Box Box Box

So, I guess I’m staying here for another transfer. My second to last transfer ever in fact. The time has gone by SO fast. I used to say that I still feel brand new! But… I really don’t anymore. There’s only one sister older than me and my group. I’m old.

The most exciting thing this week was two lovely, wonderful words: General Conference. I love conference with my whole soul! I have a very strong testimony that the words they speak come from God. I still haven’t seen Priesthood or Sunday Afternoon, but I’m assuming they’re as good as the other 3 sessions I have seen. I think my favorite talks (so far) were all of Sunday Morning session. Lol, jk. But #FavoriteSesh. I think my favorite talks were Elder Waddell, Elder Christofferson, and President Uchtdorf. I also really love Sister Oscarson, no matter what she talks about. I think we’d be good friends. I love the way she just says it like it is. She’s one of my role-models. It was also really fun, Saturday night, watching the Saturday morning session, and Sunday night, watching the Sunday morning session, because I knew that my family was watching it at the exact same time 🙂 It was 6pm here at 10am Utah time. So yes. I need to print out so many talks. I don’t think I can wait for the conference issue.

I was sick this past week. Not super fun. Sister Bevan was a champ and was patient enough to let me take a 3 hour nap the other day to rest and get better.

My lovely Tina from Slagelse called me for no reason and made my whole entire life.

We had an EXCELLENT lesson with a friend of ours, who actually knows the bishop’s family! It was like a reverse referral, haha. We knocked on his door randomly and he said that he knew them, and then we were able to get an automatic member present! Woo! Love it!

Hey, Have a good week!
box box box box

Søster Fergie

Søs B: “I’ll show you my certificate of ‘I’m allowed to be here’!… What is that thing actually called?”
Me: “Your ministerial certificate.”

Søs B: “It makes me feel like I’m in South America – talking with someone who believes in Jesus Christ.”

The Turpins took us out to lunch

The Turpins took us out to lunch

Ja tak

Ja tak

No. Way. I found it.

No. Way. I found it.

Spiderpig, Spiderpig. Does whatever a spider does.

Spiderpig, Spiderpig. Does whatever a spider does.


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