Hygge Doodah

Halløj. Random weird word I keep hearing everywhere. Is it Swedish? Comes it from København? They didn’t say stuff like that over in Jylland.

This week has been one of splits! I wasn’t with my companion for 3 days. I missed her, but I also had a BLAST with the sisters here. I was on splits with Sister McArthur and then Sister Naylor, who are both in our district so we see them all the time, but it was fun being one-on-one with them. I love this calling so much. It’s probably my favorite one I’ve ever had. It’s all Things I’ve always done: helping people Work through difficulties, give advice, support and love them in their Work, be someone they can talk to, have fun… STL is the best calling ever. I also got to go up to Allerød’s district meeting and give a training with the zone leaders.

After going out with the Lyngby sisters, our friends up in Birkerød, Sister Hansen and Sister Landeen, came Down to join the splits bandwagon! We had so much fun. Sister Landeen and I bonded over SO many random Things, like how both of our dads love the movie “The Quiet Man” and we’re both film score nerds. She’s funny. She’s from Sandy.

Saturday morning all 4 of us went to that one service project I told you about last week. It was for a lovely Iranian woman. We cleared and piled a bunch of Sticks. It was enjoyable. I felt like my mom, doing a bunch of hard-labor yard Work. She kept saying, “PLEASE stop when you get tired” over and over. But we didn’t get tired. Don’t you remember that one scripture that says, “Ye shall haul Sticks and not be weary and ye shall pile them and not faint.” We got that job: DONE.

Well I have 2 weeks left. If didn’t say it, someone else would. It’s super sad meeting new people right now because they’re just like, “How long are you here in Denmark?” and we’re just like, “A year and a half”, then they ask how long I’ve been here… “…a year and a half…” “OH! So you’re going home soon!” “Yes. Yes I am, thanks.” Or the members will be counting Down for me, like they want me gone or something. Nah, they love me. I love this Ward. I’m super sad I only get to serve here for 1 transfer. It’s an incredible Ward. Saturday night we had a super awesome Ward activity! The elders and us did a skit. It was funny. It was my idea. It was also the only idea. So yes. We ate pig and drank saft and hyggede os.

Not only that but it’s getting bigger! You want to know how??? Our friend Peifang (the cute chinese lady that I’ve been talking about) is getting baptized on the 16th of July! She is SO excited. We thought we were going to have to take it a little slower so she’d be able to understand better, but no! She understands everything (also with help of pamphlets in chinese) and she remembers everything too! She explained to us what repentance was even before we’d taught it! She also came to the Ward activity and LOVED it! Yesterday she told us that she doesn’t feel alone anymore. She feels like she has a big Family.

Well. Life is good my friends. I never want to leave.

OH! Yesterday we randomly kiggede forbi the church to grab some butter from the elders who were there and there were a bunch of cars in the parking lot. We were perplexed, but decided to investigate. As we pulled up to the church I saw VIBEKE AND BISHOP FROM SLAGELSE!!!! We chucked our bikes off to the side and pretty much attacked Vibeke with a massive hug. And I gave Bishop Hansen a massive… handshake. I love those people so much! I thought I’d never see them Again! It’s people like that that are going to make me cry on the airplane home. I love people so much. They make life and missions complete. They also make it very hard to leave.

Have it good!
Søster Fergie

Quotes (from last week too):
Me: “I could bike up Mt. Everest!”
Søs Sø: “I couldn’t. I’d just look at you and start laughing.”

Søs Sø: “I just got highlighted… what’s the word?”
Me: “You got… lightheaded?”
Søs Sø: “Ya, that one.”

Funny story. So we were out contacting and we saw this sad looking Chinese man. Sister Sorensen suggests we go over and talk to him. I’d just picked this flower and as we’re approaching him I’m trying to think of something to say but the only thing that comes to my mind is: “Give him the flower”. So I hold this Little flower out to him and he just starts swatting at it like it’s a bug and he has this fearful look on his face. I pull my hand back, but then try to give it to him again! He stands up (still swatting at the flower) and walks away. We had to go hide behind a bush, we were laughing so hard. We peeked out at him and he was still staring in our direction so we just waved

Søs Sø: “Every time we walk outside we, like, become a puddle.”

“I already AM a sunbeam!”

“Oh no. Not the twinkles.”

Søs McArthur and I walking up to this man with a dog.
Søs McA: “Du har en sød hund!” (“You have a cute dog!”)
*Dog starts growling at her*
Søs McA: “oh, måske ikke sød!” (“Oh, maybe not cute”)

Søs McA: “Hej, vi er mormoner og vi giv blod” (“Hi, we are mormons and we give blood”)

Søs Naylor: “Seagulls. The only state bird that hangs out at the dump.”

Me: “I need to repent my toes!”

“In the MTC, Elder Gudmundson and I had comp inventory ALL the time.”

Someone, can’t remember who: “The men baptize people with the priesthood, but the women can do it too with something that’s called the reliefsocietyhood.”

Another funny story. So we’re at Bishop’s house, eating dinner, and Bishop is just talking to Elder Jensen about something then stops and looks over at Sister Sørensen munching away on her pizza. He asks, “Hygge du dig?” (“Are you enjoying yourself?”) but he says it fast so it’s like, “Hygge du di’?” Sister Sørensen got super confused because she didn’t know what he’d said so he repeated it a few times and we helped her by saying it slower. The lights came on and she says, “I thought you said ‘hygge doodah’! I was like ‘I don’t know that word'” I think I died. I was laughing SO hard. After gathering myself and calming downI look over at Bishop and he just says: “Doodah.” STOOOOOOP!!! Then he and his wife were whistling Camptown races while they did the dishes.

Doodah, doodah



Strøget last week

Strøget last week

District lunch

District lunch

This is my babe

This is my babe

Turkey (Me and Sister Landeen)

Turkey (Me and Sister Landeen)




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