Inviteth and Entitheth

And it came to pass, in the beginning of the tenth transfer of the mission life of Sister Lucy Ferguson, that the goals of Sister Ferguson and Sister Bevan became greater and they took more pictures together. This was a great achievement.

So. It’s been a pretty good week. We’ve been doing quite a bit more family history than before! We helped the bishop’s family, last night, to order a fan chart and just showed them a bit around FamilySearch – how to print out temple names and such. It was exciting, except things kept going wrong and everyone was jokingly blaming it on my lack of certification (I just need to do 2 more things and I’m done). We also have been helping this lady named Vivi to set up a FamilySearch account and put her family in there! Then we got onto the Danish archives and found her grandfather and his parents. We discovered that one of the names had been spelled wrong. I love family history! I want to do it always.

We also went on splits with 2 brand new sisters, Sister Batey and Sister Hughes! Seriously though, Sister Batey hadn’t even slept in her own bed yet, they were so new. We went up to Vejle to pick them up because Sister Landvatter and Sister Orr, their trainers, had to go to Copenhagen for leadership council, and we brought their babies back to Esbjerg with us to party! It was pretty interesting and I love them both, but it made me grateful to have my babe, Sister Bevan. I was with Sister Batey! It was actually pretty awesome, she told me that she followed my blog before she came and she already knows so many of my stories and such because of that. SO weird. But really awesome. It reminded me of the day I met Sister Rogers, whose blog I’d followed before my mission. But we had a lot of fun. While Sister Bevan and Sister Hughes went to Fanø to bring a referral a fan chart, Sister Batey and I did some service for a member and had such a great time! She fed us smørrebrød and told us her conversion story. It was incredible. I love doing service. It’s a great excuse to wear jeans*cough*I mean serve God’s children. That is why I came out here after all 😉

Not much else of note. But yes. Good good. I love your faces.

Søster Fergie

Us texting the elders: “Hey, do you guys have an allen wrench?”
Elders’ text back: “Sorry, we couldn’t find him in our area book…”

*Two girls on the train*
Girl 1: “Der må nok være nogen der kommer, ellers så græder jeg” (“Someone needs to come or I’m going to cry”)
Girl 2: “Du må ikke græd.” (“You may not cry”)
Girl 1: “Næh, det gøre jeg bare” (“I’ll do it anyway”)
I thought this was so funny because I say “If this doesn’t happen I’m going to cry” all the time.

Beloved mother and grandmother... rest in peace

Beloved mother and grandmother… rest in peace

Newbie splits!

Newbie splits!

S/O to Sister Batey!

S/O to Sister Batey!

A man totally walked past while we were doing this...

A man totally walked past while we were doing this…


“En klog mand faldte ned fra toppen af bjerget efter han så sin drage spise solen, men det var utroligt at den klog mand var ikke skadede. Fordi manden kunne stadig se solen, troede han at dragen var for lille at spise det hele. Dragen blev overordentlig strålende og kunne ikke tage sin mad ud af mandens lomme. På grund af dragens omstændighed kunne manden ikke gøre noget med dragen mere. Manden gik væk fra dragen og hans fremragende mave. Efter, fandte jorden et roligt sted i østen uden sygdomme. Månden var vrede med dragen fordi solen var ikke der i himlen for en hel dag og han skulle ikke stråle om dagen og det er forfærdeligt! Dragen forsvandt ud afluften men solen fløj op til himlen hvor den hørte til. Alle stjernerne glædede sig over hjemkomsten men manden var endeligt tilfreds med livet.


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