Talk Danish to Me

Man! I can’t believe I forgot my planner again. Why does this keep happening? I must be getting old…. Hehe, no one laughs.

Last P-day, we were planning on doing some souvenir shopping on Strøget (Copenhagen’s gågade… walking street), but instead we went to Nyhavn (because Sister Sørensen had never been) and walked to Vor Frelsers Kirke! It’s a twisty one.. That’s all I can say. We walked up a billion steps to the top. Then we all got ice cream. I love P-days in Copenhagen! There’s always something to do.

This week has been DEATH. It’s been so hot. I have almost no summer clothing. And we have no sister genbrug (leftover clothes) in this apt. I also have had the worst allergies ever. They just don’t leave. I sneezed like 16 times in a row the other day. Pray for my poor nose. We did weekly planning the other day and I think we almost melted into our little couch. Hardest things ever.

On Friday we saw this advertisement for something called Søborg Natten up the street right by where we live. We had no clue what it was, but we got together with our district and came up with an awesome idea to grab our big family history roll-up poster and go out and family history contact on the street! It was SO great! So many people said no… but there were so many people that said yes too! I was very surprised about the number of gospel-related discussions that went on. Sister Sørensen and I actually got a service project out of it! This lady asked what we’re doing here and Sister Sørensen told her that we were missionaries and we talk about Christ and do garden work, and the lady got so excited! We have an appt on Saturday 🙂 It was so much fun talking to all those people.

Our friend from China came to church! She loved it! I love that the only Sundays I’ve had investigators come to church are on Fast Sundays. You just pray with your whole heart that whoever gets up won’t start talking about Kolob or something. 😉 Luckily it all was good. Every time our friend heard Jesus mentioned, her ears perked up. It was great! I love her. She’s coming to the ward activity on Saturday!

Guess what else! Sister Lyman randomly showed up with her family! I love her SO much! I wish we could’ve been companions. She told me she’s coming to my homecoming because she’ll be in Utah. So happy. I got to translate in Relief Society for her mom.

Btw, you all should be jealous, but we have the best ward in the world! We love our ward so much. We ate dinner at Bishop’s house last night and… I love Bishop. I love his family. I also really just love this ward. Søborg is the best. I am so grateful to be serving here. We have some good stuff going on, plus it’s summertime.

Søster Fergie

no quotes this week guys 😦 I forgot my planner.

Vor Frelsers Kirke

Vor Frelsers Kirke

K, so P-days in Copenhagen are the best.

K, so P-days in Copenhagen are the best.


Spider queen (in a pencil skirt)

Spider queen (in a pencil skirt)


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