Party Girl

The past couple days have been the BEST! First…

Wednesday we took a train down to Sønderborg for district meeting! It was really rainy, but besides that, it’s a beautiful place. After lunch we walked down the gågade and to the havn, around a castle that looked like just a big building. We asked this Lebanese guy to take our picture and afterwards he asked if he could be in the picture. #NewFriend

Then we got on a train up to Odense, and after a big crazy switch, Sister Landvatter got on a train to… SLAGELSE!!! I couldn’t believe it as we got off the train. It was a dream come true. THEN two of my favorite people on earth, Elder Bradshaw and Elder J Gudmunson, who have both been my district leader at one time or another, picked us up from the station and we drove through my favorite city on earth. And pulled up to my old-new apt. All my stars were still there! The next morning TINA DI BELLA SHOWED UP!!! My beautiful wonderful Tina. I told her that I’d asked God if I could see her and Slagelse one more time before I left Denmark and the fact that it happened was a huge tender mercy for me.

Then we rushed, magically, to Copenhagen (Don’t ask.) for what is called the My Plan meeting, or 60-day meeting. For all of us old fogeys who only have 2 months left. Do y’all remember the party on the plane picture I drew? It was that. Except no airplane just yet, luckily. There were 7 elders and 4 sisters (We were missing the 3 Icees over on Iceland). So many people I love were there. One of the best decisions I have ever made is becoming best friends with all of the elders I’m going home with. We had an excellent training all about future goals. Det gjorde mig endnu mere spændt på at tage hjemme. Weird to think that I’ll be married with kids in the next couple years. It was weird to talk about it so much.

After the meeting, because the temple was closed for cleaning (Super sad. I was so excited to go one more time in Denmark), we all took a trip up to the Frederiksborg Slot! Or Frederiksborg Temple, as President kept calling it. One day… But no, it was beautiful! It reminded me of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Lots of old paintings. In fact, there was a little room with all of Carl Bloch’s paintings of Christ that I’ve grown up seeing! We took a lot of pictures. Surreal.

But yes. That is tale of my recent adventures. I’m thinking of sticking all the pictures in an online file somewhere so y’all can see them. It was a party.

Speaking of, President read my blog. I guess I need to be more careful of what I put on here because he was getting after me for saying that our district meeting was a party. Kept bringing it up all day. He was trying to make me cry. This was in his email today: “So………. Your mom posted your letter on Facebook and it said your district meeting was a party!!!!!! What am I supposed to do with that?????? Now the whole world knows that the Danish mission as a party and everybody is going to want to come here.”

Whoops. But no, the My Plan meeting was definitely a party. Sister Williams and I waltzed around while a bunch of elders ice skated across a slippery dance floor. We also got lead around a giant castle by a man with an excellent mustache and almost got lead down to the dungeon where he was going to tie us up by our toes and torture us, but then he made a last minute decision to lead us back to our group. LUCKILY. I’m still here guys. Y’all can breathe again.

In other news, our buddy Michael is still going strong! Still shooting for the 16th!

Have it good!

Søster Fergie

This is P Day for you: *looks at watch* “We have 1 hour and 58 mins left to relax!”…………..*looks at watch again* “We have 1 hour and 57 mins left to relax!”

Me: “If we keep doing crazy things, pretty soon the white handbook is going to be like the Law of Moses.”

“I took a painting of this one guy…”

Æ Gudmundson: “And Elder Jensen and Elder Fairbanks will give us an example of apostasy”

Æ Fairbanks: “Just squint your eyes and it looks like Hawaii”

“That ice cream went ham on me!”

Æ Bradshaw: “Turn into a pig for only $19.95!”

President: “You can’t let your companion go alone on a date.”

Sister Landvatter was on the phone with someone and was like “Oh poop!” Sister O’Bryant whispered to President, “Did she just say ‘Oh poop’?” President turned and said, “She put something in her mouth that I wouldn’t put in my hand.”

Søs O’Bryant: “I’m anti-stick”

Lasse: “Vi ses i det celestiale rige”
Me: “Vi ses på facebook os så det celestiale rige”

Gang signs flying... Also, the good fairy came down and turned me into a Lebanese man.

Gang signs flying… Also, the good fairy came down and turned me into a Lebanese man.

Best birthday present ever! I got to see my lovely Tina! (jk guys, it's not my birthday)

Best birthday present ever! I got to see my lovely Tina! (jk guys, it’s not my birthday)



The Frederiksborg "Temple"

The Frederiksborg “Temple”

Party on the Plane

Party on the Plane


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