Can I Get a Cat?

hello Hello HELLO!

Running out of time. okay.

First! We had zone conference this week! I feel like all this mission is anymore is new missionaries. I don’t know half of them (yet 😉 ) But I’ve still got some good friends. The training was excellent. Elder Brady and Elder Curtis gave one of the best trainings I’ve ever experienced and it sort of changed my life. So inspiring, I was bawling. Sure can respect missionaries who bring the Spirit like a brick to the face.

Okay. Super awesome story coming up right here. So, last week we knocked on this family from Sudan’s door and they didn’t speak Danish and the only Book of Mormon we had was in Danish, so we told them we’d come back the next day with one in English. So we came back and the dad was there this time and he was super excited about reading the book! He even asked us when we could come back to talk about it! So we made an appt and said goodbye. Because they were from Sudan, we thought we could ask our member buddy Bernard (the one I translate for in church), who’s from Ghana, to come with! So yesterday we meet Bernard at the church to talk about what we’re going to be teaching and how he can help and as we start describing this family, Bernard says “I know them!” Is the mom a little chubbier and the dad a little guy?” We were like YES! So we bike over to their house and knock on the door and it turns out that the dad of the family and Bernard are good friends! Sadly, they didn’t have time that day, but we set another appt! Coincidence, I think NOT! Hoo-hoo, God is good. Bernard is going to fellowship the crap out of this family. #MemberMissionaryWork

Okay, super-awesome moment for me. So I’m sitting there, eating lunch after zone conference, and a brand new senior elder, Elder Larsen, comes up and sits next to me and says, “Are you THE Sister Ferguson?” I’m just like, “uhhhhhh…. ya? What does that mean?” And he goes on to tell me that in the 5 months between when he got his mission call and when he reported, he followed my blog! And then Elder Vance pipes in telling me that his mom reads my blog too! And Sister Batey read my blog! And the whole of Sister Williams family reads my blog! Every one and their cat reads my blog and it makes me so happy! S/O to EVERYONE! You rock. I just want you all to know that I spend an hour of my two hours typing this up and it’s my pride and joy. The purpose is just to let everyone know that missions can be CRAZY AWESOME! It’s a party. So happy.

Some nice person gave us flowers the other day with an anonymous note that said, “I er to rigtig dygtige missionær. Tak for jeres arbejde.” (“You are two really good missionaries. Thank you for your work.”) It made me cry. A lot. I was so happy. I was bawling. I love people.

Hey, but you can all have a great week, igås? jk, ikke? Not conforming to that Jylland life. #TeamSjælland

Søster Fergie

Me: “Is it every mother’s instinct to use their spit to get whatever it is off their child’s face? What are we, cats? No! That’s gross! It’s less gross to just leave it there! What am I destined for?”

Sister! Breaking the white handbook... shameful

Sister! Breaking the white handbook… shameful

Welcome to March.

Welcome to March.

This is how we do roleplays in the house.

This is how we do roleplays in the house.

​Football with our new friend.... nope, can't remember his name, but he's homeless and Greenlandic!

​Football with our new friend…. nope, can’t remember his name, but he’s homeless and Greenlandic!


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