It’s a Girl!

For the first time since she began her mission, Lucy didn’t send a blog post last week. She was in Copenhagen to meet and pick up her newbie missionary. All I got was, “I don’t have a ton of time. We’re in Copenhagen and running late. I just said goodbye to Sister Van Orden and Sister Sorensen. I’ll see Sister Floyd tomorrow with her parents!!! It was hard.”

Man, this has been a long but so very short week. Weird how time goes. I am officially a mother. It’s really weird. My new baby’s name is Sister Bevan and she’s from Lehi, Utah. She’s a little quiet, but super ready to just go out and start teaching every single person in Denmark.

Ok, so on Tuesday a got to spend the day with Sister Lyman and it was SO wonderful! I wish I could’ve been companions with Sister Lyman. We’re almost the same person, we get along so well. That companionship would have been stellar, but we got one day together, so we made the most of it. We got to do some family history with a less active! It was AMAZING because we helped her find her grandmother and great-grandmother in the Danish archives! I’ve never been able to successfully find someone before! We were so excited, then we changed her Family search account so she can take them to the temple! I want to just be a family history missionary because I wish I could do it all day long. It’s so satisfying.

Then we went to this Chinese restaurant to give the people who worked there some fliers for a Chinese fireside, but sadly they weren’t interested. We did get some good Chinese food. I got some pictures of Sister Lyman trying and almost failing at eating with chopsticks. Those chopsticks weren’t that good either. They were super slippery. I think the thing I enjoyed the most about that day was just being able to talk to her about anything and everything. We shared a lot of insights about things we’d been thinking about recently. Those conversations better be locked in some gold vault in heaven because they were fantastic! I love talking with someone who thinks like me because my mind becomes completely open.

The next day we drove to Copenhagen from Birkerød (Sister Lyman’s area) and met our new missionaries! It was super weird and long and crazy and fast and everything! Pretty soon we were on a train headed back home to Esbjerg. I think I talked to more people on that train ride than I have in a while and we got a referral for Fredericia! She was from Russia and I heard her speaking Russian to her little girl so I asked and we got in a good conversation. We gave her a Danish Book of Mormon, but we told her our friends would bring her one in Russian! That awesome moment when I can recognize Russian when I hear it randomly on the train!

Training is an interesting thing. It’s so very hard because you’re pretty much taking over an area, but also leading all the conversations and all the contacts. Poor Sister Bevan desperately wants to contribute but she can’t. I’ve been trying to remember my first few weeks and how I coped, just so I can try and sympathize with her. It’s so weird to think about a time when I didn’t speak Danish. Our personalities are a little different. She’s very mathematical minded and I’m more laid back, but we’re figuring out how we can compromise and work together in better unity as a companionship. I’m also having to humble myself a lot because my way isn’t always the right way or the best way. Lots of learning going on on both ends.

Anyway! Sorry it’s not very long! Y’all are great! Ha’ en god uge!
Jeg vil så meget gerne skriver hele mit brev på dansk, men jeg tror I vil hade mig alle sammen.
Vi snakkes vid’! (That says something like, “I would love to write my whole letter in Danish, but you would all probably hate me.” Thank you, Google Translate)

Søster Fergie

Æ McDougall: “I have the worst memory in the World”
Me: “I know! I’ve known you for almost a year, been in your district twice, and you still can’t spell my name right!”
Æ McD: “Ya I can. It’s F-U-R-G-Y”
Me: “…yep. you got it right. Good job”

Splits with Sister Lyman

Splits with Sister Lyman

Thou shalt not have any other gods before me.

Thou shalt not have any other gods before me.

I'd like you all to meet Sister Bevan, my child :)

I’d like you all to meet Sister Bevan, my child 🙂

I see skies of Blue... #DanishSunsetsTho

I see skies of Blue… #DanishSunsetsTho


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