Denmark Copenhagen, Mandarin Speaking

OH my gosh. Oh. My gosh. Guys guys guys. This. Might be the last time I email (might). on my mission. What is this life? It’s here. 70-something letters later. This is it. No. I’m going to have to get on and tell you about this upcoming week next week at some point. It’s going to be a good one. Just a few sneak peeks: Holy houses. Bonfire. Baptism.

This past week has been a good one as well. On Monday a member in Gladsaxe 2nd ward took us strawberry picking! It was such a fun thing. Those berries were HUGE! And you could eat as many as you wanted without paying for them. You only paid for what you had in your bowl. Fun memory. What did you do for your P-days? I picked strawberries.

Our friend Peifang is SO cute! I love her. Things are going well. We had dinner with her at our ward mission leader’s house the other day and she bonded with his wife because she taught history and one of the things she taught about was Chinese history. Instant BFFs.

Thursday we had splits up in Birkerød! When I was up there on splits with Sister Lyman back in January I told her that I hoped I could see Birkerød in the summertime. Rumor is true: Birkerød is a beauty in the summertime. SO many trees. Sister Hansen and I contacted around a pond right by their apt. Had some good conversations, but I think the mosquitoes thought I was offering my legs as a free meal. I think I have like 8 bug bites. Stakkels ben. We did a service project with this member named Lisbeth and she and I bonded. I love that woman. I know her daughters in Esbjerg. She bought us ice cream. She also let me prune her hedge. I love her.

Good week. Good day at church yesterday. I want to read the Howard W. Hunter Sunday school manual cover to cover in English when I get home. SO many gems in there. Like the other week we had a lesson on “Ægte Storhed” (“True Greatness”) and I was translating and almost couldn’t continue because I was tearing up. So good. I’ll have to tell you about it another time.

I love y’all! I’ll see you soon! #weird #BarbaraIt’sTimeToComeHome #I’mNotReady

Søster Fergie

Me: “That little bird probably LOVES being a bird!”

Me: “What ethnicity is Enya?”
Søs Sø: “Her own.”

Me: “What are you, Yoda?”
Søs Sø: “I’m your Yoda😏”

Søs Sø: “We’re going to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for district meeting by sleeping.”

Eike: “Kan jeg bede stædigvæk med lange busker på?” (“Can I still pray with long pants on?”)
Louise: “Nej Eike. Det er ikke tilladt at bede med lange busker på.” (“No Eike, it’s not allowed to pray with long pants on”)



The goods

The goods

Pole bending

Yet another jungle gym.

Yet another jungle gym.




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