The Spaghetti Problem

Hello. Life is good. Life is grand. Summer is here… knocking on wood. I don’t have a ton of time, but I have a few stories. We’ve received 3 new referrals in the past week, all of them super positive it sounds like. One of them is this Chinese woman who was married to a Dane before he died. She randomly was in Utah (she didn’t tell us why) and went to temple square and thought, as she looked up at the temple, that she wants to go there someday. Then she was randomly in New York City, in Chinatown (she didn’t tell us why) and she got talking to a missionary who got her information and sent it to us! So we went and talked to her and she said that while her husband was alive, he was trying to get her to convert to Christianity. And then she told us, as she pointed to a picture of Christ, that she will believe in him. Her name is Peifang. We’re super excited to start working with her. Both Sister Sorensen and I role played inviting her to baptism at zone conference and felt good about it.
The other two, one is from Sister Williams, her old investigator Sonja, who was SO positive and would’ve gotten baptized if her mom hadn’t’ve said no, but she lives in our area and Sister Williams thought it would be a good idea to stop by again. We’ve been trying but she’s never been home. Not giving up.

The other one was from President and Sister Williams, the temple president and wife. They said that a woman was on the steps of the temple the other day and they recognized her as an old investigator from when they were the mission president and wife. They got her information and she actually lives in the assistants area, but the assistants said we could see if we could come down and meet with her.

It seems that God really has been waiting for sisters in this area. We’re so excited to get the ball rolling. I love being here. It really is a (missionary appropriate) party!  🙂

Our district is awesome! We have 4 elders and 4 sisters. Elder McDougall and Elder Light, the zone leaders, Elder Foulger and Elder Jensen, our district leader, and the two Lyngby sisters, Sister McArthur and Sister Naylor. I actually love having more sisters in our district. We’re all really close.

We had a super fun week. On Friday they had a GIANT stake dance party at our church and we got to help with the food and stuff. So many people I knew came – from both Slagelse and Roskilde. We felt like we were helping out at a wedding because we were there to help, not necessarily to participate, but it was still fun.

We’ve had a billion eating appts. This is what happens when they haven’t had sister in the ward for over 6 months. I can’t even remember when they turned this area into an elders’ area.

We also had zone conference up in Allerød! It was my last one. I gave a very weird testimony (not the testimony itself, but the fact that I was giving it) with all the other missionaries that are leaving. I remember watching so many other missionaries give their farewell testimony and thinking how far away that was for me. Nope.

We played football (yes and yes. half ægte and half amerikansk) after the conference. We’ve also been playing basketball here every Saturday. I love basketball. I also love soccer, but only when I’m playing with people who are at the same level as me which is probably a 5 on the goodness scale.

Anyway, have a great week! I love y’all!

Fred, håb, og kærlighed,
Søster Fergie

Søs Sø: “I’ve lost care.”

“Look at that. A phone number, an address, AND a wife!”

Bubbles Lu

Bubbles So






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