Cuddle Puddle

This week was a blast. Since every sister in the mission is training, they just called us all in to go to the new missionaries’ one month meeting! So one month meeting round 2! It was all the same stuff, but sometimes you need things twice to let them sink into your skull. It was so much fun. We had 19 sisters and 4 elders. We also got to go to the temple and they did the session in English! I haven’t heard it in English since the MTC! It was great. And I took another name I’d found while doing family history work! I love the temple. I’ve missed it. And I get to go next transfer too for my… 60 day meeting… wut. Not talking about that, sorry.

So I hate Easter. No, jk I love Easter, but I hate Denmark, no jk I love Denmark, but I hate holidays, no jk I love holidays. I just can’t stand Danish holidays. Today is what you call Second Påske day. I’m picturing Pippin asking Merry, “What about second breakfast?” You basically can’t schedule any appts or knock on any doors or visit any members from the Thursday before Easter to the Monday after because they’re ALL holidays and everyone is spending time with their families or are out of town. They get something called Påskeferie (Easter vacation) that’s even longer than Christmas vacation. Great for Danes, not so great for missionary work. So Sister Bevan and I pretty much have street contacted every single day. We walked around for 3 hours the other day. There’s this tendon in my right leg that’s not super happy with me. I love being a biking mission.

We watched the women’s session of General Conference yesterday (because we had nothing else productive to do) and it was SO GOOD! Especially President Eyring’s talk. It hit home for me on so many levels. I need to print it out.

Hey, so that was pretty much the exciting stuff with our week. It’s the last week of the transfer so I guess next week you’ll know if I’m moving or not.

Have it good,
Søster Fergie

President, upon discovering Sister Bevan studying behind a sidetable: “If you were a bear you’d have the BEST cave.”

Søs Baggaley: “There are child laborers on this milk carton! Send it back!”

Me: “I wonder how many cups of kool-aid you’d have to drink to get drunk.”

Æ Weese: “I’m gonna be the first man on the sun!”
Æ Allred: “You’d need a celestial body”

Æ Weese: “I’m glowing! Jk, I don’t need a lamp to glow”

Æ Howes reading ‘Guds Ånd som en ild” in an American accent: “God’s duck like a fiiiire!…”

We noticed a guy talking on a weird phone.
Søs Bevan: “Is that a cell phone?”
Me: “No, it’s a calculator.”
Søs Bevan: “I think you need this video. You could watch it on your calculator.”

​​This was pretty much the party of the week!

​​This was pretty much the party of the week!

Mickey D's. Love me some nuggets.

Mickey D’s. Love me some nuggets.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is known as:  The Cuddle Puddle. (We're missing just a few sisters.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is known as:
The Cuddle Puddle. (We’re missing just a few sisters.)

God Påske!

God Påske!


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