I Love Biking in the Rain!

We took a little day trip to Copenhagen for Sister Bevan’s sprog test today so we’re emailing super late. She’s a whiz, btw. This girl will probably get extra credit on her results. We were joking that they won’t just allow her to live here, but welcome her into their tribe.

What did happen this week? Well, Monday we went to a super fun park. Not as fun as we thought though because we decided to go to the beach instead! It was SO much warmer, though not super warm, than December, the last time I’d been. We did some beach combing and took some pics with the white men statues. It was so nice. I wish it was summer already.

Tuesday we went to Fredericia for Zone Training! It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I had a prayer answered quite publicly. It was a little embarrassing, I was bawling, but it seriously was an answer to a prayer. (If you want the story of what happened, talk to me after the show) Then we were trying to figure out what our goal for baptismal dates should be. People were tossing numbers around and then Sister Bevan suggest that we pray about it. We all agreed and then knelt down. We said a prayer and then we all just sat there. Elder Higby asked, “Is there anyone with a number just burning in their mind right now?” Someone said 7 and then a few other people said 7. It was crazy!

The next day we had a lesson with our friend Michael and told him the story (minus a few details) about what happened the day before, how we knelt down and prayed to find our answer. So he suggested that we do it. We knelt down in the library and prayed and then I whipped out a calendar and Michael stared at it for a while then said that he’d found a date that he wanted to be baptized! May 16th 🙂 Day of transfers, lol. So proud of that man. He’s going to go through with it this time.

Also, another prayer miracle story. So we’re at Genesis’ house and Michael is there too. Genesis couldn’t find her bottle of essential oil so she asks if we can all pray. We knelt down and said a prayer and no joke, 1 second after we ended, she found it. She yelled super loud and we were all laughing so hard! I love God. And God loves us.

We did service for an older couple in our ward! I love service projects. And wearing jeans. And serving others. We walked Genesis’ dog too. Most interesting service project ever. I loved it.

Yesterday they had a baby blessing in Spanish! There were a bunch of people in church who could only speak Spanish. I missed my mom. (I served my mission in Barcelona, Spain many moons ago.) Some of them were from Barcelona. I wished I could speak Spanish so badly. Add it to the stack of languages I want to learn when I get home. (Russian, German…)

Well, that was it. Good week. It was really long though. Spring is coming slowly but surely.

Søster Fergie

Me: “He needs God in his life… and a woman… and clothes”

“Who names their child Cliff? Cliff is what you name your child when you don’t want to have any more children.”

Søs B: “Maybe I should set a goal to look at my goals”

“Is asking someone to be baptized over text the same as asking someone to a dance over text?”

Me: “I feel like it wasn’t finding, what we did tonight.”
Søs B: “Ya, it was called freezing.”

Man 1: “Har du det godt?” (“Are you doing good?”)
Man 2: “Jeg er fuld. Jeg altid har det godt.” (“I’m drunk. I’m always doing good”)

I love biking in the rain. I was telling Sister Bevan that I need to enjoy it while I can because when I come home I won’t have the opportunity ‘cause I’ll be in a car. Soak it up now. #literally

Best P-day activity ever! (This was last week. IT's rainy today.)

Best P-day activity ever! (This was last week. It’s rainy today.)

Sluuuumber, dear maid

Sluuuumber, dear maid

Mariehøn  (I love my camera, btw. It takes EXCELLENT macro pics!)

(I love my camera, btw. It takes EXCELLENT macro pics!)

Elder Fairbanks and Elder Allred

Elder Fairbanks and Elder Allred


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