks at watch again* “We have 1 hour and 57 mins left to relax!”

Me: “If we keep doing crazy things, pretty soon the white handbook is going to be like the Law of Moses.”

“I took a painting of this one guy…”

Æ Gudmundson: “And Elder Jensen and Elder Fairbanks will give us an example of apostasy”

Æ Fairbanks: “Just squint your eyes and it looks like Hawaii”

“That ice cream went ham on me!”

Æ Bradshaw: “Turn into a pig for only $19.95!”

President: “You can’t let your companion go alone on a date.”

Sister Landvatter was on the phone with someone and was like “Oh poop!” Sister O’Bryant whispered to President, “Did she just say ‘Oh poop’?” President turned and said, “She put something in her mouth that I wouldn’t put in my hand.”

Søs O’Bryant: “I’m anti-stick”

Lasse: “Vi ses i det celestiale rige”
Me: “Vi ses på facebook os så det celestiale rige”

Gang signs flying... Also, the good fairy came down and turned me into a Lebanese man.

Gang signs flying… Also, the good fairy came down and turned me into a Lebanese man.

Best birthday present ever! I got to see my lovely Tina! (jk guys, it's not my birthday)

Best birthday present ever! I got to see my lovely Tina! (jk guys, it’s not my birthday)



The Frederiksborg "Temple"

The Frederiksborg “Temple”

Party on the Plane

Party on the Plane

The Way of the Wind

Det var helt vildt koldt. Spring is coming slowly. Forget the surely. It snowed this morning. We’ve been battling for our lives against the wind all week long. Stærke ben.

SO many exciting things this week.

The first and most exciting thing is that Sister Bevan taught me how to crochet! I now have a new addiction. I’m seven rows into making a scarf!

The second is that just barely Sister Bevan and I both just sneezed at the exact same time! I feel like that needs to go down in some book somewhere.

No, but it wasn’t the most exciting week. All of our appts with investigators fell through so we did a BUNCH of finding.

We had a double lesson with a husband and wife! It was actually pretty funny. We prayed with the wife and talked about the Atonement while the husband was out on a phone call, then he came back and she went somewhere to paint something and we talked to him about church and prayed with him! Two lessons and we didn’t even blink an eye!

We found a few more potentials from our finding. There was actually this excellent lesson we had on this man’s doorstep that was one of the best conversations I have ever had. He started out thinking that religion is the cause of everything bad in the world and ended up giving us his number after we testified of how absolutely good God is. I told him that even if the world was burning, I would still believe that God is good and that He loves us. It’s one of the things I have no doubts about. It was awesome, it was actually the only door contact I’ve ever had with good strong moments of spirit filled silence. We just stood there and it was just what he needed. Nothing I said came from me, it came from God. We’re meeting again with him today.

We went on splits with Sister Landvatter and Sister Hughes! And the zone leaders came up for district meeting! It was a big party.

Sister Hughes and I had a lesson with a Jehovah’s Witness couple. We got totally steamrollered. The man kept throwing out reasons why THEIR bible and doctrine was right and why ours was wrong (really great way of making friends) and I was like “Heavenly Father, please give me something I could say in return” but nothing was coming because I had nothing to retort with in my treasure chest in my brain. So all I said was that I’m not smart. I haven’t studied these things. All I know is what I feel. And what I’ve felt is that what I read in the Book of Mormon and what I learn when I listen to prophets and go to church is true. The Spirit came in so strong. I know that by myself I AM weak. I could not be a missionary by myself. I’m just so glad that my Heavenly Father has my back.

Anyway, I love you all! Thanks for all your love.

Most sincerely,
Søster Fergie

Me: “I’d love to be a cat”
Søs B: “That’d be horrible! Cats sleep for 16 hours a day! You’d waste your life away!”
Me: “That’s okay, I’d have 9 of them ;)”

Us: “Vi kommer fra Jesu Kristi Kirke…”
Lady: “Nej tak!”
Us: “Okay, du må hav en god dag.”
Lady: “Nej tak!”


We had some visitors for district meeting. Sister Landvatter gets pic creds since she wasn't in it.

We had some visitors for district meeting. Sister Landvatter gets pic creds since she wasn’t in it.




I love this!

I love this!

I Love Biking in the Rain!

We took a little day trip to Copenhagen for Sister Bevan’s sprog test today so we’re emailing super late. She’s a whiz, btw. This girl will probably get extra credit on her results. We were joking that they won’t just allow her to live here, but welcome her into their tribe.

What did happen this week? Well, Monday we went to a super fun park. Not as fun as we thought though because we decided to go to the beach instead! It was SO much warmer, though not super warm, than December, the last time I’d been. We did some beach combing and took some pics with the white men statues. It was so nice. I wish it was summer already.

Tuesday we went to Fredericia for Zone Training! It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I had a prayer answered quite publicly. It was a little embarrassing, I was bawling, but it seriously was an answer to a prayer. (If you want the story of what happened, talk to me after the show) Then we were trying to figure out what our goal for baptismal dates should be. People were tossing numbers around and then Sister Bevan suggest that we pray about it. We all agreed and then knelt down. We said a prayer and then we all just sat there. Elder Higby asked, “Is there anyone with a number just burning in their mind right now?” Someone said 7 and then a few other people said 7. It was crazy!

The next day we had a lesson with our friend Michael and told him the story (minus a few details) about what happened the day before, how we knelt down and prayed to find our answer. So he suggested that we do it. We knelt down in the library and prayed and then I whipped out a calendar and Michael stared at it for a while then said that he’d found a date that he wanted to be baptized! May 16th 🙂 Day of transfers, lol. So proud of that man. He’s going to go through with it this time.

Also, another prayer miracle story. So we’re at Genesis’ house and Michael is there too. Genesis couldn’t find her bottle of essential oil so she asks if we can all pray. We knelt down and said a prayer and no joke, 1 second after we ended, she found it. She yelled super loud and we were all laughing so hard! I love God. And God loves us.

We did service for an older couple in our ward! I love service projects. And wearing jeans. And serving others. We walked Genesis’ dog too. Most interesting service project ever. I loved it.

Yesterday they had a baby blessing in Spanish! There were a bunch of people in church who could only speak Spanish. I missed my mom. (I served my mission in Barcelona, Spain many moons ago.) Some of them were from Barcelona. I wished I could speak Spanish so badly. Add it to the stack of languages I want to learn when I get home. (Russian, German…)

Well, that was it. Good week. It was really long though. Spring is coming slowly but surely.

Søster Fergie

Me: “He needs God in his life… and a woman… and clothes”

“Who names their child Cliff? Cliff is what you name your child when you don’t want to have any more children.”

Søs B: “Maybe I should set a goal to look at my goals”

“Is asking someone to be baptized over text the same as asking someone to a dance over text?”

Me: “I feel like it wasn’t finding, what we did tonight.”
Søs B: “Ya, it was called freezing.”

Man 1: “Har du det godt?” (“Are you doing good?”)
Man 2: “Jeg er fuld. Jeg altid har det godt.” (“I’m drunk. I’m always doing good”)

I love biking in the rain. I was telling Sister Bevan that I need to enjoy it while I can because when I come home I won’t have the opportunity ‘cause I’ll be in a car. Soak it up now. #literally

Best P-day activity ever! (This was last week. IT's rainy today.)

Best P-day activity ever! (This was last week. It’s rainy today.)

Sluuuumber, dear maid

Sluuuumber, dear maid

Mariehøn  (I love my camera, btw. It takes EXCELLENT macro pics!)

(I love my camera, btw. It takes EXCELLENT macro pics!)

Elder Fairbanks and Elder Allred

Elder Fairbanks and Elder Allred

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Today’s the daaay! The sun is shining! The tank is clean and we are getting…. *GASP* the tank is clean. THE TANK IS CLEEEAN!

Good morning. It’s a good day. We’ve had a good week. Life is good.

I have had the strangest songs in my head this week. It’s awful. The first was 5 Green and Speckled Frogs, the second was “Ohhhh an Austrian went yodeling on a mountain so high…” And the third, most random of all is the song Mary sings in the long version of Pride and Prejudice: “Sluuuuuumber dear maaaaid. GREEN BOUGHS will coooover theeee….” It was awful, I wrote it in my planner so I would remember to tell y’all and every time I accidentally saw it, BAM. Stuck in my head again. It’s probably going to be stuck in my day all of today just because I’m telling you about it. *facepalm*

I’m trying to think of what I could tell you, any funny or exciting stories…

We have a new friend from India named Yesh. Yeeeesh!! Sister Bevan says she’ll hurt me and she’s not sure if it’s worth keeping him as an investigator because I’m so annoying. I’m sorry. but yesh. Of coursh he’sh worth keeping.

We defrosted our friend Sofie’s freezer. Again. I am now a bike-repairing, freezer-defrosting champ. The men are going to be lining up when I get home. I feel like Esbjerg is a toughnut factory. I feel prepped for life now. Seriously tho.

Saturday and Sunday I had 2 of the best conversations of my life. One was over the phone with an investigator all about God and the other was with my lovely friend Victoria all about God. Man, I LOVE deep discussions, especially on that subject because I could go for DAYYYYS.

I also have realized how much I love some of these people and if I’d transferred I’d have never seen them again. I’m so grateful for Facebook and email and skype og så noget.

It rained a lot. But today is sunny. Score.

Sincerely your not-trunky-but-super-excited-to-come-home-to-my-family friend,
Søster Fergie

Søs B: “And then we’re going to make poopy seed muffins.”

Me: “I love talking about religion to people who don’t want to talk about religion.”

“It’s so nice when people put pants on for us. What service.”

Æ Gudmundson: “10 other lessons, that’s awesome! Did you throw a party?”
Us: “No.”
Æ Gudmundson: “That’s okay. We’ll throw one for you.”

Wet but still happy

Wet but still happy

Found this on the window right after I got out of the shower. It doesn't fit mine or Sister Bevan's hand print. Dun dun DUUUUNNNN! Sister Van Orden's ghost!

Found this on the window right after I got out of the shower. It doesn’t fit mine or Sister Bevan’s hand print.
Dun dun DUUUUNNNN! Sister Van Orden’s ghost!

Elevator graffiti win ("Jesus Lives")

Elevator graffiti win (“Jesus Lives”)

These things always seem to be driven by old men with big beards and pipes.

These things always seem to be driven by old men with big beards and pipes.

Box Box Box

So, I guess I’m staying here for another transfer. My second to last transfer ever in fact. The time has gone by SO fast. I used to say that I still feel brand new! But… I really don’t anymore. There’s only one sister older than me and my group. I’m old.

The most exciting thing this week was two lovely, wonderful words: General Conference. I love conference with my whole soul! I have a very strong testimony that the words they speak come from God. I still haven’t seen Priesthood or Sunday Afternoon, but I’m assuming they’re as good as the other 3 sessions I have seen. I think my favorite talks (so far) were all of Sunday Morning session. Lol, jk. But #FavoriteSesh. I think my favorite talks were Elder Waddell, Elder Christofferson, and President Uchtdorf. I also really love Sister Oscarson, no matter what she talks about. I think we’d be good friends. I love the way she just says it like it is. She’s one of my role-models. It was also really fun, Saturday night, watching the Saturday morning session, and Sunday night, watching the Sunday morning session, because I knew that my family was watching it at the exact same time 🙂 It was 6pm here at 10am Utah time. So yes. I need to print out so many talks. I don’t think I can wait for the conference issue.

I was sick this past week. Not super fun. Sister Bevan was a champ and was patient enough to let me take a 3 hour nap the other day to rest and get better.

My lovely Tina from Slagelse called me for no reason and made my whole entire life.

We had an EXCELLENT lesson with a friend of ours, who actually knows the bishop’s family! It was like a reverse referral, haha. We knocked on his door randomly and he said that he knew them, and then we were able to get an automatic member present! Woo! Love it!

Hey, Have a good week!
box box box box

Søster Fergie

Søs B: “I’ll show you my certificate of ‘I’m allowed to be here’!… What is that thing actually called?”
Me: “Your ministerial certificate.”

Søs B: “It makes me feel like I’m in South America – talking with someone who believes in Jesus Christ.”

The Turpins took us out to lunch

The Turpins took us out to lunch

Ja tak

Ja tak

No. Way. I found it.

No. Way. I found it.

Spiderpig, Spiderpig. Does whatever a spider does.

Spiderpig, Spiderpig. Does whatever a spider does.

Cuddle Puddle

This week was a blast. Since every sister in the mission is training, they just called us all in to go to the new missionaries’ one month meeting! So one month meeting round 2! It was all the same stuff, but sometimes you need things twice to let them sink into your skull. It was so much fun. We had 19 sisters and 4 elders. We also got to go to the temple and they did the session in English! I haven’t heard it in English since the MTC! It was great. And I took another name I’d found while doing family history work! I love the temple. I’ve missed it. And I get to go next transfer too for my… 60 day meeting… wut. Not talking about that, sorry.

So I hate Easter. No, jk I love Easter, but I hate Denmark, no jk I love Denmark, but I hate holidays, no jk I love holidays. I just can’t stand Danish holidays. Today is what you call Second Påske day. I’m picturing Pippin asking Merry, “What about second breakfast?” You basically can’t schedule any appts or knock on any doors or visit any members from the Thursday before Easter to the Monday after because they’re ALL holidays and everyone is spending time with their families or are out of town. They get something called Påskeferie (Easter vacation) that’s even longer than Christmas vacation. Great for Danes, not so great for missionary work. So Sister Bevan and I pretty much have street contacted every single day. We walked around for 3 hours the other day. There’s this tendon in my right leg that’s not super happy with me. I love being a biking mission.

We watched the women’s session of General Conference yesterday (because we had nothing else productive to do) and it was SO GOOD! Especially President Eyring’s talk. It hit home for me on so many levels. I need to print it out.

Hey, so that was pretty much the exciting stuff with our week. It’s the last week of the transfer so I guess next week you’ll know if I’m moving or not.

Have it good,
Søster Fergie

President, upon discovering Sister Bevan studying behind a sidetable: “If you were a bear you’d have the BEST cave.”

Søs Baggaley: “There are child laborers on this milk carton! Send it back!”

Me: “I wonder how many cups of kool-aid you’d have to drink to get drunk.”

Æ Weese: “I’m gonna be the first man on the sun!”
Æ Allred: “You’d need a celestial body”

Æ Weese: “I’m glowing! Jk, I don’t need a lamp to glow”

Æ Howes reading ‘Guds Ånd som en ild” in an American accent: “God’s duck like a fiiiire!…”

We noticed a guy talking on a weird phone.
Søs Bevan: “Is that a cell phone?”
Me: “No, it’s a calculator.”
Søs Bevan: “I think you need this video. You could watch it on your calculator.”

​​This was pretty much the party of the week!

​​This was pretty much the party of the week!

Mickey D's. Love me some nuggets.

Mickey D’s. Love me some nuggets.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is known as:  The Cuddle Puddle. (We're missing just a few sisters.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is known as:
The Cuddle Puddle. (We’re missing just a few sisters.)

God Påske!

God Påske!