Happy Scissors

Goddag goddag venlige mennesker. THIS. Has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

So. Monday was my last day in Esbjerg. We had a few appointments in the middle of the day so when we came home, we spent the rest of the day finishing packing and writing notes to people.

Then the next day we split and I went up to Horsens with Sister Orr and Sister Andrew! Let me just say that trios are the bomb. We had so much fun! We spent 2 days in Horsens. THEN on Thursday, bright and early (4:30am), we took a train to Copenhagen for Sister Andrew’s sprog test and because Sister Orr and I had Mission Leadership Council. We ended up getting in to the language test place an hour and a half early. 😛 But we had a good time. So tired. Then a billion other awesome people showed up! After our comps were done taking the test we all went over to the temple and to the mission office.

Sister Orr and I split off and had some time before we had to go to MLC so we sat by this beautiful lake and talked and read PMG. Sister Orr is a wonderful person. Good times.

MLC was great. After it was over I asked President if he would give me a blessing because I was super stressed trying to figure out how I was going to be an STL for Nordsjælland while I’m over in Nordjylland, because we’d heard that Sister Baggaley’s comp might not get in for 2 weeks, rather than just one. He said that it wasn’t very smart or convenient to have me clear over there, so we made arrangements that day and picked up Sister Sørensen from Slagelse and headed up to Horsens to grab my stuff. The next morning Sister Sørensen and I took my stuff on a train to Slagelse and grabbed her stuff. We couldn’t have traveled with all that stuff without help. Thankfully we’ve got some great buff elders in our mission that were excellent helpers.

Now we’re in the beautiful suburb of Copenhagen called Søborg. We live 2 mins from the church, and the elders’ apt that we took over isn’t as bad as we were imagining! It’s actually pretty great. The only downside really is that the bathroom is the size of the shower in Esbjerg. In fact, the shower curtain goes across the door and the toilet just sits there in the middle of it all. We were trying to imagine how they could have forgotten to plan a bathroom into the plan of this apt. Then they just had a brilliant idea to turn the supply closet into a bathroom/shower! Great idea guys. Also the shower only has 5 mins of hot water but we are dealing with it like champs. They’re bringing us a new couch, desk chairs, and mattresses today. We’re super excited to take over this area. The elders before us had some great investigators that we’re going to start working with. We pretty much had a major weekly planning/life planning sesh yesterday after church. Sister Sørensen is great. I love her. We have fun. Welcome to Gladsaxe. Super excited to be here!

Love you all!
Søster Fergie

Søs B: “Darn! Sadness!”

Søs Orr: “I need to work on my English”

*Sister Orr dancing while on the phone with the train company*
Me: “Is there elevator music?”
Søs Orr: “No, I’m dancing to this guy telling me which numbers to press.”

Søs Sø: “My purpose as a missionary is to invite others to come unto Christ, but also to invite others to correct my Danish”

Æ Bishopp: ” The question is, will I have a belly button when I’m resurrected”

Æ Murphy: “What even is a honey nut?”

Me: “Don’t worry, I’ll catch you, then Sister Orr will catch us”

Last day with Sister Bevan!

Last day with Sister Bevan!

Trios are the bomb.

Trios are the bomb.

Sprog test party!

Sprog test party!

West Jordan rivals

West Jordan rivals

SO much luggage. (This isn't our new apt, it's the one in Slagelse)

SO much luggage.
(This isn’t our new apt, it’s the one in Slagelse)

We have fun!

We have fun!


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