Crutch for Jesus

(This was actually 2 weeks ago. I accidentally sent it to the wrong thing instead of to all of you. Whoops.)

I have like no time.

OKay! WHAT a crazy incredible week. And I have no time. Right now I’m in Copenhagen, chilling with Sister Lyman because….. I’M TRAINING!!! Our daughters come in tomorrow and we take them back to our areas on Wednesday. It’s been a crazy day, but first, stories from the past week. SO many things happened to make this a wonderful week. Sister Van Orden’s last week.

We went on splits in Odense! Super fun. I love Sister Landvatter. She is one of the most selfless, Christlike people I know. Such a good time spending time with her.

We had our district activity on Wednesday where we made mac n cheese in the church and watched a bunch of Mormon Messages and then went ice skating again!

While we were ice skating Sister Van Orden glided over a bumpy patch on the ice and stuck her toe pick in, but fell and sprained her ankle. Luckily the Sønderborg elders were there and could give us a ride to the hospital. They took an x-ray and found out it was only sprained and not broken, but she couldn’t walk.

So, let me just say that there are angels in this mission. Namely Elder Reber and Elder McDougall who were incredibly kind enough to lend us their car for the weekend. Otherwise we would have just had to sit inside all weekend. I GOT TO DRIVE A CAR FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR!!!!! I miss driving so much, but I think I like driving in Utah better than Denmark. It’s better structured. We got so much done because of that car. AND the first day we had the car it snowed! No coincidence. God loves us. Also, the night she sprained her ankle, we asked our ward mission leader, Lasse, if he could find us some crutches and we woke up the next day at 6:30 to a text that had been sent at 1:00 am saying that the crutches were right outside our door. Best mission leader in the world! I respect that man so much. He’s incredible!

So it’s been a crazy weekend. We’ve had a car and got to drop by SO many people because of it. I never realized how much time biking takes and how far away people live. Why don’t we have a car all the time?!

Today, we drove to Fredericia to take the car back  😦   and then hopped on a train to Copenhagen! I have been so very excited. I’ve missed, not just Copenhagen, but Sjælland so much. We got here and got to chill with Sister Floyd, Sister Sorensen, Sister Lyman, and Elder Porter and gang. It was so much fun! Then the not-so-fun part came when I had to say goodbye to my companion. Sister Van Orden has become one of my very best friends. Our time together has been a blast and I’m going to miss her so much. But I’ve got a brand new adventure coming soon 🙂

I’m sorry this wasn’t very long (The quote section will make up for it. We had a great week.). I love you all! Have a great week! I’m so excited to train!

Søster Fergie

“Winning is the Christlike thing to do”

“I know the chess is true!!”

Søs Landvatter: “The stress of being under stress!”

“I love how elders talk about girls and we beatbox.”

Søs Van Orden: “I was looking at all the movie posters and I was just like ‘satan. satan! SATAN! SATAN!”

Æ Weese: “To this bison, God is probably a bison.”

“If it was acceptable in the kingdom of heaven, I’d marry my snowboard”

Me: “What is this? An IT band? An ACL? I don’t know, I never took astronomy”

Æ Gerber: “My name’s Gerber. Like the baby food, like the knives, like the toilet…”

So Elder Gerber accidentally sat on our donuts.
JoDee: “You gotta at least sit on a donut once in a while. It’s human nature.”

“I’m gonna try and eat this donut. Anyone have a bike pump?”

Steve the snowman: “I cough snowflakes”

Kirsten Søe: “Du må godt oversæt hvis jeg snakke for hurtigt til James Bond pige” (“You can translate if I’m talking too fast for James Bond girl.” – what she had been calling me all evening)

(I overheard this wrong)
Æ Gerber: “How’s your family Bernard?”
Bernard: “They’re very swag, thank you”

Splits with Sister Landvatter

Splits with Sister Landvatter

This district tho...

This district tho…

Elder Jensen's face explains it all.

Elder Jensen’s face explains it all.

Guess who got to drive a CAR???!!!!!

Guess who got to drive a CAR???!!!!!


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