Godmorgen Bus

Before I tell you about my week, I need to tell you an awesome story. So. I think a week before I left Vejle, I can’t remember, Sister Thompson and I were just knocking one evening and we knocked on this man’s door, his name was Mathias, and we got into a good conversation. Didn’t believe in God, but accepted the Book of Mormon we gave him. I think we were probably there for, like, 30 mins. I was just like, “Woo! New potential! Too bad I’m leaving” A few months later I was talking to Sister Thompson and she said, “Hey, do you remember Mathias?” I tried to rack my brain for who that would be… “We knocked on his door right before you left? Well, he’s getting baptized!!” I think my jaw dropped. He didn’t believe in God! My thoughts were that I’m apparently really good at planting seeds because everyone that I teach gets baptized by someone else, which is fine. We’re all on the same team. It’s not a competition. But I couldn’t believe it. So He got baptized and I heard Sister Orr talk about him every once in a while.

And then. Yesterday we were in Aarhus for stake conference and I was chatting with a member from Vejle, when a man walks up and says, “Hej, huske du mig?” (“Hi, do you remember me?”) “Du bankede på min dør” (“You knocked on my door”) My eyes got super big and, man, I was so excited. He told me how when Sister Thompson came back she was with someone else and he was super confused. Anyway, last night I was sitting there and just thinking how incredible it is that just the act of knocking is an act of faith. A lot of times, because we knock on so many doors, it’s hard to think of it as something like that, or still have a hope that the person isn’t going to say “Nej tak” and close the door. I was also thinking how incredible it is that someone who doesn’t believe in God can read a plain blue book and have it change his life. I am so happy. God is so good.

Sweet. Well, this week we talked to a man from Ukraine, got 2 really rough rejects right after each other, found 2 new investigators, and we went on splits in Odense! I got to be with the very lovely Sister Hughes, and no. we did not take any pictures. I am so sorry, I was punching myself because of it. We took no pics this week. But we had a super great time in Odense. It was actually pretty funny, I knew the area better than Sister Hughes because I’d been there on splits so many times. We did some contacting and we found some awesome people! Sister Hughes is doing a great job. I had one of the best pastries I’ve ever eaten. It was a party.

We took a trip out to the lovely little town of Bramming to stop by a family history referral Bishop gave us. It was his old coworker who apparently is a family history GURU. He’d made his way back to the 800s. I felt like a kindergartener talking to someone with a doctorate with our little family tree we were offering to get for him. He’s traveled to all the places where his ancestors came from and looked in the actual church records to find people.

Stake conference was excellent! The theme was faith and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It was also super nice to see a bunch of members that I haven’t seen in a while. I love this community.

Whale, I guess I’ll talk to you later.
Søster Fergie

p.s. The title story is that yesterday, we were driving with a member up to Aarhus and we passed a bus, where instead of saying its destination up on the front, it just said “Godmorgen” and the member driving us was just like, “Godmorgen bus!” It cracked me up

Me: “I took a weese of all of Elder Weese’s… PICTURE!!! I took a PICTURE!!” #Facepalm

Æ Weese: “Well, this is your bed.”
“This is a napkin!”
“Yes it is. Held og lykke”



We found Narnia!!!

We found Narnia!!!


Bramming (Sorry, scraping the bottom of the barrel for any and all pics we took this week)

Bramming (Sorry, scraping the bottom of the barrel for any and all pics we took this week)


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